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                               April 1841 in Cobourg, Upper Canada, son of D’Arcy Edward Boulton, a lawyer and militia officer, and Emily Heath; m. 4 Feb. 1874 Augusta Latter in Orillia, Ont., and they had seven
                              of Thomas D’Arcy McGee* and in the subsequent trial of Patrick James Whelan
                              , he spent some time in the oilfields of Pennsylvania and Ontario. Another account states that he was associated for a while with fellow Irishman and journalist Thomas D’Arcy
                              so that his staff knew only his way of operating. For example, Raynald D’Arcy Gamble, who succeeded Bethune as general manager after his death, had been hired as a junior clerk in the first year of the
                              remembered as an appellate judge in the case of Patrick James Whelan*, the assassin of Thomas D’Arcy
                              . Like Devlin and Papineau, and like another supporter of Young Ireland, Thomas D’Arcy McGee*, Bellingham endorsed the annexation movement in
                              *, Christopher Dunkin*, and Thomas D’Arcy
                              verified Le Caron’s copious and prompt intelligence. Meanwhile, the murder in Ottawa in April 1868 of Thomas D’Arcy
                              assuage her longing for Quebec. The year 1868 was, however, marked by a tragedy that would affect Desbarats personally: Thomas D’Arcy
                              [Strickland*] and Thomas D’Arcy McGee*. On 25 Jan. 1859 McGee and McLachlan had spoken at a festival held in Toronto’s St
                              Gloucester, on the North Shore of New Brunswick, a constituency he continued to represent for 15 years. In the country at large, he contested the unofficial leadership of Irish Catholics with Thomas D’Arcy
                              the end of 1859, Dessaulles, along with Dorion, Lewis Thomas Drummond*, and Thomas D’Arcy
                              he suggested having a French-speaking candidate run against Dorion to split the French Canadian vote. This tactic posed no problem for Dorion. He campaigned in the company of Thomas D’Arcy
                              William Osler*. The Lovells’ circle of friends included Thomas D’Arcy
                              Foley* or Thomas D’Arcy McGee* in the cabinet to try to broaden his party’s image and appeal. He also tried to compensate for political
                              legal career in 1855 in partnership with D’Arcy Boulton* in Barrie. He was an
                              Dorion was returned, although with a precarious majority, but the good news for Tilley was that Thomas D’Arcy McGee*, a strong