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                  King’s disinterested idealism, but he died young. He drowned in a heroic but unsuccessful attempt to save a young woman, Elizabeth (Bessie) Blair (daughter of Andrew George
                  . At first he was a supporter of the Liberal-dominated coalition of Andrew George Blair, but Blair’s
                  . 31 Oct. 1865 at Quebec Jane Blair, daughter of David Blair of Lotbinière, Lower Canada, and they had three daughters and two sons; d
                  obtained a post in the audit department at the Intercolonial headquarters in Moncton. A supporter of New Brunswick Liberals Andrew George
                  denounced “his chameleon like course.” The election was an overwhelming victory for the government of Andrew George Blair
                  commissioner of the Board of Railway Commissioners after the sudden resignation of Andrew George Blair in October
                  . Still a member of the Legislative Council, he accompanied Hanington to Ontario to investigate the functioning of a unicameral legislature. After the Legislative Council was abolished in 1892 during Andrew
                  incorporating the new company was, however, disallowed by the federal government the following year. When Premier Andrew George
                  July 1865 Howland and Galt were sent to Washington to discuss renewal of the Reciprocity Treaty of 1854, but the administration of President Andrew Johnson proved unsympathetic. With William
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                  1 to 11 (of 11)