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MORRIS, JAMES – Volume IX (1861-1870)

MORRIS, ALEXANDER – Volume XI (1881-1890)

MORRIS, EDWARD – Volume XI (1881-1890)

MORRIS, WILLIAM – Volume VIII (1851-1860)

MORRIS, PATRICK – Volume VII (1836-1850)

MORRIS, EDWARD PATRICK, 1st Baron MORRIS – Volume XVI (1931-1940)

COY, MARY – Volume VIII (1851-1860)

MORRIS, CHARLES (1759-1831) – Volume VI (1821-1835)

MORRIS, CHARLES (1731-1802) – Volume V (1801-1820)

MORRIS, JAMES RAINSTORPE – Volume V (1801-1820)


MORRIS, EDMUND MONTAGUE – Volume XIV (1911-1920)

GRAHAM, WILLIAM MORRIS – Volume XVI (1931-1940)

WILKINS, LEWIS MORRIS (d. 1848) – Volume VII (1836-1850)

WILKINS, LEWIS MORRIS (1801-85) – Volume XI (1881-1890)

MORRIS, MARIA FRANCES ANN – Volume X (1871-1880)

PAUL, MARY CHRISTIANNE – Volume XI (1881-1890)