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General Bibliography – Volume II

AAQ    Archives de l’archevêché de Québec

ACND    Archives de la congrégation de Notre-Dame, Montréal

AE    Archives du Ministère des Affaires

    étrangères, Paris

AHDM    Archives des religieuses hospitalières de Saint-Joseph de l’Hôtel-Dieu de Montréal

AHDQ    Archives de l’Hôtel-Dieu de Québec

AJJ    Archives judiciaires de Joliette

AJM    Archives judiciaires de Montréal

AJQ    Archives judiciaires de Québec

AJTR    Archives judiciaires de Trois-Rivières

AMUQ    Archives du monastère des Ursulines de Québec

AN    Archives nationales, Paris

ANDM    Archives paroissiales de Notre-Dame de Montréal

ANDQ    Archives paroissiales de Notre-Dame de


APQ    Archives de la province de Québec.

    Now AQ

AQ    Archives du Québec

ARSI    Archivum Romanum Societatis Iesu, Rome

ASGM    Archives des Sœurs Grises de Montréal

ASJ    Archives de la Société de Jésus

ASJCF    Archives de la Société de Jésus, province du Canada français

ASQ    Archives du Séminaire de Québec

ASSM    Archives du Séminaire de Saint-Sulpice de Montréal

BM    British Museum

BN    Bibliothèque nationale, Paris

BRH    Bulletin des recherches historiques

CCHA    Canadian Catholic Historical


CF    Canada français

CHA    Canadian Historical Association

CHR    Canadian Historical Review

CTG    Archives du Comité technique du génie,


DAB    Dictionary of American Biography

DBF    Dictionnaire de biographie française

DCB    Dictionary of Canadian Biography

DNB    Dictionary of National Biography

HBC    Hudson’s Bay Company

HBRS    Hudson’s Bay Record Society

IOA    Inventaire des œuvres d’art du Québec

JJ    Journal des Jésuites

JR    Jesuit Relations and allied documents

MPA    Mississippi Provincial Archives

NF    Nova Francia

NYCD    Documents relative to the colonial history

of the State of New York

PAC    Public Archives of Canada

PANS    Public Archives of Nova Scotia

PRO    Public Record Office, London

RC    Revue canadienne

RHAF    Revue d’histoire de l’Amérique française

RSCT    Royal Society of Canada Transactions

RUL    Revue de l’université Laval

SCHÉC    Société canadienne de l’histoire de

    l’Église catholique

SGCF    Société généalogique canadienne française

SHA    Archives du Service historique de

    l’armée, Paris

SHQ    Société historique de Québec

USPG    United Society for the Propagation of

    the Gospel

General  Bibliography

The General Bibliography is based on the sources most frequently cited in individual bibliographies in Volume  II.  It should not be regarded as providing a complete list of background materials for the period covered by this volume.

Section I provides a description of the principal archival sources used for this volume and is divided by country. Section  II contains primary printed sources, including calendars and inventories of documentary material, and printed works of the 17th and 18th centuries which may be regarded as contemporary sources. Section  III includes various dictionaries and nominal lists. Section  IV contains secondary works of the 19th and 20th centuries, including a large number of general histories. Section V describes the principal journals which contain material on the French régime and lists a few articles which were used frequently in Vol. II.



ARCHIVES DE LA CHANCELLERIE DE L’ARCHEVÊCHÉ DE MONTRÉAL.  These archives contain photographs, maps, 634 registers divided into 17 series which include the correspondance of the bishops of Montreal, and some 500,000 separate items. The latter are particularly relevant to Volume  II since they date from 1675. On the French régime there are documents concerning the diocese of Quebec; the parishes of Notre-Dame de Montréal, Saint-François-de-Sales and Saint-Vincent-de-Paul on Île Jésus, Saint-Joseph at Rivière-des-Prairies, at L’Assomption, and at Repentigny; the priests of Saint-Sulpice; the religious of the Congrégation de Notre-Dame; the Religious Hospitallers of Saint-Joseph; and the Hurons.

ARCHIVES DE LA CONGRÉGATION DE NOTRE-DAME, Montreal. In the process of being catalogued.

The principal documents used in Vol. II of the DCB were:

Charles Glandelet, “Le vray Esprit de Marguerite Bourgeoys et de l’Institut des Sœurs Séculières de la Congrégation de Notre-Dame établie à Ville-Marie en l’Isle de Montréal en Canada, 1701.”

M1, Écrits autographes de la sœur Marguerite Bourgeois. As the original manuscript was destroyed in a fire, there remain at the ACND only microfilms and photostats of a copy (M1) made for the cause of beatification (considered as the basic text), of a copy (V2) sent to the Vatican archives, and of

another copy (V1), slightly different, which is also preserved at the Vatican.

ARCHIVES DE L’ARCHEVÊCHÉ DE QUÉBEC.  Contains about 1,060 feet of documents, an analytical card file for all documents prior to 1940, and a Répertoire général des registres officiels de l’archevêché in 6 vols., from 1659 to the present. A partial inventory of documents for the period 1659–1730 can be found in APQ Rapport, 1939–40, 157–353 ; 1940–41, 333–473; and 1941–42, 179–298.

The principal series concerning the French régime used in Vol. II were:

Chapitre de la cathédrale de Québec. 1 Register and 10 cartons. 1684–1773

Copies de documents. Série A: Église du Canada (copies from Rome and Paris archives concerning Canada and Louisiana); Série B: Lettres des évêques de Québec, 1659–1852. 6 vols.

Diocèse de Québec. 10 cartons

Évêques de Québec. Cartons I, V, VI. 1659–1845

France. Carton I.  1724–1878

Gouvernement. Carton  III (arrêts, proclamations, ordonnances). 1659–1838

Notre-Dame de Québec (parish). Carton I.  1655–1879

Registre des confirmations. 1659–1771

Registres d’insinuation A, B, C.  1659–1783

Registres A (Acadie). 1679–86

Registres des missions des Postes du Roy. 1673–1848. Miscellaneorum Liber

Séminaire de Québec. Carton I. 1680–1877

Vicaires généraux. Carton  VI. 1720–1825

ARCHIVES DE LA SOCIÉTÉ DE JÉSUS, PROVINCE DU CANADA FRANÇAIS, Saint-Jérôme (Terrebonne). These archives were founded in 1844 by Father Félix Martin. They were housed at the Collège Sainte-Marie in Montreal originally, and were designated by the abbreviation ACSM.  In 1968, they were transferred to the noviciate of the Jesuits of the ecclesiastical province of French Canada, at Saint-Jérôme, and are now designated by the abbreviation ASJCF.  The year of their founding these archives received a rich gift from the religious of the Hôtel-Dieu in Quebec. They contain numerous documents relating to the history of the missions of the Society of Jesus in Canada [see ARCHIVES DU COLLÈGE SAINTE-MARIE, DCB, I, 686].

Vol. II of the DCB mentions several documents found in:

A section of 140 metal boxes containing about 8,000 numbered documents (personal papers or correspondence) in the form of original manuscripts or copies

Fonds Rochemonteix, 28 notebooks, numbered from 4,001 to 4,028, which were used in the preparation of the works of Camille de Rochemonteix, Les Jésuites et la Nouvelle-France au  XVIIe siècle and Les Jésuites et la Nouvelle-France au  XVIIIe siècle [see ROCHE-MONTEIX, Section  IV]

A section of original manuscripts, written by Jesuit missionaries; these manuscripts are classified.

Section D-7 (various documents relating to the Fathers of the Society of Jesus)

ARCHIVES DE L’HÔTEL-DIEU DE QUÉBEC.  In the process of being catalogued.

The principal documents used in Vol. II:

Lettres, I

Registres des malades. First 6 vols., 1689–1804

Jeanne-Françoise Juchereau de La Ferté de Saint-Ignace, “Histoire abrégée de l’établissement de l’Hôtel-Dieu de Québec.” The published title for this work : Annales de l’Hôtel-Dieu de Québec, 1636–1716 [see JEANNE-FRANÇOISE JUCHEREAU DE LA FERTÉ, Section  II].

ARCHIVES DES FRANCISCAINS DE QUÉBEC.  Contains copies of documents concerning the Canadian Recollets, 1615–1849. These copies, gathered by Fathers Odoric-M.  Jouve and Archange Godbout, are handwritten and not easily legible, and have not been completely classified. There are two sections where the classification work is more advanced: the Dossiers biographiques des Récollets and the dossiers of the parishes where these

religious worked. The Dossiers biographiques were used in Vol. II.


The principal documents used in Vol. II:

Annales de la sœur Véronique Cuillérier, 1725–47

Déclarations de nos anciennes Mères pour constater la profession religieuse et le décès des sœurs

Lettres circulaires, nécrologies, fondateurs, sœurs de France et de Montréal, 1690–1747

Lettre de la sœur Morin aux sœurs de France relatant le tremblement de terre de 1663

Livre de comptes, I, 1705–8

Mère Chauvelier, Livre ou Second Recueil de lettres circulaires

Marie Morin, “Histoire simple et véritable de l’établissement des Religieuses hospitalières de Saint-Joseph en l’Île de Montréal, dite à présent Ville-Marie, en Canada, de l’année 1659.  .  .  .” The published version is entitled Annales de l’Hôtel-Dieu de Montréal [see MARIE MORIN and SOCIÉTÉ HISTORIQUE DE MONTRÉAL, Section  II].

ARCHIVES DES Sœurs GRISES, Montreal. The documents which were at the Hôpital Général de Montréal when Madame d’Youville came there as administratrix in 1747 make up the Fonds “Charon,” and are the source of this archival repository. Subsequently, items necessary for the general administration of the community were added to this. The classification for this repository is alphabetical for the dossiers and chronological within each dossier. These archives contain thousands of documents, the earliest dating from 1663, and about 300 maps and plans.

The principal documents used in Vol. II were

“Concession par M.  Dollier, supérieur du Séminaire de Montréal à M.  Charon et à ses associés d’un emplacement .  .  . près de Montréal pour l’établissement de la maison de charité, .  .  . 28  octobre  1688”

“Constitution des Frères Hospitaliers de la Croix et de Saint-Joseph”

“Lettres patentes pour l’établissement d’un hôpital à Villemarie dans l’Île de Montréal, 15  avril  1694”

“Lettres patentes pour plusieurs manufactures d’arts et métiers dans la maison et enclos des Frères hospitaliers de la ville et Île de Montréal dans la Nouvelle-France”

“Registre d’admission des pauvres, 1694–1796”

“Registre des vêtures, professions, sépultures,

etc. des Frères Charon, 1701–48”

“Testament du Frère François Charon, supérieur des Frères Hospitaliers de Montréal, .  .  . 9  juillet  1719”

ARCHIVES DU MONASTÈRE DES URSULINES DE QUÉBEC.  In the process of being catalogued.

The principal documents used in Vol. II:

Annales du monastère des Ursulines de Québec,

Vol. I, 1639–1822

Constitution manuscrite des Ursulines de

Québec, 1647

Registre des entrées des pensionnaires, 1641

Registre de l’examen canonique des novices,


ARCHIVES DU QUÉBEC.  At the conquest, articles 43, 44, and 45 of the capitulation of Montreal  – contrary to the custom of international law at that time  – permitted the administrators of New France to take back to France documents relating to the government of the colony. Only archives having a legal value for individuals were to remain in the country, and these were to suffer many misfortunes before the Bureau des Archives de la province de Québec  – now the Archives du Québec  – was created in 1920. (See Fernand Ouellet, “L’histoire des archives du gouvernement en Nouvelle-France,” RUL, XII (1958), 397–415.) Some 3,300 feet of documents are preserved there today (official and private papers, originals and copies), the majority for the period 1663–1867. In 1968, the AQ published an État général des archives publiques et privées du Québec and established a new system of classification of documents. We have used this classification in this volume.

Cited in Vol. II:


Cahiers d’intendance, 1723–25. 4 vols.

Collection de pièces judiciaires et notariales, 1638–1759. 125 vols.

Documents de la juridiction de Trois-Rivières, 1646–1759. 20 vols.

Documents de la Prévôté de Québec, 1668–1759. 17 vols.

Dossiers du Conseil supérieur, 1663–1759. 11 vols.

Foi et hommage, 1667–1759. 5 vols.

Insinuations du Conseil supérieur, 1663–1758. 10 vols.

Ordonnances des intendants, 1666–1760. 46 vols.

Procès-verbaux des grands voyers, 1668–1780. 9 vols.

Registres de la Prévôté de Québec, 1666–1759. 113 vols.

Registres d’intendance, 1672–1759. 4 vols.

Registres divers et pièces détachées du Conseil supérieur, 1664–1760. 5 vols.

Registres du Conseil supérieur, 1663–1760. 69 vols.

Québec et Bas-Canada

Biens des Jésuites, Notre-Dame-des-Anges, 1626–1887. 8 cartons and 11 registers. Vols. 60–78

Copies d’archives d’autres dépôts : Canada

Paroisses. Notre-Dame de Québec, 1608–1905.

Copies d’archives d’autres dépôts : France

Manuscrits relatifs à l’histoire de la Nouvelle-France. 2e série: manuscrits concernant la Nouvelle-France, 1614–1727. 7 vols.

Archives privées

Antoine Adhémar, 1662–93

Collection P.-G.  Roy

Famille Lestringant de Saint-Martin, 1608–62

Jean-Baptiste Peiras, 1687–89

Seigneuries, 1630–1925. Documents généraux sur les seigneuries. Cartons 1–34

For more complete information on the AQ, see: État général des archives publiques et privées du Québec. Québec, 1968.

ARCHIVES DU SÉMINAIRE DE QUÉBEC.  One of the most important collections of documents in North America. The archives date from the founding of the seminary in 1663, but Msgr Thomas-Étienne Hamel and Msgr Amédée Gosselin may be considered to have founded the ASQ at the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century. ASQ contains some 1,172 feet of documents (seminary and private papers, the oldest from 1636 and the majority from 1675 to 1950), 2,000 maps, and 160 feet of engravings and photographs.

For Vol. II the following have been used principally

Chapitre. 1 carton containing 340 items. 1666–1785

Congrégation Notre-Dame. 1 carton containing 70 items

Documents Faribault. 1 carton containing 330 items. 1626–1860

Évêques. 1 carton containing 227 items. 1657–1920

Fonds Amédée Gosselin. 67 boxes

Fonds Verreau. Includes Fonds Viger, hence frequently called Viger-Verreau. The collections of Abbé Hospice-Anthelme Verreau and of Jacques Viger, principally composed of about a hundred cartons, several large notebooks, and the series of Viger’s manuscript volumes entitled “Ma Saberdache.”

Lettres, M, 171 items; N, 181 items; O, 157 items; R, 190 items; S, 188 items

Livres de comptes, C 12, 1706; C 13, 1714–22; C 14, 1722–29

Missions. 2 cartons

Manuscrits, 6, “Transcripta, 1679–1721”; 17, “Documents relatifs à Mgr de Laval”; 29, “Histoire du séminaire de Québec,” by J.-A.  Tachereau; 198, “Recueil touchant la sœur Barbier”; 239, “Règlement du petit séminaire, 1795”; 360, “Second registre de Tadoussac”; 374, “Des missions iroquoises en l’année 1676”; 457, 466–67, “Annales du petit séminaire”; 0478, “Les Sulpiciens en Acadie,” by Abbé Pierre Rousseau

Paroisse de Québec. 1 carton containing 156 items. 1652–1877

Paroisses diverses. 1 carton containing 101 items. 1672–1880

Polygraphie. 248 cartons

Seigneuries, I–XI, Sault-au-Matelot

Séminaire. 204 cartons

S.M.E., Résolutions du conseil du séminaire ou Plumitifs, 1766–1950

ARCHIVES DU SÉMINAIRE DE SAINT-SULPICE, Montréal. An important archival repository for the history of the Montreal region during the French régime. On his departure in 1665 Paul de Chomedey de Maisonneuve left there the greater part of his papers, dating from 1642. This repository, divided into 49 sections, contains 190 feet of documents for the years 1586–1950, and about 1,200 maps and plans.

The following sections were used in Vol. II: Cahiers Faillon. 24 notebooks containing copies of documents (1677–1834) made under the direction of É.-M.  Faillon, with a view to continuing the writing of his Histoire de la colonie française

Concessions de terres et d’emplacements. About 5,000 items. 1648–1854

Correspondance générale, 2e partie: correspondance des supérieurs généraux. Copies of letters preserved at the seminary of Saint-Sulpice, Paris

Histoire et biographies, géographie, 2e partie biographies. 88 items arranged in chronological order. 1657–1926


Registre d’état civil


Greffes : Antoine Adhémar, 1668–1714

J.-B.  Adhémar, 1714–54

Bénigne Basset Des Lauriers, 1657–99

Jacques Bourdon, 1677–1720

Hilaire Bourgine, 1685–90

Pierre Cabazié, 1673–93

Réné Chorel de Saint-Romain, 1731–32

François Comparet, 1736–55

L.-C.  Danré de Blanzy, 1738–60

Jacques David, 1719–26

Thomas Frérot, 1669–78

N.-A.  Guillet de Chaumont, 1727–52

Michel Lepallieur, 1703–33

Claude Maugue, 1677–96

C.-J.  Porlier, 1733–44

J.-B.  Pottier, 1686–1701

J.-C.  Raimbault, 1727–37

Pierre Raimbault, 1692–1727

Jean de Saint-Père, 1648–57

Simon Sanguinet, 1734–47

Nicolas Senet, 1704–31

Martin Tailhandier, 1688–1731

J.-B.  Tétro, 1712–28

Documents judiciaires

Index des sépultures catholiques, 1643–1967

Registres des audiences. 28 vols.

Registres du bailliage. 2 vols.

Registres des congés. 1 vol. Registres d’état civil

ARCHIVES JUDICIAIRES DE QUÉBEC.  The greffes of the notaries of the judicial district of Quebec during the French régime have been kept at the AQ only since the fall of 1968; hence the bibliographical references have not been changed for Vol. II, and the greffes are still cited by the abbreviation AJQ.  Used in Vol. II:

    Greffes:  Claude Auber, 1652–93

Jacques Barbel, 1703–40

Claude Barolet, 1731–61

Romain Becquet, 1662–82

Laurent Bermen, 1647–49

Hilaire Bernard de La Rivière, 1692–1725

Louis Chambalon, 1692–1716

Étienne Dubreuil, 1708–39

J.-R.  Duprac, 1693–1723

Pierre Duquet de La Chesnaye, 1663–84

Michel Fillion, 1660–88

Florent de La Cetière, 1702–28, and 1 carton of assorted items

François Genaple de Bellefonds, 1682–1709

Jean Lecomte, 1668

Michel Lepailleur, 1700–8

J.-C.  Louet, 1718–37

J.-C.  Panet, 1745–75

J.-B.  Peuvret de Mesnu, 1653–59

Jacques Pinguet, 1726–48

Charles Rageot, 1695–1702

François Rageot, 1709–53

Gilles Rageot, 1666–91

Pierre Rivet, 1707–19

Guillaume Roger, 1694–99

Paul Vachon, 1644–93

Registre d’état civil


Greffes :    Séverin Ameau, 1651–90

Jean Cusson, 1669–1700

Laurent Du Portail, 1660–63

Claude Herlin, 1659–63

Guillaume de La Rue, 1664–76

Jacques de La Touche, 1664–68

Charles Le Sieur, 1689–96

Daniel Normandin, 1686–1729

Pierre Petit, 1721–35

J.-B.  Pottier, 1699–1711

Michel Roy, 1669–99

François Trotain de Saint-Surain, 1687–1732

Étienne Véron de Grandmesnil, 1705–20

Registre d’état civil


Registres des baptêmes, mariages et sépultures


Registres des baptêmes, mariages et sépultures, 1621–1742

PUBLIC ARCHIVES OF CANADA, Ottawa. In 1873 the government of Canada commissioned Abbé H.-A.  Verreau to investigate the holdings of English and French archives with a view to copying documents concerning the early history of Canada. The work of transcribing and microfilming such manuscripts has proceeded since that time.

Many unpublished finding aids are available only in the archives, but the Manuscript Division has published the following Preliminary Inventories and Inventories:

Fonds des Manuscrits N° 1, Archives des Colonies (1952)

Fonds des Manuscrits No 2, Archives de la Marine; No 3, Archives nationales; No 4, Archives de la Guerre (1953) (now reorganized as Service historique de l’armée; a manuscript inventory of this section is avail-

able for use at the PAC : Louise Dechêne, “Inventaire analytique des documents relatifs à l’histoire du Canada conservés en France au service historique de l’armée”).

Fonds des Manuscrits No 5, Ministère des Affaires étrangères (1955)

Manuscript Group 8, Quebec provincial and local records; Manuscript Group 9, Provincial, local and territorial records (1961)

Manuscript Group 11, Public Record Office, London, Colonial Office papers (1961)

Manuscript Group 17, Religious archives


Manuscript Group 18, Pre-Conquest papers


Manuscript Group 21, Transcripts from papers in the British Museum (1955)

Unpublished “addenda” for the above inventories are available for consultation at the PAC.  Also available are typescript copies of the following unpublished provisional inventories

“Fonds des Manuscrits N° 6, Archives départementales, municipales, maritimes et de bibliothèques (France)”

“Fonds des Manuscrits N° 7, Bibliothèques de France (à Paris)”

“Manuscript Group 36, Finding aids to sources in other archival repositories”

See also “Guides to calendars of series and collections in the Public Archives,” PAC Report, 1949, 451–59; H.  P.  Beers, The French & British in the old Northwest: a bibliographical guide to archive and manuscript sources (Detroit, 1964) and The French in North America: a bibliographical guide to French archives, reproductions, and research missions (Baton Rouge, 1957).

The following collections, some of which contain original manuscript material, were found useful in the preparation of Vol. II:

FM 6

A 2: Charente-Maritime (La Rochelle)

C 1: Port de Rochefort

FM 8

F : Documents relatifs aux seigneuries et autres lieux, 1633–1925

80: Saint-Ours, 1633–1907

97: Yamaska, 1718–1888

MG 9

B : Nova Scotia

8: Church records, 1679–1920

9: Local records, 1682–1917

FM 17

A : Église catholique

3: Séminaire des Missions Étrangères, Paris, 1640–1851

7–2: Séminaire de Saint-Sulpice, Paris, 1640–1872

FM 18

    B: Explorations

12: Pierre Gaultier de La Vérendrye, 1731–48

H : New France

13: Denys family, 1654–1870

25: Robinson collection, 1532–1899

Nova Scotia A: Correspondence, 1603–1815. 198 vols. A composite series from various sources in Great Britain, especially the PRO. Documents for the period covered by Vol. II are calendared in PAC Report, 1894.

Nova Scotia B: Minutes of the executive council, 1720–1785. 18 vols. A composite series taken principally from sources which are now part of either PRO, C.O. 217 or C.O. 220.

PUBLIC ARCHIVES OF NOVA SCOTIA, Halifax. These archives contain bound volumes of transcripts of documents from European archives relating to the earliest history of Acadia or Nova Scotia. See: Catalogue or list of manuscript documents, arranged, bound and catalogued under the direction of the commissioner of public records .  .  . (Halifax, 1877; 2d ed., 1886) and J.  P.  Edwards, The public records of Nova Scotia (Halifax, 1920).


BRITISH MUSEUM, London. In 1753 the British Museum was established as the repository for the Sloane collection of manuscripts, which were numbered from 1 to 4,100. Since that time many collections have been acquired and variously designated. Used in the preparation of Volume  II were the Sloane, Lansdowne, Stowe, and Additional manuscripts. For a brief guide to catalogues of these and other manuscript collections see T.  C.  Skeat, “The catalogues of the British Museum, 2: Manuscripts,” Journal of Documentation (London), VII (1951), 18–60; revised as British Museum: the catalogues of the manuscript collections (London, 1962). For copies in the PAC of documents from the British Museum see PAC, Preliminary Inventory, Manuscript Group 21 (Ottawa, 1955).

HUDSON’S BAY COMPANY ARCHIVES, London. The HBC archives comprise over thirty thousand volumes and files of records dating from the founding of the company in 1670. The archives as constituted at present were established in 1932, and the work of organization proceeded thereafter [see R.  H.  G.  Leveson Gower, “The archives of the Hudson’s Bay Company,” Beaver (Winnipeg),

outfit 264 (December  1933), 40–42, 64]. A publishing programme was undertaken by the Hudson’s Bay Record Society [see section  II], and in 1949 the HBC and PAC arranged jointly to microfilm the records. Information on the PAC copies is found in PAC Report, 1950, 13–14; 1952, 16–18; 1953–54, 21–22 ;1955 58, 44–46.

Documents from the following categories were used in the preparation of Volume  II:

Section A: London office records

A.1/:    Minute books of the governor and committee

A.6/:    London outward correspondence books-HBC official

A.14/:    Grand ledgers (London)

A.15/:    Grand journals (London)

Section B: North America trading posts records

B.3/a:    Albany journals

B.3/d:    Albany account books

B.42/d:    Churchill account books

B.135/a:    Moose journals

B.239/a:    York journals

B.239/d:    York account books

PUBLIC RECORD OFFICE, London. For an introduction to the contents and arrangement of these archives see: Guide to the contents of the Public Record Office (2v., London, 1963).

The documentary series cited in Volume  II include


Adm. 1: Admiralty and secretariat, papers (1660–1938) (formerly known as Secretary’s Department: In-letters.)

Adm. 2: Admiralty and secretariat, out-letters (1656-–1859)

Adm. 6 : Admiralty and secretariat, registers, returns, and certificates, various (1673–1859)

Adm. 8: List books (1673–1893)

Adm. 51: Admiralty and secretariat, log books, etc., captains’ logs (1669–1852)

Adm. 52: Admiralty and secretariat, log books, etc., masters’ logs (1672–1840)

Colonial Office [see R.  B.  Pugh, The records of the Colonial and Dominions offices (PRO handbooks, 3, London, 1964).]

C.O. l: General series (1574–1757). Includes papers relating to America and the West Indies, preponderantly before 1688, from which date most of these papers are in C.O. 5.

C.O. 5: America and West Indies, original correspondence ([1606?] to 1807). Comprises the original correspondence and entry books of the Board of Trade and the secretary of state and other papers.

C.O. 194: Newfoundland, original correspondence (1696–1922) (A manuscript 18th-century index to the volumes of Newfoundland correspondence exists in the PRO and is numbered IND. 8234.)

C.O. 195: Newfoundland, entry books (1623–1867)

C.O. 217: Nova Scotia and Cape Breton, original correspondence (1710/11–1867)

C.O. 218: Nova Scotia and Cape Breton, entry books (1710–1867)

C.O. 323: Colonies, general, original correspondence (1689–1940)

C.O. 324: Colonies, general, entry books, series I (1662–1872)

Records of the High Court of Admiralty

H.C.A. 30: Instance and prize courts, miscellanea (1531–1888)

State Paper Office, State papers domestic

S.P. 42: Naval (1689–1782)

S.P. 44: Entry books (1661–1828)


T. 1: In-letters and files, treasury board papers (1557–1920)

T. 48 : Miscellanea, Lowndes papers, Charles I to 1886

War Office

W.O. 24: Establishments (1661–1846)

W.O. 26: Miscellany books (1670–1817)

W.O. 30: Miscellanea (1684–1903)

W.O. 46: Ordnance office, out-letters (1660–1861)

W.O. 53: Ordnance office, bill books, series  IV (1660–1822)

W.O. 71: Judge Advocate General’s office, courts martial, proceedings (1668–1850)

From the collection of maps at the PRO the following was used:

M.P.G. 274: plan of Annapolis Royal, 1710 For copies in the PAC of documents in the Colonial Office of the PRO see PAC, Preliminary Inventory, Manuscript Group 11 (Ottawa, 1951).

SOMERSET HOUSE, London. Located here are three government departments, two of which are of special interest:

General  Register Office

Contains the records of births, marriages, and deaths in England and Wales.

Principal Probate Registry

Some original wills are preserved here (others being kept in the District Probate Registries). In addition, since 1858 a copy of every will proved in England and Wales and a record of the grant of representation have been deposited in this registry. Finally, all wills proved in the Prerogative

Court of Canterbury (P.C.C.) are preserved here.

UNITED SOCIETY FOR THE PROPAGATION OF THE GOSPEL, London. Formed in 1965, the USPG is responsible for continuing the work formerly carried on by the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts (incorporated by Royal Charter, 1701) and the Universities’ Mission to Central Africa (founded 1857). For copies in the PAC of documents from the archives of the USPG see PAC, Preliminary Inventory, Manuscript Group 17 (Ottawa, 1967).

Documents from the following series were used in the preparation of Volume  II:

Journals of proceedings of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel; the fair copy of the Journals has 28 volumes, 1701–1804, and there are four Appendices: A, B, C, D

Committee Books of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel, 54 volumes, 1702–95

Letters and reports of missionaries of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel:

A: Contemporary letterbooks of correspondence received from the colonies and elsewhere and copies of some letters sent from the secretary in London, 1701–38, 26 volumes

B: Original letters from the colonies, 1701–86, 25 volumes



ARCHIVES DÉPARTEMENTALES, COMMUNALES, etc. The departmental archives of France and other local ‘repositories contain valuable information on many figures belonging to early Canadian history. For lists of analytical inventories see: France, Direction des Archives, État des inventaires des Archives nationales, départementales, communales et hospitalières au 1er janvier 1937 (Paris, 1938), and Supplément, 1937–54 [by R.-H.  Bautier] (Paris, 1955). There is a uniform system of classification for all departmental and communal archives.

Archives départementales

The series of the Fonds anciens are numbered from A to J inclusively, as follows:

A: Actes du pouvoir souverain

B: Cours et juridiction

    C: Administrations provinciales (Intendances)

D: Instruction publique; sciences; arts

E: Féodalité; communes, notaires, corporations

E supplément: Archives communales déposées aux Archives départementales

F: Fonds et collections divers

G: Clergé séculier

H: Clergé régulier

H supplément: Archives hospitalières déposées aux archives départementales

I: Archives ecclésiastiques

J: Documents entrés aux archives par voies extraordinaires

For Volume  II, series A, B, E, G, and H have been found most useful.

Archives communales

Series previous to 1790 are numbered from AA to II, as follows:

AA:    Actes constitutifs et politiques de la commune

BB:    Administration communale

CC:    Impôts et comptabilités

DD:    Biens communaux

EE:    Affaires militaires; marine

FF:    Justice et police

GG:    Cultes, instruction et assistance publiques

HH:    Agriculture; industrie; commerce

II:    Divers (Tabellionnage, cartes et plans etc.)

For Volume  II, series BB was found useful.

The local repositories also include:

Les archives hospitalières (public property although kept in the establishments)

Les archives des Chambres de Commerce (private property)

Les archives des ports ou de l’Inscription Maritime (property of the Marine department)

Les archives des bibliothèques municipales et autres

Copies and microfilms of documents from the departmental and other local archives are available in the PAC and are classed as FM 6. A printed inventory is in preparation.

ARCHIVES DU COMITÉ TECHNIQUE DU GÉNIE, Paris. These archives, which are housed at the Château de Vincennes, were originally divided into 23 articles (i.e. series). A certain number of the original articles have been turned over to other archives, notably article 9 (Colonies françaises), which is now in AN, Section Outre-Mer (Dépôt des fortifications des colonies), and article 16 (Cartes), which has passed to the BN.

The following articles are of interest for Canadian history:

Article 3: Personnel

Article 14: Places et pays étrangers: Amérique septentrionale, Possessions anglaises, États-Unis, Louisbourg et l’île Royale.

Article 15: Histoire militaire, campagnes et sièges

ARCHIVES DU MINISTÈRE DES AFFAIRES ÉTRANGÈRES, Paris. On the holdings of the archives see France, Archives des Affaires étrangères, Inventaire sommaire des archives du département des Affaires étrangères (6v., Paris, 1883–1903). Three volumes are devoted to each of the two main divisions of the archives : Correspondance politique and Mémoires et documents. See also: France, Archives des Affaires étrangères, État numérique des fonds de la correspondance politique de l’origine à 1871 (Paris, 1936); Archives publiques du Canada, Inventaire provisoire, Fonds des manuscrits no 5 (Ottawa, 1955); and W.  G.  Leland et al., Guide to materials for American history in the libraries and archives of Paris, Volume  II: Archives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Carnegie Institution of Washington publication 392, 1943).

Documents used in the preparation of Vol. II are found in:

Correspondance politique, Angleterre, 341

Mémoires et documents, Amérique, 3, 8

ARCHIVES DU SERVICE HISTORIQUE DE L’ARMÉE, Paris. This archival group was officially formed in 1688 as the Archives de la Guerre. The earliest volumes date from 1631. After several changes of locale, the Archives de la Guerre were finally brought to the Pavillon du Roi at the Château de Vincennes in Paris, where they are now housed. The present name, Service historique de l’armée, dates from 1919.

The SHA is organized as follows:

Group I: Opérations militaires

Série A

Al: Correspondance générale, 3786 vols. For Canada this is the most important series in the SHA.

A2: Fonds de Suède, 84 vols.

A3: Fonds divers, 123 vols.

A4: Fonds provisoire, 88 cartons and portfolios

Series B to L pertain to post-Revolutionary France.

Group  II: Mémoires historiques et Reconnaissances militaires, 2353 articles. The Mémoires comprise diaries of campaigns and accounts of battles and sieges, and the Reconnaissances are mostly documents of a topographic nature A third part of this group relates to

military administration and the military arts.

Group  III: Archives des corps de troupes

Série X : Only sous-series XA and XI relate to Canada.

Group  IV : Archives administratives

Série Y: Sous-série YA contains memoirs and projects; YD contains the dossiers of military personnel, divided according to rank.

ARCHIVES NATIONALES, Paris. The Archives nationales were founded in 1790 to accommodate the original papers of the Constituent Assembly and later of the pre-Revolutionary administrations. The basic inventories are : France, Direction des Archives, Inventaire sommaire et tableau méthodique des fonds conservés aux Archives nationales, Ire partie, Régime antérieur à 1789 (Paris, 1871), and État sommaire par séries des documents conservés aux Archives nationales (Paris, 1891). Recent guides to finding aids are: France, Direction des Archives, État des inventaires des Archives nationales, départementales, communales et hospitalières au 1er janvier 1937 (Paris, 1938), and Supplément, 1937–54 [by R.-H.  Bautier] (Paris, 1955). J.-E.  Roy, Rapport sur les Archives de France relatives à l’histoire du Canada (PAC pub., 6, 1911) and H.  P.  Beers, The French in North America: a bibliographical guide to French archives, reproductions, and research missions (Baton Rouge, La., 1957) give sketches of the history and organization of the archives. For copies in the PAC of documents in the Archives nationales see: Inventaire provisoire, Fonds des manuscrits No 3 (Ottawa, 1953), 13–23.

Series of documents used in the preparation of Volume  II:

G7: Contrôle général des finances, 1672–1707

K: Monuments historiques, 1540–1759

KXI: Principauté de Montbéliard

L: Monuments ecclésiastiques

LL: Registres

M: Mélanges historiques, 1696–1789

V: Grande Chancellerie et Conseils

V5: Grand Conseil

V7: Commissions extraordinaires du Conseil privé, 1698–1776

X: Parlement de Paris

X1A: Registres du Parlement civil

Y: Châtelet de Paris

AN, Archives de la Marine. After the formation of the Marine under Colbert, papers relating to the navy and to colonial affairs were collected in the Archives de la Marine. In 1884 the Archives des Colonies were separated from the Marine. Both collections are now housed in the Archives

nationales. The material in the Archives de la Marine extends to 1870. For descriptions of the archives and documents see: Didier Neuville, État sommaire des Archives de la Marine antérieurs à la Revolution (Paris, 1898); Neuville et al., Inventaire des Archives de la Marine, série B: service general (8v., Paris, 1885–1963); J.-E.  Roy, Rapport sur les Archives de France, 157–243; and Étienne Taillemite, Les archives anciennes de la Marine (Académie de Marine, Paris, 1962). For copies of the manuscripts in the PAC see: Inventaire provisoire, Fonds des manuscrits No 2 (Ottawa, 1953).

Series pertinent to Volume  II:

B1: Délibérations du Conseil de Marine, 1715–22, 1728–86

B2: Ordres et dépêches, 1662–1750. The kings’ and the ministers’ orders to the department of the Marine, military commanders, and intendants of the Marine in French ports

B3: Correspondence received by the minister from the ports of France and from various authorities, 1660–1789

B4: Campagnes, 1640–1789. Material relating to naval campaigns

C: Personnel

C1: Officiers de la Marine du Roi, 1400–1789. “Revues Laffilard” and “Alphabets Laffilard” are contained in volumes 105–7, 151, 153–55, 157, 160–61.

C2: Personnel civil des ports, 1663–1760

C7: Dossiers individuels, 1687–1821

2JJ: Personal papers of geographers and hydrographers of the 18th and 19th centuries (numbered catalogue available at the AN)

3JJ: Memoirs, journals, and reports concerning the exploration of North America (analytical inventory available at the AN)

AN, Archives des Colonies. These archives date from about 1669 and contain material up to 1815 (see AN, Section Outre-Mer). Colbert established the distinction between papers relating to the Marine and those concerning the colonies and also laid down the major series in the Archives des Colonies. These series and the many later subdivisions of series are described in Étienne Taillemite, “Les archives des colonies françaises aux Archives nationales,” Gazette des Archives (Paris), XLVI (1964), 93–116. For copies of manuscripts in the PAC see: Inventaire provisoire, Fonds des manuscrits N o 1 (Ottawa, 1952).

Series containing information on persons in Volume  II:

B : Lettres envoyées. Dispatches of the king, the minister of the Marine, and the Conseil d’État to officials in New France. For the

17th and the first half of the 18th century see the following calendars: Étienne Taillemite, Inventaire analytique de la correspondance générale avec les colonies, départ, Série B (déposée aux Archives nationales), I, registres 1 à 37 (1654–1715) (Paris, 1959) and PAC Report, 1899, Supp., 245–548 ; Report, 1904, App. K, 1–312.

C11A: Correspondance générale. Letters of officials in New France to the king and the minister of the Marine and some drafts of documents sent to the colony. A calendar of documents to 1741 is published in PAC Report, 1885, xxix–lxxix; Report, 1886, xxxix–cl; see also PAC Report, 1887, ccxxv–ccxxxix and D.  W.  Parker, A guide to the documents in the Manuscript Room at the Public Archives of Canada, Vol. I (PAC pub., 10, 1914), 227ff. An unpublished index for this series exists at the PAC.

C11B: Correspondance générale, Île Royale. Letters of officials in Île Royale to the king and the minister of the Marine. Volumes 1–38 (1706?–1762) calendared in Parker, Guide, 241–45 and in PAC Report, 1887, cclxxxii–cccxciv.

C11C:: Amérique du Nord. Papers concerning Newfoundland, Îles de la Madeleine, Île Royale, and Gaspé. Calendared in Parker, Guide, 246, and PAC Report, 1887, cccxciv–cccxcviii.

C11D: Correspondance générale, Acadie. Dispatches to the minister of the Marine from Acadia. See calendars in PAC Report, 1887, ccxxxix–cclxiii and in Parker, Guide, 238–40.

C11E: Canada, divers. Letters etc. dealing with boundary disputes, 1685–1764. Calendared in Parker, Guide, 240–41 and in PAC Report, 1887, cclxiii–cclxxxii.

C11G: Correspondance Raudot-Pontchartrain et correspondance générale du Domaine d’Occident et de l’Île Royale. See calendars in Parker, Guide, 246–48 and PAC Report, 1899, Supp., 201–44.

C13: Louisiane

C13A: Correspondance générale, Louisiane, 1678–1803

C13B: Correspondance générale, Louisiane, 1699–1773 (Documents discovered after the principal series had been made up.)

C13C: Mémoires et projects, Louisiane, 1675–1736

An analytical inventory of series C13 is available for use at the AN and will be published in the near future.

C14: Guyane, 1664–1822 (analytical inventory available at the AN)

D2C: Troupes et milice des colonies. Many volumes contain information on officers who served in Canada; the following were particularly useful:

47: Rôle des compagnies détachées en garrison au Canada et à l’Île Royale, 1656–1736

49: Liste générale des officiers d’état-major au Canada, 1694–1774

51: Revues des compagnies détachées en garrison en Louisiane, 1710–57

222: Alphabet Laffilard. Service records of officers who served in the colonies before 1740

D2D: Personnel militaire et civil. Listes générales, 1695–1789

E: Dossiers personnels. Correspondence regarding pensions, employment, and so on

F1A: Fonds des colonies, 1670–1789. Financial documents

F3: Collection Moreau de Saint-Méry. Seventeenth-, 18th- and 19th-century originals and copies of documents in the C11A and B series and of others that have since disappeared. Papers relating to Canada, Louisiana, Île Royale, Saint-Pierre, and Miquelon have been copied and microfilmed by the PAC. Calendared in PAC Report, 1899, Supp., 39–191; Report, 1905, I, pt.VI, 447–505; and Parker, Guide, 249–53. (Note that volumes have since been renumbered to agree with AN classification.)

F5A: Missions religieuses, [1650?]–1808

G: See AN, Section Outre-Mer.

AN, Section Outre-Mer. The Section Outre-Mer came into being on 1  Jan.  1961 when the Ministère de la France d’Outre-Mer ceased to exist. This section was intended to house post-1815 documents, while the Archives des Colonies would house the pre-1815 material. Two important series dealing with the earlier period are, however, to be found in the Section Outre-Mer. For copies of manuscripts in the PAC see: Inventaire provisoire, Fonds des manuscrits N° 1, 17–19.

Série G

G1: Registres d’état civil, recensements et divers documents.

406: État civil de Louisbourg, 1722–38

407: État civil de Louisbourg, 1738–45

411: État civil de l’île Saint-Jean, 1721–58 (fragments)

462: Concessions pour le Canada et l’Île Royale

466: Recensements de l’Acadie, de l’Île Royale, du Cap Breton, et de l’Île Saint-Jean, 1671, 1686, 1693, 1698, 1700, 1701, 1703, 1707, 1714, 1752.

467/1: Recensements de Saint-Pierre et Miquelon, de Plaisance et de Terre-Neuve, 1671–1711

467/3: Recensements de l’île Royale, 1713, 1715, 1724, 1726, 1734.

G2: Registres des greffes du Conseil supérieur

de Louisbourg, 1711–58

181 :1732–35

G3: Notariat, 1637–1789

2037–39: Greffe de C.-J.  Leroy Desmarest, Louisbourg, 1728–36

2040: Greffe de J.-C.  Loppinot, Port-Royal, 1687–1710

2046–47: Greffe de Jean de Laborde, Louisbourg, 1737–53

2053–55: Notariat de Plaisance, 1696–1714

2056–58: Greffe de Lambert Micoin, île Royale, 1715–28.

Dépôt des fortifications des colonies. This series contains technical reports, maps, reports on discoveries, fisheries, commerce, and military campaigns, as well as papers on the Compagnie des Indes. Series concerning North America are: La Louisiane, L’Amérique septentrionale, Saint-Pierre et Miquelon. A manuscript inventory of the various series is available at the AN. See: PAC Report, 1905, I, pt.III, 1–43; J.-E.  Roy, Rapport sur les archives de France, 535–59.

BIBLIOTHÈQUE NATIONALE, Paris. The library collection of the kings of France, from the time of François I, forms the basis of the BN.  In the 17th century the manuscripts and printed works were separated. From 1926 the libraries of the Arsenal, Opéra, and Conservatoire National de Musique have functioned in conjunction with the Bibliothèque nationale. The main divisions at the present time are Cartes et Plans, Estampes, Imprimés, Journaux et Périodiques, Manuscrits, Médailles, and Musique.

Most important for Volume  II are the manuscripts, which number over 160,000. Most of the documents have been integrated with the Fonds français (Fr., nos 1–33264) or with the Nouvelles acquisitions françaises (NAF, nos 1–    ); documents most recently integrated have double numbering. Among the collections not integrated are Baluze, Cinq Cents de Colbert, Mélanges de Colbert, and Clairambault.

For an outline of the organization of the BN, see J.-E.  Roy, Rapport sur les archives de France relatives à l’histoire du Canada (PAC pub., 6, 1911), 655–848. For the 18-volume catalogue to the Fr. and NAF (1–10,000) there is a Table générale alphabétique (6v., Paris, 1931–48). Another guide

is W.  G.  Leland, Guide to materials for American history in the libraries and archives of Paris, Volume I: Libraries (Carnegie Institution of Washington publication 392, 1932). See also BN, Département des manuscrits, Catalogue des manuscrits de la collection Clairambault, par Philippe Lauer (3v., Paris, 1923–32); Catalogue des manuscrits de la collection des Cinq Cents de Colbert, par Charles de La Roncière (Paris, 1908); Catalogue des manuscrits de la collection des Mélanges de Colbert, par Charles de La Roncière et P.-M.  Bondois (2v., Paris, 1920–22); Nouvelles acquisitions du département des manuscrits pendant les années 1898–1899, inventaire sommaire (Paris, 1900), 49–85 (“Amérique, Canada, Nouvelle-France, Acadie, et Louisiane” [catalogue sommaire de la collection Pierre Margry], par Charles de La Roncière); Robert Latouche, “Inventaire sommaire de la collection Arnoul conservée à la Bibliothèque nationale,” Revue des bibliothèques, XVIII(1908), 244–63.


MASSACHUSETTS HISTORICAL SOCIETY, Boston, Mass. Founded in 1791, it is the oldest historical society in the United States. About half the holdings of the society are manuscripts and transcriptions. SeeS.  T.  Riley, The Massachusetts Historical Society 1791–1959 (Boston, 1959) and “The manuscript collections of the Massachusetts Historical Society: a brief listing,” M.H.S.  Miscellany, no.5 (December  1958).

Of special interest for 17th- and 18th-century Canadian history are the Parkman transcripts from European archives (1565–1768), 100 volumes, the F.  L.  Gay transcripts from English archives (1630–1776), 124 volumes, and a considerable collection of manuscripts concerning the expeditions against Louisbourg.

MASSACHUSETTS, SECRETARY OF THE COMMONWEALTH’S OFFICE, ARCHIVES, Boston, Mass. These archives contain primarily the records of the General  Court of Massachusetts from the 17th century until the present day.

The following series of documents are of interest for 17th- and 18th-century Canadian history:

“Massachusetts Archives.” This is the title usually given to the 326 volumes of legislative records rearranged in the 19th century by J.  B.  Felt and his successor according to subject. Excellent name card-indexes have been prepared for about 55 volumes on such subjects as colonial affairs (including letters received and sent to other North American

and West Indian colonies), commerce, depositions, foreign affairs, judicial and pecuniary matters, and maritime records.

Executive records of the Council (called Council Records), about 150 vols. For the 17th and 18th centuries, the records cover 1650–56, 1686–87, and 1692 on.

J.  B.  Poore’s transcripts from French archives, from the discovery of America to 1780, 10 vols. Copies of these copies were published 40 years later by the Quebec legislature as Coll. de manuscrits relatifs à la N.-F. [see section  II; see also H.  P.  Beers, The French in North America: a bibliographical guide to French archives, reproductions, and research missions (Baton Rouge, La., 1957), 153–56].

For copies of documents in the PAC see: Preliminary inventory, Manuscript Group 18, pre-Conquest papers (Ottawa, 1964).

NEWBERRY LIBRARY, Chicago. The Edward E.  Ayer collection contains material on the archaeology and ethnology of the Indians of North and South America and their relations with whites.

Used in Vol. II was the census of Father Pierre de La Chasse (1708): “Recensement général fait au mois de Novembre mile Sept cent huit de tous les Sauvages de l’Acadie qui résident dans la Coste de l’Est, et de ceux de Pintagouet et de Canibeky, famille par famille, .  .  . comme aussy le recensement des françois Establis a la dite Coste de l’Es.” (MS 751)

NEW ENGLAND HISTORIC GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY, Boston, Mass. The society specializes in family history and genealogy and its collections are on a national scale. It also has one of the largest collections on this continent of copies of English parish records.

NEW YORK STATE, ARCHIVES, Albany, N.Y.  On the development and present organization of these

various archives see E.  F.  Rowse, “The archives of New York,” American Archivist, IV (no.4, 1941), 267–74, and Historical Records Survey, Guide to depositories of manuscript collections in the United States (Columbus, 1938), 76–77.

Of interest for 17th- and 18th-century Canadian history are the Colonial Manuscripts, transcribed from various European archives (England, France, Holland), and published in full as Documents relative to the colonial history of .  .  . New York (see sect. II); on this collection, see H.P.  Beers, The French in North America: a bibliographical guide to French archives, reproductions, and research missions (Baton Rouge, 1957), 145–53.


ARCHIVUM ROMANUM SOCIETATIS IESU, Rome. Despite the destruction of a large part of these archives following the brief suppression of the order in 1773, a number of valuable documents on the history of the Society of Jesus in North America have survived. These include correspondence between the general of the order and missionaries, annual letters from America, catalogues, and death notices which provide biographical information. The archives are not open to researchers, but microfilm copies of material from ARSI relating to the Americas can be found at Saint Louis University, Missouri. The American Jesuits and the Congregation have also published certain of the more important manuscripts in ARSI.  The Institutum Historicum Societatis Iesu in Rome has published the series “Monumenta Historica Missionum Societatis Iesu.”

The following collections were used in the preparation of Vol. II:

Francia 17, 23, 24, 25/1, 25/II

Gallia 10, 15/I, 110/I, 110/II (microfilm copies of latter two in the PAC)


Acadiensia Nova (1598–1779): new and unpublished documents and other data relating to Acadia. Edited by W.  I.  Morse. 2 vols. London, 1935.


APQ and AQ Rapports. Documents from the AQ-as well as from other archives-have been published in the Rapport de l’Archiviste de la Province de Québec. Volumes corres-

pond to the fiscal years for 1920–21 to 1948–49 and 1959–60; those for the years 1949–51 to 1957–59 include two years; no volumes were published for 1961 or 1962, but publication was resumed in 1963 as the AQ Rapport.

Bulletin des recherches historiques [see sect. V].

Lettres de noblesse (P.-G.  Roy).

Ord. comm. (P.-G.  Roy).

Papier terrier de la Cie des I.O. (P.-G.  Roy).

P.-G.  Roy. Index des jugements et délibérations du Conseil souverain de 1663 à 1716. Québec, 1940.

——  Inv. coll. pièces jud. et not.

——  Inv. concessions.

——  Inv. contrats de mariage.

——  Inventaire de pièces sur la côte de Labrador.

——  Inventaire des procès-verbaux des grands voyers.

——  Inv. ins. cons. souv.

——  Inv. ins. prév. Québec.

——  Inv. jug. et délib., 1717–1760.

——  Inv. ord. int.

    ——  Inv. testaments.

P.-G. et Antoine Roy. Inv. greffes not.

[For complete descriptions see individual titles and P.-G.  Roy, infra.]

ARCHIVES DU SÉMINAIRE DE QUÉBEC PUBLICATIONS II: Provost, Le séminaire de Québec: documents et biographies.


BAILLARGEON, NOËL. “Les missions du séminaire de Québéc dans la vallée du Mississippi 1698–1699,” AQ Rapport, 1965, 13–56.

BAUGY, [HENRI DE]. Journal d’une expédition contre les Iroquois en 1687: lettres et pièces relatives au fort Saint-Louis des Illinois. Édité par Ernest Serrigny. Paris, 1883.

[BERTRAND DE LATOUR, LOUIS.] Mémoires sur la vie de M.  de Laval, premier évêque de Québec. Cologne, 1761.

[BIGOT, JACQUES.] Copie d’une lettre escrite par le père Jacques Bigot de la Compagnie de Jésus l’an 1684, pour accompagner un collier de pourcelaine envoié par les Abnaquis de la mission de Sainct François de Sales dans la Nouvelle France au tombeau de leur sainct patron à Annecy. Cramoisy series, no.23. Manate [New York], 1858.

[——]  Relation de ce qui s’est passé de plus remarquable dans la mission Abnaquise de Sainct Joseph de Sillery, et dans l’establissement de la Nouvelle Mission de Sainct François de Sales, l’année 1684. Par le R.  P.  Jacques Bigot, de la Compagnie’ de Jésus. Cramoisy series, no.2. Manate [New York], 1857.

[——]  Relation de ce qui s’est passé de plus remarquable dans la mission Abnaquise de Sainct Joseph de Sillery, et de Sainct François de Sales, l’année 1685. Par le R.  P.  Jacques Bigot, de la Compagnie de Jésus. Cramoisy series, no.3. Manate [New York], 1858.

[——]  Relation de la Mission Abnaquise de St. François de Sales, l’année 1702, par le Père Jacques Bigot, de la Compagnie de Jésus. Cramoisy series, no.21. New York, 1865.

[BIGOT, VINCENT.] Relation de ce qui s’est passé de plus remarquable dans la mission des Abnaquis à l’Acadie, l’année 1701. Cramoisy series, no.4. Manate [New York], 1858.

BOUCHER, PIERRE.  Histoire véritable et naturelle des mœurs et productions du pays de la Nouvelle France, vulgairement dite le Canada. Paris, 1664. (Société hist. de Boucherville pub., I, 1964.)

BUADE DE FRONTENAC, LOUIS DE.  See “Correspondance. .  .  .”

“Cadillac papers.” See Michigan Pioneer Collections.

CAMPBELL, JOHN.  Lives of the admirals and other eminent British seamen.  .  .  . Including a new and accurate naval history from the earliest accounts of time.  .  .  . 4 vols. London, 1742–44; later editions in 1750, 1761, 1779, and 1781; new, revised, and corrected edition in 8 vols., London, 1812–17.

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CHAMPLAIN SOCIETY. “Founded in 1905, with headquarters in Toronto, for the purpose of publishing rare and inaccessible materials relating to the history of Canada. Its publications are issued only to elected members, limited in number.  .  .  .” Volumes relative to this work include:

II: Denys, Description and natural history (Ganong).

III: Documents relating to seigniorial tenure (Munro).

V: Le Clercq, New relation of Gaspesia (Ganong).

XVI: Journals and letters of La Vérendrye (Burpee).

XVIII: Documents relating to Hudson Bay (Tyrrell).

XX: Dièreville, Relation of a voyage to Port Royal (Webster).

XXXII: The Walker expedition (Graham).

[For complete citations, see individual listings.]

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II: The history of the eastern expeditions of 1689, 1690, 1692, 1696, and 1704 against the Indians and French. 1867.

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COLONIAL SOCIETY OF MASSACHUSETTS PUBLICATIONS, Boston, Mass. A numbered series of volumes comprising either Transactions or separately titled Collections. 43 vols. published to date. 1892–    . Index for vols. I–XXV published in 1932. The following publications were found useful in the preparation of vol. II:

XV–XVI, XXI: Harvard College records, 1636–1750.

XXIX–XXX: Suffolk County Court records, 1671–80.

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CRAMOISY SERIES.  See: Jesuit Relations. .  .  .

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——  Relation de ce qui s’est passé de plus

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——  Word from New France. The selected letters of Marie de l’Incarnation. Edited and translated by Joyce Marshall. Toronto, 1967.

HENNEPIN, Louis. Description de la Louisiane. .  .  . Paris, 1683.

——  Nouveau voyage d’un païs plus grand que l’Europe, avec les réflections des entreprises du Sieur de La Salle.  .  .  . Utrecht, 1698. A continuation of the author’s Nouvelle découverte, infra.

——  Nouvelle découverte d’un très grand pays situé dans l’Amérique entre le Nouveau-Mexique, et la mer glaciale.  .  .  . Utrecht, 1697.

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——  Voyage ou nouvelle découverte d’un tres grand pays.  .  .  . Amsterdam, 1704.

HUDSON’S BAY RECORD SOCIETY. Initiated in 1938 by the Hudson’s Bay Company after classification of its London Archives, begun in 1932, had progressed to the point where publication was feasible. Membership in the Society is limited. Inquiries should be directed to: the Hon. Secretary, Beaver House, Great Trinity Lane, London, E.C.4, England.


General editor for vols. I–XXII, E.  E.  Rich; for vols. XXIII–XXV, K.  G.  Davies; for  XXVI, A.  M.  Johnson. 26 vols. published to date. Vols. I–XII issued in association with the Champlain Society, Toronto.

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XXII: Rich. History of the HBC.  II: 1763–1870.

XXV: Letters from Hudson Bay 1703–40.

Edited by K.  G.  Davies and A.  M.  Johnson. 1965.

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——  The history of the province of Massachusetts-bay, from the charter of King  William and Queen  Mary, in 1691, until the year 1750. 2d edition. London, 1768. The 1st edition was published in Boston in 1767 and a 3d edition in Boston in 1795.

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“Inventaire des documents concernant l’Église du Canada.  .  .  .” See CARON, IVANHOË

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CRAMOISY SERIES: In 1857, J.  G.  Shea brought out the first volume of a separate series of Jesuit Relations in 26 vols., the Cramoisy series, published in New York. All the works were from original manuscripts that had not been printed before. The following works were used in the preparation of Vol. II:

2, 3: [J.  Bigot,] Relations des missions de sainct Joseph de Sillery et sainct François de Sales, 1684, 1685.

4: [V.  Bigot,] Relation de la mission des Abnaquis à l’Acadie, 1701.

11: [Gravier,] Relation du voyage en 1700 à l’embouchure du Mississipi.

12, 13: Dablon, Relations des missions dans la Nouvelle-France, 1673–79, 1672–73.

20: Relation des affaires du Canada en 1696.

21: [J.  Bigot,] Relation de la mission de St.  François de Sales, 1702.

22: [Gravier,] Lettre sur les affaires de la Louisiane, 1708.

23: [J.  Bigot,] Copie d’une lettre, 1684.

26: Chauchetière, Vie de Catherine Thegakouita. [For complete titles, see the individual entries in this section.]

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JUCHEREAU [DE LA FERTÉ] DE SAINT-IGNACE, JEANNE-FRANÇOISE, et MARIE-ANDRÉE [REGNARD] DUPLESSIS DE SAINTE-HÉLÈNE.  Les annales de l’Hôtel-Dieu de Québec, 1636–1716. Éditées par Albert Jamet. Québec et Montréal, 1939. The original manuscript of this work was drawn up by Mother  Duplessis with the help of notes gathered by Mother  Juchereau, and was printed in Montauban in 1752 by Bertrand de Latour, under the title: Histoire de l’Hôtel-Dieu de Québec.

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the 13th of September, 1717. Edited with a historical introduction and notes by J.  F.  Kenney. London, Toronto, Vancouver, [1932].

[LA CROIX DE CHEVRIÈRES DE SAINT-VALLIER, JEAN-BAPTISTE DE.] Estat présent de l’Église et de la colonie françoise dans la Nouvelle-France, par M.  l’Évêque de Québec. Paris, 1688; Québec, 1856.



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LE TAC, SIXTE. Histoire chronologique de la Nouvelle-France ou Canada depuis sa découverte (mil cinq cents quatre) jusques en l’an mil six cents trente deux .  .  . publiée pour la première fois d’après le manuscrit original de 1689 et accompagnée de notes et d’un appendice tout composé de documents originaux et inédits. Par Eugène Réveillaud. Paris, 1888.

Lettres de noblesse, généalogies, érections de comtés et baronnies insinuées par le Conseil souverain de la Nouvelle-France. Éditées par P.-G.  Roy. 2 vols. Beauceville, 1920.

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LITERARY AND HISTORICAL SOCIETY OF QUEBEC / SOCIÉTÉ LITTÉRAIRE ET HISTORIQUE DE QUÉBEC.  The oldest historical society in Canada, founded 6  Jan.  1824 in Quebec. It has published (a) a lengthy series of Transactions: old series, I (1824/29–V (1862); new series, I (1863)–XXX (1924); (b) another collection, Historical Documents, consisting of 12 vols. in 9 series (1838–

1915), numbered consecutively D.1, D.2, etc., irrespective of the fact that the first series contains 4 vols., while the remaining eight series contain only one vol. each; (c) Bulletin, I(1900)–IV (1907); Index to the archival publications .  .  . 1824–1924. Québec, 1923. Relative to this volume are:

[Dollier de Casson,] Histoire du Montréal 1640–1672. (Historical Documents, D.6, 3d series.)

[Vachon] de Belmont, Histoire du Canada.  .  .  . (Historical Documents, D.2, 1st series; D.6, 3d series.)

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——  Nouveaux voyages de mr le baron de Lahontan, dans l’Amérique septentrionale.  .  .  . 2 vols. La Haye, 1703.


Collections, 1st series. 10 vols.  1831–91.

Collections and Proceedings, 2d series. 10 vols.  1890–99.

Collections, 3d series. 2 vols.  1904–6.

Documentary history of the State of Maine [q.v.].

Province and court records of Maine [q.v.].

Mandements, lettres pastorales et circulaires des évêques de Québec. Édités par Henri Têtu et C.-O.  Gagnon. 9 vols. Québec, 1887–98.

MARGRY, PIERRE, éd. See : Découvertes et établissements.  .  .  .


Collections. 7 series of 10 vols. each plus 9 vols. published to date. 1792–    .

Journals of House of Representatives [q.v.].

Proceedings. 2 series of 20 vols. each plus 36 vols. published to date. 1879–    .

Shipton, Sibley’s Harvard graduates [see section  III].

As a guide to contents and indexes, see: Handbook of the publications and photostats 1792–1935 (1937).

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droits respectifs des deux couronnes en Amérique; avec les actes publics & pièces justifcatives. 1re édition. 4 vols. Paris, 1755, 1757. 2e édition. 6 vols. Paris, 1756–57. Vols.  I–III (1re   éd.) were published in 1755 and vol. IV in 1757. The latter volume is probably in answer to the English Memorials .  .  . (1755), infra. Vol. I contains Mémoires sur l’Acadie et sur l’isle de Sainte-Lucie;Vol. II, Pièces justificatives .  .  . sur les limites de l’Acadie;Vol. IV, Les derniers mémoires sur l’Acadie.

Memorials of the English and French commissaries concerning the limits of Nova Scotia or Acadia. 2 vols. London, 1755. Vol. I relates to Nova Scotia; Vol. II, to St Lucia. See also: Mémoires, supra.

Michigan Pioneer Collections. 40 vols.  1874–1929. To avoid confusion the Michigan Historical Commission, Department of State, Lansing, has standardized the citation for these volumes, which were originally published by various historical agencies and under various titles.

The following volumes were particularly useful for Volume II:

XXXIII, XXXIV : Containing “Cadillac papers.” 1903, 1905.

Mississippi Provincial Archives, 1701–1740, French dominion. Edited by Dunbar Rowland and A.  G.  Sanders. 2 vols. Jackson, Miss., 1927–29.

I: 1729–40: French-English-Indian relations; wars with the Natchez and Chickasaw Indians.

II: 1701–29.

MORIN, MARIE. Annales de l’Hôtel-Dieu de Montréal. Éditées par A.  Fauteux, É.-Z.  Massicotte et C.  Bertrand. (Société historique de Montréal, Mémoires, XII.) Montréal, 1921. This is an incomplete and inexact published version of the manuscript in AHDM, Histoire simple et véritable .  .  . [q. v.].

NAVY RECORDS SOCIETY, London. Founded in 1893 “for the purpose of rendering accessible the sources of [Britain’s] naval history.”


XCIV: The Walker expedition (Graham).

Nova Scotia Archives. I.  Selections from the public documents of the province of Nova Scotia. Edited by T.  B.  Akins. Halifax, 1869.

——  II.  A calendar of two letter-books and one commission-book in the possession of the government of Nova Scotia, 1713–1741. Edited by A.  M.  MacMechan. Halifax, 1900.

——  III.  Original minutes of His Majesty’s council at Annapolis Royal, 1720–1739. Edited by A.  M.  MacMechan. Halifax, 1908.

NOVA SCOTIA HISTORICAL SOCIETY PUBLICATIONS. Collections. 36 vols. published to date. 1878–    .

Ordonnances, commissions, etc., etc., des gouver-

neurs et intendants de la Nouvelle-France, 1639–1706. Éditées par P.-G.  Roy. 2 vols. Beauceville, 1924.

Papier terrier de la Compagnie des Indes occidentales, 1667–1668. Édité par P.-G.  Roy. Beauceville, 1931.

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[——]  Penhallow’s Indian wars. Edited by Edward Wheelock. Boston, 1924.

Pièces et documents relatifs à la tenure seigneuriale, demandés par une adresse de l’assemblée législative, 1851. 2 vols. Québec, 1852.


XVI: Radisson, Voyages (Scull).

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——  Le Séminaire de Québec: documents et biographies. (Archives du Séminaire de Québec publications, II) Québec, 1964.



Documents relating to Canadian currency during the French period (Shortt).

Documents relating to currency in Nova Scotia, 1675–1758 (Shortt).


I:    Index to reports of Canadian archives from 1872 to 1908. 1909.

VI: J.-E.  Roy. Rapport sur les archives de France relatives à l’histoire du Canada. 1911.

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Inventories of holdings from French and English archives in Manuscript Division. See PAC, section I.

The Kelsey papers (Doughty and Martin) [published in conjunction with the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland].

Annual Reports. 1881–1952 (irregular thereafter).

Union list of manuscripts in Canadian repositories. Edited by R.  S.  Gordon et al. 1968.

PUBLIC RECORD OFFICE PUBLICATIONS.  The following calendars contain information on events in or affecting Canada up to the mid-18th century, and were used in the preparation of Vol. II:

Acts of the Privy Council of England. Colonial series [1613–1783]. Edited by W.  L.  Grant and James Munro. 6 vols.  1908–12.

I: 1613–1680. 1908.

II: 1680–1720. 1910.

III: 1720–1745. 1910.

VI: “The unbound papers,” 1676–1783. 1912.

B.  T.  Journal. See: Journal .  .  .  , infra

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