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Prestigious award for DCB/DBC contributor Micheline Dumont

Micheline Dumont
(Photo from éditions du Boréal)

Micheline Dumont, a regular contributor to the Dictionary of Canadian Biography/Dictionnaire biographique du Canada (DCB/DBC), is one of the six recipients of the 2017 Governor General’s Awards in Commemoration of the Persons Case, which recognize the winners’ significant contributions to the promotion of gender equality in Canada.

Dr Dumont, a specialist in women’s history and the study of historical practices, taught in the history department at the Université de Sherbrooke from 1970 to 1999. In 1982 she co-authored, with the three other members of the Clio Collective, the landmark Histoire des femmes au Québec depuis quatre siècles, which was revised in 1992 and translated as Quebec women: a history in 1987. Dr Dumont has written numerous other books and academic articles. Since her retirement, she has published, among other works, Découvrir la mémoire des femmes (2001) and Le féminisme québécois raconté à Camille (2008), written open letters for the daily Le Devoir, and taught at the Université du Troisième Âge.

The DCB/DBC team extends warm congratulations to Dr Dumont for this prestigious award, the crowning achievement of her outstanding work. We are very fortunate to have benefited from her commitment for more than four decades. This collaboration has so far resulted in 26 biographies, which have appeared in five different volumes.

For more information on the Governor General’s Awards in Commemoration of the Persons Case, click here.

Here is the list of biographies written to date by Micheline Dumont for the DCB/DBC:

Volume III

1.      Joseph Aubery

2.      Étienne Bâtard

3.      Claude-Jean-Baptiste Chauvreulx

4.      Jean-Baptiste Cope

5.      Henri Daudin

6.      Justinien Durand

7.      Jean-Baptiste de Gay Desenclaves

8.      Pierre de La Chasse

9.      Charles de La Goudalie

10.    Paul Laurent

11.    Pierre Maillard

12.    Jean Manach

13.    Jacques Padanuques


Volume IV

14.    Charles Germain

15.    Jacques Girard

16.    Jean-Pierre de Miniac


Volume XIII

17.    Marie-Elmire Cadotte, named Marie de Saint-Alphonse-de-Liguori

18.    Sophie-Louise Dubuc, named Saint-Jean de la Croix

19.    Julie Gaudry


Volume XV

20.    Julie Bertrand, named Marie de Saint-Basile

21.    Marie Bibeau, named Marie-Anne-de-Jésus

22.    Irène-Mathilde Dégrès, named Saint-Paul

23.    Marie-Louise-Thérèse Lemoine, named Marie-Joseph de Jésus

24.    Aurélie Lesaulnier


Volume XVI

25.    Élisabeth Bergeron, named Saint-Joseph

26.    Biography forthcoming