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                  third wife of Joseph Brant [Thayendanegea*]. Isabel T. Kelsay
                  [Thayendanegea*] and the Six Nations opposed the intransigent position taken by the western Indians and Alexander Mckee
                  Butler and Joseph Brant [Thayendanegea*] to restrain them, they killed over 30
                  Johnson, Joseph Brant [Thayendanegea*], and others on a voyage to England, where he hoped to obtain redress from the home government
                  [Thayendanegea*], and others to England in connection with Governor Guy Carleton*’s reorganization of the Indian department. When the party returned to
                  in company with Guy Johnson, Joseph Brant [Thayendanegea*], and others seeking the cancellation of Carleton’s arrangements
                  JONES, JOHN (Thayendanegea, Tyantenagen)
                  [Thayendanegea*] were all present to lead the Six Nations warriors. The engagement at nearby Oriskany proved one of the bloodiest of the war, given the
                  [Thayendanegea*], she may have been born while her parents were living in the Ohio region. John Norton* in his Journal states that Joseph was
                  . Hough (2v., Roxbury, Mass., 1866). W. L. Stone, Life of Joseph Brant – Thayendanegea . . . (2v., New York, 1838; repr. New York, 1969, and St Clair Shores, Mich
                  [Thayendanegea*], but no Canadian works unmistakably dated to his third visit are known to have survived. By 1790 the 60th had moved to the Montreal region, and Peachey worked under Holland as a deputy
                  [Thayendanegea*], Karonghyontye (David Hill), Kanonraron (Aaron Hill), and others, signed a deed granting land on the Grand River to some whites. The Paulus who was at Fort George (Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ont
                  ) and Bay of Quinte area. In July 1782 he joined Joseph Brant [Thayendanegea*] on a scouting expedition to the Mohawk valley. His journal of
                  [Thayendanegea*], who was probably a relative, and about 300 other Indians and loyalists at the Indian village of Oquaga (near Binghamton, N.Y.). When Barrimore Matthew
                  [Thayendanegea*] might lead the Indians to join them. He and the colonial authorities had been at loggerheads for a decade over his claim that the Six Nations had the right to sell and lease land on any
                  Thayendanegea]. The resultant warfare focused on the strategic Miamis – Wabash portage as the Americans attempted to drive out the British traders and break the Indians’ confederacy. Although
                  [Thayendanegea]. They charged that he was responsible for the 999-year land leases signed in 1787 and 1788 which the Americans had used to undercut the delegates’ position; in fact Brant had only
                  Joseph Brant [Thayendanegea], circa 1800, and one of Isaac
                  Carleton] for helping to resolve a dispute between Joseph Brant [Thayendanegea] and another Six Nations
                  [Thayendanegea] and other Six Nations deputies when they left for Detroit to talk about unity with the western Indians, Creeks, and Cherokees. In September Dease made his first trip to Michilimackinac
                  1 to 20 (of 84)
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