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                  this battle of Oriskany, as did Joseph Brant [Thayendanegea] and
                  ; Kaieñˀkwaahtoñ*; Thayendanegea]. The success of
                  Puisaye*, Comte de Puisaye, and Joseph Brant [Thayendanegea]. The latter concern was especially pressing
                  JONES, JOHN (Thayendanegea, Tyantenagen)
                  , who after 1780 encouraged the formation of a confederacy to oppose American expansion [see Thayendanegea
                  Caldwell* and Joseph Brant [Thayendanegea] in September 1778 against German Flats (near the mouth of West Canada
                  Grand River settlement of Joseph Brant [Thayendanegea]. The long evening provided a study in contrasts: sumptuous
                  whites remembered “brave” Ramsay’s heroic self-defence, Indians thought differently. Joseph Brant [Thayendanegea
                  Joseph Brant [Thayendanegea], the influential Mohawk chief
                  [Thayendanegea], the Indian leader, asserted the Indians’ right to sell their land; however, Simcoe and Russell maintained that it had been given in perpetuity and could not be alienated. After Simcoe’s
                  support and ultimate removal; hence the mutual distrust that developed between him and Joseph Brant [Thayendanegea
                  Indians at Canajoharie (near Little Falls). At the latter place he first met Joseph Brant [Thayendanegea], who after
                  THAYENDANEGEA (he also signed Thayendanegen, Thayeadanegea, Joseph Thayendanegea, and Joseph Brant
                  Adamant together with Joseph Brant [Thayendanegea] and Indian Department officials Christian Daniel
                  settlement each year. He never learned the Mohawk language – relying instead upon Joseph Brant [Thayendanegea*] and John
                  , and Mohawk chief Joseph Brant [Thayendanegea*], and of the outraged sense of justice
                  [Thayendanegea*] at Grand River, he returned to Niagara. With David Ramsay* as a guide, he set off through upper New York State to New York City. There
                  Johnson. In the summer of 1782 he apparently took part in a successful raid by Joseph Brant [Thayendanegea*] against the settlements at
                  . Campbell was fascinated by the tale told by Clench and Joseph Brant [Thayendanegea*] of the time when they “once brought boys, and a number of women
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                  21 to 40 (of 84)
                  1  2  3  4  5