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                  . There Suria made drawings of the Spanish settlement, the Indian leaders Muquinna*, Natsape, and Tlupananulg in their basket-weave whaling
                  , deteriorated when Salter insulted Muquinna*, a leading chief of the Nootkas summering at Yuquot. Muquinna decided to avenge himself for this and
                  Muquinna*. When British fur trader Captain Thomas Hudson and five men died in a shipwreck on their way to the Spanish settlement in October, Eliza was able to enlist the aid of Muquinna in searching
                  MUQUINNA (Macuina, Maquilla, Maquinna), Nootka chief on the west coast of what is now Vancouver
                  Eliza* y Reventa, and the Nootka chief Muquinna*. The duration of Bodega’s stay allowed Moziño sufficient time to compile Noticias de
                  from the Nootka chief, Muquinna*, a promise of free and exclusive trade; other accounts differ, however, and Muquinna himself later denied the
                  Muquinna*, the principal leader of the local Nootka Indians, while at the same time approving the purchase of several slave children in the belief that they would suffer starvation or even become victims
                  Muquinna* and gained a sufficiently intimate knowledge of the Nootkas to compile a vocabulary of their language. In July Kendrick sent the Columbia, with Gray in command and Haswell resuming his
                  Nootka Indians and called upon chief Muquinna
                  the soldiers to sing in Nootkan, praising chief Muquinna* and set to a popular Spanish melody. Alberni is credited with a large contribution to
                  Muquinna, the chief at Nootka Sound, Wikinanish was probably more wealthy and therefore more powerful than his neighbour. Because Clayoquot Sound was less frequently visited by European vessels
                  MUQUINNA (Macuina, Maquilla, Maquinna), Nootka chief on the west coast of what is now Vancouver
                  ; indeed, he received no little assistance from Captain Kendrick, who introduced him to the Nootka chief Muquinna
                  already won the affection of Nootka chief Muquinna by curing the chief’s child of scabby hands and legs, and “as his
                  arrived at Nootka Sound (B.C.) in September 1788, after taking three months longer than the normal sailing time, and decided to spend the winter there. Kendrick systematically courted Muquinna, one of
                  Indians in retaliation for their theft of a chisel. The Nootka chief Muquinna told Esteban José
                  lasting affection and strengthened Spain’s hold over the area. Muquinna was often an overnight guest at Bodega’s
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