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                  FRÉCHETTE, LOUIS (at his confirmation he added the name Honoré)
                  Fréchette on the one hand, and Jules-Paul Tardivel on the other. Tardivel, the redoutable editor of
                  of Henri Julien and Zoé Julien; m. 17 Oct. 1876 Marie-Louise Legault, dit
                  in January 1896. It was Fréchette who arranged the meeting of Drummond and Madame Emma Albani [Louise-Cécile-Emma Lajeunesse*], when
                  Clarice Duval; m. there 23 Aug. 1876 Marie-Louise Turcotte, an under
                  David*, Benjamin Sulte*, and Louis Fréchette
                  . 26 Sept. 1876 in L’Islet-sur-Mer, Que., Marie-Louise Pouliot (d. 16 Dec. 1941 in
                  -Xavier Garneau, a blacksmith, and Julie-Henriette Gignac; m. 15 Sept. 1857 Charlotte-Louise-Cécile Burroughs at Quebec, and they had three children; d. there 23 June 1905 and was buried
                  Fréchette, and Pamphile Le May*. With the publication in September 1860 of a third legend, “Le Saint-Laurent, fantaisie
                  Fréchette. In several articles published in 1882–83 in Picturesque Canada [see George Monro Grant
                  Fréchette, Le diocèse de Nicolet, 1885–1985 ([Nicolet, 1985]). Claude Lessard, Le séminaire de Nicolet, 1803–1969 (Trois-Rivières, 1980). Mandements
                  -Française (Ottawa), P 6/1/3 and P 263 (not classified); NA, fonds Louis Fréchette (MG 29, D40), fonds Alphonse Lusignan (MG 29, D27), Ponds famine Papineau (MG 24, B2), and fonds Benjamin Sulte (MG 29, D5
                  Fréchette and Henri-Raymond Casgrain, and in a time of ethnic and religious polarization he saw
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                  1 to 14 (of 14)