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General Bibliography – Volume VI

AAQ    Archives de l’archidiocèse de


AC    Archives civiles

ACAM    Archives de la chancellerie de

    l’archevêché de Montréal

ACC    Anglican Church of Canada

AD    Archives départementales

ADB    Australian dictionary of biography

ANQ    Archives nationales du Québec

AO    Archives of Ontario

AP    Archives paroissiales

ASQ    Archives du séminaire de Québec

ASSH    Archives du séminaire de Saint-


ASSM    Archives du séminaire de Saint-

    Sulpice, Montréal

AUM    Archives de l’université de Montréal

BCHQ    British Columbia Historical Quarterly

BE    Bureau d’enregistrement

BL    British Library

BRH    Le Bulletin des recherches historiques

CCHA    Canadian Catholic Historical Association

CHA    Canadian Historical Association

CHR    Canadian Historical Review

DAB    Dictionary of American biography

DCB    Dictionary of Canadian biography

DNB    Dictionary of national biography

DOLQ    Dictionnaire des œuvres littéraires du


HBC    Hudson’s Bay Company

HBCA    Hudson’s Bay Company Archives

HBRS    Hudson’s Bay Record Society, Publications

MAC-CD    Ministère des Affaires culturelles,

    Centre de documentation

MTL    Metropolitan Toronto Library

NLS    National Library of Scotland

NMM    National Maritime Museum

NWC    North West Company

OH    Ontario History

PABC    Provincial Archives of British


PAC    Public Archives of Canada

PAM    Provincial Archives of Manitoba

PANB    Provincial Archives of New


PANL    Provincial Archives of Newfoundland

    and Labrador

PANS    Public Archives of Nova Scotia

PAPEI    Public Archives of Prince Edward


PRO    Public Record Office

QUA    Queen’s University Archives

RHAF    Revue d’histoire de l’Amérique


RSC    Royal Society of Canada

SGCF    Société généalogique canadienne


SH    Social History

SPG    Society for the Propagation of the

    Gospel in Foreign Parts

SRO    Scottish Record Office

UCC    United Church of Canada

UNBL    University of New Brunswick Library

USPG    United Society for the Propagation of

    the Gospel

UWOL    University of Western Ontario Library

General  Bibliography

The General  Bibliography is based on the sources most frequently cited in the individual bibliographies of volume VI. It should not be regarded as providing a complete list of background materials for the history of Canada in the 19th century.

Section i describes the principal archival sources and is arranged by country. Section ii is divided into two parts: part a contains printed primary sources including documents published by the various colonial governments; part b provides a listing of the contemporary newspapers most frequently cited by contributors to the volume. Section iii includes dictionaries, indexes, inventories, almanacs, and directories. Section iv contains secondary works of the 19th and 20th centuries, including a number of general histories and theses. Section v describes the principal journals and the publications of various societies consulted.



ANGLICAN CHURCH OF CANADA, DIOCESE OF QUEBEC ARCHIVES, Lennoxville, Que. For a description of this archives, see A. R. Kelley, “The Quebec Diocesan Archives; a description of the collection of historical records of the Church of England in the Diocese of Quebec,” ANQ Rapport, 1946–47: 181–298, and [A.] M. Awcock, “Catalogue of the Quebec Diocesan Archives” (typescript, Shawinigan, Que., 1973; copy available at the archives).

The following materials are cited in volume VI:

1: Letters patent declaring Jacob Mountain bishop of Quebec

2: Letters granting coat of arms to diocese of Quebec

16: Letters patent erecting diocese of Quebec with Jacob Mountain as bishop

17: Mandamus from George III authorizing bishop of Quebec to be lord bishop of Quebec

18: Letters patent to Jacob Mountain creating the bishop of Quebec to be lord bishop of Quebec

19: Writ of summons of bishop of Quebec to Legislative Council of Upper Canada

20: Letters patent creating J. Mountain lord bishop of Quebec at Newark, U.C.

21: Presentation of S. J. Mountain to be minister of church of Quebec

22: Commission appointing five commissioners for erection of a metropolitan church of Quebec

23: Letters patent erecting cathedral church at Quebec

24: Grant of George IV to establish two archdeaconries Quebec and York

26: Letters patent erecting parish of (Charleston) (Hatley) and T. Johnston as rector

27: Letters patent erecting parish of Drummondville, Quebec, and S.S. Wood as rector

28: Letters patent setting apart burying ground in St John’s suburbs, Quebec

29: Letters patent appointing C. J. Stewart to be bishop of Quebec

30b: Letters patent erecting parish of Three Rivers, Quebec, and R.  Q.  Short as rector

47–71: Parish reports, correspondence, and other material relating to the parishes

53: Hatley

69: St Johns, Stoneham, St Francis (Indian) (Pierreville), Shigawake, Shefford, Sherrington

70: Three Rivers

72–80: Correspondence of Jacob Mountain

81: Correspondence of Jacob Mountain, [C.] J. Stewart, and G. J. Mountain

82–102: Copies of letters and papers referring to diocese of Quebec

103–4: Letters from C. J. Stewart to J. Reid

105: Stewart letters

106: H. C. Stewart, “Episcopate of Jacob Mountain”

107–8: Correspondence between bishops of Quebec and SPG

109: Correspondence between bishops of

Quebec and Society for the Promotion of Christian Knowledge

110: Clergy reserves and erection of parishes

    118: Education: McGill, Bishop’s, Bishop’s College School, etc.

    123–25: Unbound manuscripts

129: Copies of correspondence of C. J. Stewart

314: Christian Sentinel and Anglo-Canadian Churchman Magazine

348: Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, committee reports

ARCHIVES CIVILES. See Québec, Ministère de la Justice

ARCHIVES DE LA CHANCELLERIE DE L’ARCHEVÊCHÉ DE MONTRÉAL. A detailed inventory of many of the registers and files in this depository can be found in RHAF, 19 (1965–66): 652–64; 20 (1966–67): 146–66, 324–41, 669–700; 24 (1970–71): 111–42.

    The following series are cited in volume VI:


465: Communautés d’hommes en particulier

.101: Compagnie de Saint-Sulpice

780: Associations et divers

.034: Journaux

901: Fonds Lartigue–Bourget

.013: Notice biographique de Mgr Plessis; érection du diocèse de Montréal

.016: Mgr Lartigue: lettres personnelles

.017: Messieurs Maguire et Tabeau, prêtres; division de Québec et biens de Saint-Sulpice; missions à Rome; projet de journal ecclésiastique

.029: Lettres: messieurs Viau, Terrasse, Duclaux, Roux

.030: P.-A. Tabeau: ses troubles et ses hésitations

.036: Mgr Lartigue: journal de voyage en Europe

.136: Notre-Dame: division de la paroisse

.137: Notre-Dame et Saint-Sulpice

    RC: Registres de la chancellerie

RCD: Registres et cahiers divers

XXXVIII: Essai de tarif avec instructions sur le mariage de Mgr Plessis.

RL: Registres de lettres

RLL: Registres des lettres de Mgr Lartigue. An inventory of the correspondence of Mgr Jean-Jacques Lartigue* from 1819 to 1840, compiled by L.-A. Desrosiers, appears in ANQ Rapport, 1941–42 [section iii].

ARCHIVES DE L’ARCHIDIOCÈSE DE QUÉBEC. A guide to the collection is available in CCHA Rapport, 2 (1934–35): 65–73.

    Series cited in volume VI:

A: Évêques et archevêques de Québec

12 A: Registres des insinuations ecclésiastiques

20 A: Lettres manuscrites des évêques de Québec

210 A: Registres des lettres expédiées. Inventories of the correspondence of a number of the bishops of Quebec, compiled by Ivanhoë Caron*, are available in ANQ Rapport [section iii].

22 A: Copies de lettres expédiées

    31-11 A: Papiers privés de J.-O. Plessis

C: Secrétairerie et chancellerie

    CB: Structures de direction

1 CB: Vicaires généraux

CD: Discipline diocésaine

303 CD: Titres cléricaux

515 CD: Séminaire de Nicolet

61 CD: Paroisses

    69 CD: Visites pastorales

71-31 CD: Sulpiciens

  Diocèse de Québec (being reclassified)

CE: Rapports avec les organismes administratifs

6 CE: Société ecclésiastique Saint-Joseph

CM: Église universelle

10 CM: Correspondance de Rome

7 CM: États-Unis

90 CM: Angleterre

CN: Église canadienne

30 CN: Terre-Neuve

310 CN: Île-du-Prince-Édouard

311 CN: Nouveau-Brunswick

312 CN: Nouvelle-Écosse

320 CN: Haut-Canada

60 CN: Gouvernement du Canada

CP: Église du Québec

24 CP: Diocèse de Labrador

26 CP: Diocèse de Montréal

  T: Papiers privés

TC: Ivanhoë Caron

TF: J.-B.-A. Ferland

ARCHIVES DE L’UNIVERSITÉ DE MONTRÉAL. The Service des archives de l’université de Montréal has prepared an important series of publications relating to its collections; a list of these can be found in Biblio-graphie des publications du Service des archives (3e éd., Montréal, 1980), compiled by Jacques Ducharme and Denis Plante.

    The following collections are cited in volume VI:

P 58: Collection Baby. The Catalogue de la collec­

tion François-Louis-Georges Baby, compiled by Camille Bertrand, with preface by Paul Baby and introduction by Lucien Campeau (2v., Montréal, 1971), provides useful information to researchers. Transcripts of the bulk of this collection, which is being classified at present, are located in PAC, MG 24, L3.

    G:  Commerce et finance

    G2: Commerce, finance, affaires

    P:    Documents militaires

    P2: Papiers militaires

Q1: Documents hors-série

    U:  Correspondance générale


    Series cited in volume VI:

C: Livres de comptes du séminaire

Fichier des anciens

Fonds H.-R. Casgrain

    Série O: Cahiers manuscrits

    0521: Compagnie du Nord-Ouest, livre de comptes, 1799–1804

Fonds Viger–Verreau

    Cartons: Papiers de H.-A.-J.-B. Verreau;

Jacques Viger

    Série O: Cahiers manuscrits

    081: Notices sur la vie de plusieurs prêtres

    du Canada par Jacques Viger

095–125: Ma saberdache de Jacques Viger

0139–52: Ma saberdache de Jacques Viger

    0297: Album Gaspé


mss: Cahiers manuscrits divers

7: H.-F. Gravé, Application des fondations 12: Grand livre du séminaire

13: Plumitif du Conseil du séminaire commencé en 1678

20: Badelard, Observations sur la maladie de la baie Saint-Paul

74: Louis Labadie, Journal

205: Asselin, Abrégé d’histoire et de chronologie; Charles Bédard, Réponse de M. Chaboillez sur les affaires ecclésiastiques et déclarations à M. Roux sur le même sujet; C.-F. Painchaud, Mémoire sur le même sujet

218–19: J.-F. Boucher, Lettres dogmatiques, pièces diverses

257: Affaires ecclésiastiques de Montréal

431–32: A.-E. Gosselin, Liste d’élèves, d’ordinations du grand séminaire

mss-m: Cahiers de cours manuscrits

102: J.-O. Plessis, Cours de rhétorique par H. Hudon

134: P.-J. Bossu, Cours de géométrie par Antoine Robert

148: Cordes

151: Joseph Deguire, Cours de philosophie par Antoine Robert

185: Cours de philosophie abrégé par Antoine Robert

241: Pierre Bédard, Notes de philosophie, mathématiques, chimie, physique, grammaire, politique et journal

    978: F.-C. Gagnon, Cours d’histoire ancienne

    par Joseph Signay

Polygraphie: Affaires surtout extérieures

S: Seigneuries du séminaire

S-184a: Aveu et dénombrement

  Séminaire: Affaires diverses


Série U

U-17: Procès-verbaux du Quebec Medical Board

U-18: Procès-verbaux du Bureau de médecine


Series cited in volume VI:

Section A: Archives du séminaire

Série A: Fondation

Section F: Fonds particuliers

Fg-4: Saint–Pierre, P.-A.

    A-64: Dessaules, Jean

    B: Liste des coupures de journaux


  Sections cited in volume VI:

  Section 1 bis: Démêlés relatifs aux biens

  Section 9: Bornages et plans

  Section 10: Baux et marchés

  Section 11: Enseignement

  Section 14: Successions

  Section 16: Émigration, immigration, colonisation

  Section 17: Finance, banque, monnaie

  Section 18: Sociétés diverses

  Section 21: Correspondance générale

  Section 24: Histoire et géographie, biographies, divers

    Dossier 2: Biographies

    Dossier 3: Histoire et divers

    Dossier 6: Cahiers Faillon

Section 25: Séminaire de Saint-Sulpice

    Dossier 2: Emplois

Section 27: Séminaire, évêchés et paroisses

Section 28: Ordinations, juridictions, nominations

Section 36: Missions

    No. 13: “Portrait d’un missionnaire apostolique”

Section 49: Prédication

Dossier 23: Ciquard, F.-R.

Dossier 25: Bédard, J.-B.-C.

ARCHIVES NATIONALES DU QUÉBEC. In 1980 the archives undertook to establish a new uniform classification for its regional centres. Inventories, catalogues, guides, conversion tables, and useful finding aids on microfiche are available in all the regional centres of the ANQ.


    Series cited in volume VI:

C: Pouvoir judiciaire, archives civiles

    CE: État civil

1: Sherbrooke

41: Hatley Anglican Church

2: Bedford

    42: Shefford Anglican Church


CN: Notaires

1: Sherbrooke

24: Ritchie, William

27: Thomas, Daniel

2: Bedford

    21: Gale, Samuel

    26: Lalanne, Léon

T: Justice

    11: Cour supérieure

    501: Saint-François


    The following were cited in volume VI:

C: Pouvoir judiciaire, archives civiles

    CC: Tutelles et curatelles

1: Montréal

CE: État civil

1: Montréal

2: La-Nativité-de-la-Très-Sainte-Vierge (Laprairie)

4: La Visitation (Sault-aux-Récollets)

10: Sainte-Anne (Varennes)

12: Saint-Antoine (Longueuil)

22: Sainte-Famine (Boucherville)

23: Saint-François-d’Assise (Montréal)

26: Saint-François-Xavier (Verchères)

39: Saint-Joseph (Chambly)

50: Saint-Michel (Vaudreuil)

51: Notre-Dame de Montréal

54: Saint-Philippe (Laprairie)

59: Saint-Vincent-de-Paul (Laval)

63: Christ Church Anglican (Montreal)

65: Garrison Anglican Church (Montreal)

125: St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church (Montreal)

126: St Gabriel’s Presbyterian Church (Montreal)

    2: Saint-Hyacinthe

5: Notre-Dame-du–Rosaire (Saint-Hyacinthe)

12: Saint-Denis (Saint-Denis, sur le Richelieu)

    3: Sorel

1: Christ Church (Sorel)

    5: Saint-Michel (Yamaska)

    6: Immaculée-Conception (Saint-Ours)

8: Saint-François-du-Lac

    5: Joliette

    6: Saint-Antoine (Lavaltrie)

    14: Saint-Pierre-du-Portage (L’Assomption)

    6: Saint-Jérôme

    11: Saint-Eustache

    24: Saint-Louis (Terrebonne)

CL: Licitations, adjudications, ventes par shérifs

CM: Testaments

1: Montréal

CN: Notaires

    1: Montréal

    7: Arnoldi, G.-D.

    16: Barron, Thomas

    29: Beek, J. G.

    33: Lefebvre de Bellefeuille, H.-N.

    43: Boileau, René

    47: Bourassa, I.-G.

    68: Cadieux, J.-M.

    74: Chaboillez, Louis

    96: Constantin, J.-B.

    98: Coron, C.-F.

    107: Dandurand, R.-F.

    108: Danré de Blanzy, L.-C.

    117: Deguire, J.-B.

    120: De Lisle, Jean

    121: De Lisle, J.-G.

    123: Demers, Joseph

    126: Desautels, Joseph

    128: Desève, J.-B.

    134: Doucet, N.-B.

    136: Dubois, A.-A.

    158: Foucher, Antoine

    167: Gauthier, J.-P.

    168: Gauthier, P.-A.

    185: Gray, J. A.

    187: Griffin, Henry

    189: Grisé, Antoine

    194: Guy, Louis

    200: Henry, Edme

    229: Lalanne, Pierre

    243: Latour, Louis Huguet

    255: Leguay, François (fils)

269: Lukin, Peter (père)

273: Manthet, Nicolas

290: Mézières, Pierre

295: Mondelet, J.-M.

313: Papineau, Joseph

317: Payment, Joseph

327: Pinsonnault, P.-P.

334: Prévost, Charles

348: Ritchot, Pierre

383: Thibaudault, Louis

391: Vallée, Paul

2: Saint-Hyacinthe

11: Bourdages, Louis

    19: Delagrave, L.-B.

    27: Dutalmé, P.-P.

    56: Michaud, Christophe

    57: Mignault, J.-E.

3: Sorel

    2: Berthelot, J.-A.

    7: Dufault, Jacques

    11: Gagnier, P.-R.

6: Saint-Jérôme

13: Laforce, Pierre

17: Limoges, Toussaint

24: Prévost, J.-B.-L.-L.

27: Séguin, F.-H.

29: Turgeon, Joseph

P: Fonds et collections privées

    26: Trudeau, Romuald

    35: Neilson, John

    68: Duvernay, fonds

    P1000: Petits fonds

    4–461: Salaberry, Louis de

    5–537: Compagnie du Nord-Ouest

    32–774: Girouard, collection

    44–877: Salaberry, famille

    45–889: Duvernay, collection

T: Pouvoir judiciaire

    10: Cour du banc du roi


The following materials were cited in volume VI:

  C: Pouvoir judiciaire, archives civiles

    CE: État civil

1: Trois-Rivières

7: La Visitation (Champlain)

    15: Saint-Antoine-de-la-Rivière-du-Loup (Louiseville)

    48: Immaculée-Conception (Trois-Rivières)

    50: St James Protestant Congregation Church (Trois-Rivières)

    CN: Notaires

1: Trois-Rivières

4: Badeaux, A.-I.

5: Badeaux, J.-B.

6: Badeaux, Joseph

8: Bazin, Pierre

19: Craig, L.-D.

31: Dumoulin, F.-L.

32: Dumoulin, J.-E.

35: Duvernay, J.-M. Crevier

38: Gagnon, Antoine

56: Leblanc, A.-Z.

64: Maillet, C.-L.

77: Pratte, Charles

79: Ranvoyzé, Étienne

87: Saupin, J.-J.


The following sources were consulted in the preparation of volume VI:

C: Pouvoir judiciaire, archives civiles

    CA: Arpenteurs

    1: Québec

    45: McCarthy, Jeremiah

    CC: Tutelles et curatelles

    CE: État civil

    1: Québec

1: Notre-Dame de Québec

2: Notre-Dame de l’Annonciation (L’Ancienne-Lorette)

4: Saint–Étienne (Beaumont)

5: Notre-Dame de Miséricorde (Beauport)

7: Saint-Charles-Borromée (Charlesbourg)

    8: Sainte-Famine (Cap-Santé)

    10: Saint-Laurent (Île d’Orléans)

    11: Sainte-Famine (Île d’Orléans)

    12: Saint–Pierre (Île d’Orléans)

    15: Saint-François-de-Sales


    20: Notre-Dame-de-Foy (Sainte-Foy)

    25: Saint-Joseph (Deschambault)

    28: Saint-Ambroise (Loretteville)

    61: Holy Trinity Cathedral (Quebec)

    66: St Andrew’s Presbyterian

    Church (Quebec)

    93: Hôpital Général de Québec

    94: Saint-Antoine-de-Tilly

    2: Montmagny

3: Notre-Dame-de-Bon-Secours (L’Islet)

4: Saint-Charles (Bellechasse)

6: Saint-Pierre-de-la-Rivière-du-Sud (Montmagny)

    7: Saint-Thomas-de-la-Pointe-à-la-Caille (Montmagny)

18: Saint-Jean-Port-Joli

25: Saint-Roch-des-Aulnaies

    3: Kamouraska

    1: Notre-Dame-de-Liesse (Rivière-Ouelle)

    3: Saint-Louis (Kamouraska)

    12: Sainte-Anne-de-la-Pocatière (La Pocatière)

    4: Saguenay

    1: Saint-Pierre et Saint-Paul


    2: Saint-Louis (Île aux Coudres)

    4: L’Assomption-de-la-Sainte-

    Vierge (Les Éboulements)

CN: Notaires

    1: Québec

    16: Bélanger, Jean

    25: Berthelot Dartigny, M.-A.

    26: Berthelot, Michel

    28: Bigué, Paul

    49: Campbell, Archibald

80: DeFoy, C.-M.

81: De Léry, William

83: Deschenaux, P.-L.

    92: Dumas, Alexandre

    99: Faribault, Barthélemy

    116: Glackmeyer, Edward

    134: Hébert, J.-B.-C.

    145: Jones, John

    147: Laforce, Pierre

    157: Larue, F.-X.

    171: Lee, Thomas

    178: Lelièvre, Roger

    188: Lindsay, E. B.

    197: McPherson, L. T.

    205: Panet, J.-A.

    207: Panet, J.-C.

    208: Panet, Louis

    212: Parent, A.-Archange

    219: Petitclerc, Joseph

    224: Pinguet, J.-N.

    230: Planté, J.-B.

    248: Saillant, J.-A.

    251: Sanguinet, Simon

    253: Scott, W. F.

    255: Sirois-Duplessis, A.-B.

    256: Stewart, Charles

    262: Têtu, Félix

    284: Voyer, Charles

    285: Voyer, Jacques

    2: Montmagny

7: Boisseau, N.-G.

    12: Fraser, Simon

    46: Turgeon, Louis

    48: Verreau, G.-A.

3: Kamouraska

    10: Casault, Thomas

    11: Cazes, Louis

    13: Colin, Jacques

17: Dionne, Augustin

19: Duberger, Bernard

30: Garon, Pierre

55: Taché, J.-B.

4: Saguenay

16: Néron, Jean

E: Pouvoir exécutif

18: Registraire

21: Terres et forêts

12: Fois et hommages

77: Biens des jésuites, administration générale,


81: Biens des jésuites, administration générale,


96–97: Biens des jésuites, administration des seigneuries, Trois-Rivières

110: Biens des jésuites, administration des seigneuries, Cap-de-la-Madeleine

357: Correspondance, rapports de Joseph Bouchette

39: Syndicat national du rachat des rentes seigneuriales

P: Fonds et collections privées

    40: Chaussegros de Léry, famille

44: Chartier de Lotbinière, famille

163: Chartier de Lotbinière, M.-E.-G.-A.

193: Neilson, imprimerie

197: Panet, Jacques

219: Quebec Board of Trade

222: Quesnel, Jules

232: Robitaille, Olivier

239: Roy, P.-G.

254: Thompson, John

267: Moorehead, famille

279: Papiers Wurtele

289: Salaberry, famille de

351: Joly de Lotbinière, famille

398: Baillairgé, François

417: Papineau, famille

597: Morisset, Gérard

    P1000: Petits fonds

    1-18: Ainslie, Gilbert

    21-378: Chartier de Lotbinière, M.-E.-G.-A.

    32-592: Drapeau, Joseph

    41-757: Waller, Jocelyn

54-1047: Juchereau, famille

    81-1672: Plamondon, Louis

93-1906: Salaberry, I.-M.-L.-A. de

T: Pouvoir judiciaire

6-1: Cour de justice, Régime britannique

    11-1: Cour supérieure

Z: Copies de documents conservés en dehors des


    C: Canada (en dehors du Québec)

2: Conseil exécutif

3: Comité des terres

Q: Québec (en dehors des ANQ)

6–45: État civil, Catholiques, Sainte-Marie-de-la-Nouvelle-Beauce

6–52: État civil, Catholiques, Saint-Édouard (Frampton)

ARCHIVES OF ONTARIO, Toronto. A guide to the holdings of the Archives of Ontario, ed. B. L. Craig and R. W. Ramsey (2v., Toronto, 1985), is supplemented by unpublished inventories, calendars, catalogue entries, guides, and other finding aids available in the archives. Some finding aids are also available on microfiche.

Materials used in volume VI include:

Hiram Walker Historical Museum collection Historical plaque descriptions

MS: Microfilm Series

    4: Robinson, Sir  John Beverley

    6: Crookshank–Lambert letters

    35: Strachan, John

    74: Merritt, William Hamilton

    75: Russell family

    78: Macaulay family

    87: Playter, Eli, diary

    88: Baldwin family

    94: Norton, John

107: Church records, St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church (Williamstown, Ont. )

148: Flamborough West manuscript collection

198: Reive, W. G., collection

393: Baird papers

444: Macdonald, Ewen, collection

451: Cemetery records collection

497: Gilkison family papers

498: Baby, Jacques Duperon, papers

500: Street, Samuel and Thomas

516: Mackenzie–Lindsey papers, Mackenzie correspondence

517: Simcoe, John Graves, Canadian section

    519: Stone, Joel

    520, 816: Jones, Solomon

    521: Jessup, Edward, family

    522: Rogers family

    524: Robinson, Peter

    525: Boulton, Henry John

    533: Rolph, John

    537: Ridout papers

    606: Stuart, John, family

    768: Canniff, William

    787: Jarvis–Powell papers

    788: Young, Henry

MU: Manuscript Units

275: Blanchard, Harry D., collection

    500–15: Cartwright family

571: Clark, John, memoirs

588: Colquhoun, William

    593–692: Commercial records collection

    1063–103: Fraser, Alexander

  1116–39: Genealogies collection

1368: High treason register

1760: McDonald, Colin and John

1780: Macdonell, John “LePretre”

    1817–910: Mackenzie–Lindsey papers, Mackenzie newspaper clipping collection

    1915–17: Mackenzie–Lindsey papers, Robert Randal records

    2095–147: Miscellaneous collection

    2196–205: Northwest Company collection

2316: Peters, Samuel

2388–89: Riddell family

2554–55: Rousseau family

3027: Tupper, Ferdinand Brock

3104–7: Washburn family

3705: Osgoode, William, letters

RG l: Ministry of Natural Resources

A: Offices of surveyor general and commissioner of crown lands

I: Correspondence

1: Letters received, surveyor general

4: Commissioner’s letter-books

6: Letters received, surveyor general and commissioner

II: Reports and statements

    1: Surveyor general’s reports

    2: Commissioner’s reports

5: Heir and Devisee Commission reports

IV: Schedules and land rolls

C: Lands Branch

I: Free grants

1: Petitions and applications

3: Fiats and warrants

4: Locations

IV: Township papers

RG 4: Ministry of Attorney General

    A: Attorney general

    1: Pre-confederation records

RG 18: Commissions and committees

C-I: Select committees of the Legislative Council,

pre-confederation select committees

RG 20: Ministry of Correctional Services

F: Records of jails and detention centres

    15: Hamilton Jail

RG 21: Municipal records

RG 22: Court records

    Court of Common Pleas

ser.04: Mecklenburg District, Minutes

Court of General  Quarter Sessions of the Peace


ser.l6: Accounts Cornwall

ser.47: Minutes Kingston

ser.54: Minutes London

ser.61: Minutes

Court of King’s Bench

ser.125: Term-books

ser.126: Term-books (rough)

ser.131: Judgement docket-books

ser.133: Ejectment books

ser.134: Assize minute-books

ser.138: Criminal filings

Court of Probate

ser.155: Estate files

Surrogate courts


ser.176: Registers

ser.179: Estate files Cobourg

ser.187: Registers


ser.204: Registers Kingston

ser.l56: Registers

ser.159: Estate files

  RG 40: Heir and Devisee Commission

D: Claims case files

    1: Second commission

RG 53: Recording Office

    Records of land

ser.2: Index to land patents by district

ser.55: Index to land patents by township

ARCHIVES PAROISSIALES. The most noteworthy holdings of parish archives in Quebec are the registers of baptisms, marriages, and burials, copies of which are deposited at the Archives civiles of the judicial district in which the parish is located [see Québec, Ministère de la Justice]. Parish archives usually contain many other documents, including parish account-books, records of the fabriques, registers of parish confraternities, notebooks of sermons, and sometimes correspondence.

BUREAUX D’ENREGISTREMENT. See Québec, Ministère de la Justice

McCORD MUSEUM, Montreal. For information on this and other archival collections at McGill University, see Guide to archival resources at McGill University, ed. Marcel Caya et al. (3v., Montreal, 1985).

Collections cited in volume VI include the following:

  Beaver Club minute-book

  McCord family papers

  War of 1812 collection

MCGILL UNIVERSITY ARCHIVES, Montreal. Information on the various archival collections at McGill University is available in Guide to archival resources at McGill University, ed. Marcel Caya et al. (3v., Montreal, 1985).

Material from the following collections is cited in volume VI:

  Private archives

MG 1007: James McGill papers James and Andrew McGill journal

MG 2046: William Edmond Logan papers

  Archival records of McGill University

RG 4: Secretariat of the Royal Institution for the Advancement of Learning and the Board of Governors

Royal Institution for the Advancement of Learning

RG 38: Faculty of Medicine Montreal Medical Institution and McGill College Medical Faculty

RG 96: Montreal General  Hospital Board of Governors, visiting governors’ book

McGill UNIVERSITY LIBRARIES, DEPARTMENT OF RARE BOOKS AND SPECIAL COLLECTIONS, Montreal. For information on archival collections at McGill University, see Guide to archival resources at McGill University, ed. Marcel Caya et al. (3v., Montreal, 1985).

The following materials are cited in volume VI:

CH10.S46: Ryland, H. M.

  CH100.S118: Griffin, Frederick

  CH104.S122: Johnson, Sir  John

CH138.59: Blackwood, Thomas

    CH143.S13: McGill, James

CH145.S15: Frobisher, Joseph

  CH308.S268: Griffin, Frederick

CH334.S294: Clark, Festus

  CH341.S301: Griffin, Frederick

  CH344.S304: Griffin, Frederick

    CH356.S1316: Griffin, Frederick

    CH378.S338: Griffin, Frederick

CH379.S339–41: Griffin, Frederick

    CH389.S353: Griffin, Frederick

    CH395.OLS: Griffin, Frederick

    CH423.OLS: Griffin, Frederick

METROPOLITAN TORONTO LIBRARY. For information on the library’s manuscript holdings, see Guide to the

manuscript collection in the Toronto Public Libraries (Toronto, 1954).

Manuscripts consulted for volume VI include:

  Robert Baldwin papers

  William Warren Baldwin papers

  Samuel Peters Jarvis papers

  William Dummer Powell papers

  Laurent Quetton de St George papers

  Sir  David William Smith papers

  John Strachan papers


NEWBRUNSWICK MUSEUM, Saint John, N.B. For a description of its holdings see New Brunswick Museum, Inventory of manuscripts, 1967 ([Saint John, 1967]).

In addition to miscellaneous original and photocopied documents relating to New Brunswick in the cb doc (vertical files) and F (folders) groupings, the following are the principal collections used in volume VI:

George Jarvis Dibblee papers

William Francis Ganong collection

Jarvis family papers

Saint John, register of voters, 1785–1869

Sussex Indian Academy papers

Webster ms collection

PROVINCIAL ARCHIVES OF BRITISH COLUMBIA, Victoria. Manuscript collections received or catalogued since 1975 are listed in PABC, Manuscript inventory, ed. Frances Gundry (3v. to date, [Victoria], 1976–    ).

Series cited in volume VI:

AA10, G79B : G. B ., India Office, East India Company, Bombay records (transcripts)

  AA20, H76: Robert Hood, “Narrative of the proceedings of an expedition of discovery in North America under the command of Lieut.  Franklin, R.N.”

    AA20.5, H12B: Journal of the proceedings of the brig Halcyon  and log of the Princess Frederica

AA20.5, L92: Journal of the proceedings on board of the brig Halcyon and journal of proceedings on board of the Loudoun

AA20.5, L92W: J. T. Walbran, “The cruise of the Imperial Eagle”

    AB20, L2: Archibald McDonald, Fort Langley journal

    Add. mss 623: Sabine, Edward


Materials used in the preparation of volume VI:

MG 2: Red River settlement

    C: Individuals and settlement

    21: Rhodes, G. A.

    23: Logan, Robert

MG 7: Church records and religious figures

    B: Church of England

    7: St John’s Cathedral

    D: Roman Catholic

    8: Saint-Boniface

Hudson’s Bay Company Archives. The PRO and the PAC hold microfilm copies of the archives’ records for the years 1670 to 1870. For more information concerning the copies held at the PAC and the finding aids available, see General inventory, manuscripts, 3. The articles by R. H. G. Leveson Gower, “The archives of the Hudson’s Bay Company,” Beaver, outfit 264 (Dec. 1933): 40–42, 64, and Joan Craig, “Three hundred years of records,” Beaver, outfit 301 (autumn 1970): 65–70, provide useful information to researchers. For series of HBCA documents published by the HBRS, see section ii.

Section A: London office records

A.1/: London minute-books

A.5/: London correspondence books outward  – general

A.6/: London correspondence books outward  – HBC official

A.11/: London inward correspondence from HBC posts

A.30/: Lists of servants

A.32/: Servants’ contracts

A.36/: Officers’ and servants’ wills

    A.44/: Register book of wills and administrations of proprietors, etc.

    A.92/: Private correspondence

Section B: North America trading post records

    B.1/a: Abitibi journals

    B.3/a: Albany journals

    B.3/b: Albany correspondence books

    B.4/a: Fort Alexander journals

    B.22/a: Brandon House journals

    B. 39/a: Fort Chipewyan journals

    B.42/a: Fort Churchill journals

    B.42/b: Fort Churchill correspondence books

    B.42/e: Fort Churchill reports on district

    B.49/a: Cumberland House journals

    B.59/a: Eastmain journals

    B.59/b: Eastmain correspondence

    B.75/a: Frederick House journals

    B.77/a: Fort George journals

    B.86/a: Henley House journals

    B.105/a: Rainy Lake journals

    B.107/a: Lac Seul journals

    B.121/a: Manchester House journals

    B.129/a: Michipicoten journals

B.134/c: Montreal correspondence inward

B.135/a: Moose Factory journals

B.135/b: Moose Factory correspondence books

B.142/a: Nemiskau journals

B.143/a: Neoskweskau journals

B.155/a: Osnaburgh House journals

B.177/a: Red Lake journals

B.186/a: Rupert House journals

B.198/b: Severn House correspondence books

B.224/c: Fort Vermilion correspondence inward

B.239/a: York Factory journals

B.239/b: York Factory correspondence books

Section C: Records of ships owned or chartered by the HBC

    C.1: Ships’ logs

Section D: Governors’ papers

D.4/: George Simpson outward correspondence books

D.5/: George Simpson correspondence inward

Section E: Miscellaneous records

E.3/: Miscellaneous records, Peter Fidler

E.4/: Red River settlement, register of baptisms, marriages, and burials

E.5/: Red River settlement, census returns

E.8/: Red River settlement, papers relating to the disturbances

E.24/: John Stuart records

E.41/: Angus Cameron records

Section F: Records of allied and subsidiary companies

F.2/: North West Company post journals

F.4/: North West Company account-books

Section G: Maps, plans, charts

G.1/: Manuscript maps, plans

PROVINCIAL ARCHIVES OF NEW BRUNSWICK, Fredericton. For information on the manuscript holdings, A guide to the manuscript collections in the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick, comp. A. C. Rigby (Fredericton, 1977), is useful, although the classification system used when it was published has since been revised.

Materials used in the preparation of volume VI include:

MC 1: Family history collection

211: Raymond Paddock Gorham collection

216: Kathleen Williston collection

256: Kirk-McColl Church papers

300: York-Sunbury Historical Society collection

315: Nashwaak Bicentennial Association collection

1156: Graves papers

RG 1: Records of the lieutenant-governors and administrators

    S336: Records of George Stracey Smyth

RS558: Records of the regular military

RS559: Records of the New Brunswick militia

RG 2: Records of the central executive

RS6: Minutes and orders-in-council of the Executive Council

RS7: Executive Council records, Ottawa series

RS8: Executive Council records, New Brunswick series

RG 4: Records of the New Brunswick General  Assembly

RS24: Legislative Assembly sessional records. The PANB has prepared a calendar for the years 1786 to 1832: “A new calendar of the papers of the House of Assembly of New Brunswick,” comp. R. P. Nason et al. (3v., typescript, Fredericton, 1975–77).

RG 5: Records of the superior courts

RS35: Supreme Court records: miscellaneous

RG 7: Records of the probate courts

RS63: Charlotte County

RS71: Saint John County

RS72: Sunbury County

RS75: York County

RG 10: Records of the Department of Natural Resources

RS107: Crown Lands and Lands Branch records

RS108: Land petitions

RG 11: Records of the Department of Education

RS113: Board of Education records

RG 18: Records of the Department of Municipal Affairs

RS148: Charlotte County Council records

RS153: Northumberland County Council records

RS157: Sunbury County Council records

PROVINCIAL ARCHIVES OF NEWFOUNDLAND AND LABRADOR, St John’s. For information on the collections see Preliminary inventory of the holdings .  .  . and Supplement .  .  . (2 nos., St John’s, 1970–74).

The following materials are cited in volume VI:

GN: Government records  – Newfoundland

GN 1: Governor’s office

13: Miscellaneous records

GN 2: Department of the Colonial Secretary

l: Letter-books, outgoing correspondence

2: Incoming correspondence

39: Census records

GN 5: Court records

1: Surrogate Court

2: Supreme Court

P: Private records

P1: Governors’ private papers

    5: Duckworth papers

P3: Pre-1855 papers

    B: Mercantile

    22: MacBraire papers

P5: Miscellaneous groups

    25: Peyton papers

P7: Businesses

    A: Fishing related

    6: Slade & Sons, Fogo, ledgers

18: Ryan & Morris collection, Burin

48: George Welch Ledgard collection, Carbonear

53: Munn & Co. Ltd., Harbour Grace, records

PUBLIC ARCHIVES OF CANADA, Ottawa. The PAC has published guides to its holdings in the various divisions, including General guide series 1983, Federal Archives Division, comp. Terry Cook and Glenn T. Wright (1983), and General guide series 1983, Manuscript Division, comp. [E.] Grace [Maurice] Hyam and Jean-Marie LeBlanc (1984).

The following inventories to materials in the Manuscript and the Federal Archives divisions which were used in the preparation of volume VI have been published:

General inventory, manuscripts, volume 1, MG 1–MG 10 (1971)

General inventory, manuscripts, volume 2, MG 11–MG 16 (1976)

General inventory, manuscripts, volume 3, MG 17–MG 21 (1974)

General inventory, manuscripts, volume 4, MG 22–MG 25 (1972)

General inventory, manuscripts, volume 7, MG 29


General inventory, manuscripts, volume 8, MG 30


General inventory series, no1: records relating to Indian affairs (RG 10), comp. Peter Gillis et al.


General inventory series, no.6: records of Statistics Canada (RG 31), comp. Sandra G. Wright and Thomas A. Hillman (1977)

General inventory series: records of the Department of Railways and Canals (RG 43), comp. Glenn T. Wright (1986)

An older series of inventories has been essentially superseded by unpublished inventories available at the PAC, but the following are still of some limited use:

Record group 1, Executive Council, Canada, 1764–1867 (1953)

Record group 4, Civil and Provincial secretaries’ offices, Canada East, 1760–1867; Record group 5, Civil and Provincial secretaries’ offices, Canada West, 1788–1867 (1953)

Record group 7, Governor General’s Office (1953)

Record group 8, British military and naval records


Record group 9, Department of Militia and Defence, 1776–1922 ([1957])

Also useful are Census returns, 1666–1881, Public Archives of Canada (1982) and Checklist of parish registers (3rd ed., 1981). The holdings of the National Map Collection are listed in Catalogue of the National Map Collection, Public Archives of Canada, Ottawa, Ontario (16v., Boston, 1976).

The PAC publishes the Union list of MSS [see section iii], which lists holdings of the Federal Archives and Manuscript divisions. It has also issued a Guide to Canadian photographic archives, ed. Christopher Seifried (1984).

Material from the following collections is cited in volume VI:

MG 8: Documents relatifs à la Nouvelle-France et au Québec (XVIIe–XXe siècles)

F: Documents relatifs aux seigneuries et autres lieux

131: Les Éboulements

G: Archives paroissiales

8: Détroit (église catholique)

MG 9: Provincial, local, and territorial records

B: Nova Scotia

9: Local records

14: Shelburne

    D: Ontario

4: Department of Lands and Forests

MG 11: Public Record Office, London, Colonial Office papers

[CO 42]. Q series. The Q transcripts were prepared by the PAC before the PRO reorganization of 1908–10 and include most of what is now in CO 42 up to the year 1841, plus material now found in CO 43, as well as items from other series. Documents for the period covered by volume VI are calendared in PAC Report, 1890–93, 1896, 1898, 1900.

[CO 217]. Nova Scotia A; Cape Breton A. For the period up to 1801 these series are composites of transcripts from various sources in Great Britain, especially the PRO. By the time the work of transcription reached 1802 the PRO had established the CO 217 series; from 1802 the transcripts are from CO 217 only. Documents of Nova Scotia A for the period covered by volume VI have been calendared in PAC Report, 1894, 1946–47, and those of Cape Breton A in Report, 1895.

[CO 220]. Cape Breton B (minutes of the Executive Council, 1785–1807). A composite series taken principally from sources now part of PRO, CO 220.

[CO 229]. Prince Edward Island B. This is a composite and artificial series of transcripts derived primarily from material

now in PRO, CO 229; it includes

Executive Council minutes for 1770–98

and 1805–6.

MG 17: Ecclesiastical archives

B: Church of England (Anglican)

    1: Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts

MG 19: Fur trade and Indians

A: Fur trade, general

2: Ermatinger estate

4: Henry, Alexander (the elder)

7: Mackenzie, Sir  Alexander

12: La Mothe, famille

31: Mackintosh, Angus

B: Fur trade, companies and associations

2: American Fur Company

C: Fur trade, collections

1: Masson collection

E: Red River settlement

l: Selkirk, Thomas Douglas, 5th Earl of

2: Red River settlement

4: Macdonell, Miles

5: Bulger, Andrew

11: McDonell, Alexander

F: Indians

    1: Claus family

    2: Johnson family

    6: Brant, Joseph, and family

    10: Walsh, Edward

    16: McKee, Alexander

    29: McKay, William

MG 22: Autographs

A: Canadian autographs

    9: Sandham, Alfred, collection

MG 23: Late eighteenth-century papers

A: British statesmen

    1: Dartmouth, William Legge, 2nd

    Earl of

    6: Germain, George Sackville, 1st

    Viscount Sackville

C: Nova Scotia

    6: Inglis family

D: New Brunswick

1: Chipman, Ward, Sr and Jr

4: Botsford, Amos

E: Prince Edward Island

5: Fanning, Edmund

F: Cape Breton

    1: DesBarres, Joseph Frederick Wallet

GII: Quebec and Lower Canada: political figures

    3: Gray, Edward William

    10: Sewell, Jonathan, and family

    14: Smith, William

    17: Prescott, Robert

    18: Hale, John, and family

    27: Holland, Samuel

GIII: Quebec and Lower Canada: merchants and settlers

1: Allsopp, George, and family

6: St-Ours, famille de

7: Porteous, John

8: Birnie, Samuel

12: Savage, John

13: Cull, Henry

15: Janvrin, Francis and Philip

24: Robin, Charles

26: Ainsse, Louis-Joseph

30: Richardson, Richardson and Company

GIV: Quebec and Lower Canada: religious and fraternal

7: Desjardins, Philippe-Jean-Louis

HI: Upper Canada: political figures

1: Simcoe, John Graves

3: Jarvis, William, and family

4: Powell, William Dummer, and family

5: White, John

    HII: Upper Canada: merchants and settlers

    1: McDonald–Stone family

    6: Berczy, William von Moll

    7: Farmar, Hugh Hovell

    J: Exploration and travel

    10: Mann, Gother

    K: Military documents

    7: Individual service, records of

    10: Saumarez, Durell

    16: Clarke, Thomas

MG 24: Nineteenth-century pre-confederation papers

A: British officials and political figures

3: Douglas, Sir  Howard, and family

5: Swayne, Hugh

6: Hunter, Peter

12: Dalhousie, George Ramsay, 9th Earl of

19: Roebuck, John Arthur

57: Sherbrooke, Sir  John Coape

64: Burton, Sir  Francis Nathaniel

B: North American political figures and events

    1: Neilson collection

    2: Papineau, famille

    3: Ryland, Herman Witsius, and family

    4: Young, John

    6: Viger, Denis-Benjamin

    7: Jones, Charles

    10: Dunn, Thomas

    16: Cochran, Andrew Wilson

    18: Mackenzie, William Lyon

    25: Bellingham, Sydney Robert

    34: Nelson, Wolfred

    69: Markle, Abraham

    75: Buell, William

130: Clark(e) family

133: Wright, Charles

169: Sewell, Stephen

C: Correspondents of political figures

1: Willcocks, Joseph

43: Dawkins, Ann (née Douglas)

D: Industry, commerce, and finance

1: Woolsey, John William, and family

8: Wright, Philemon, and family

9: Carteret, Priaulx and Company

    43: Auldjo, John

93: William Annesly (steam vessel), Montreal

F: Military and naval figures

1: Bowyer, Henry J.

78: Rottenburg, Francis, Baron de

86: O’Hara, Edward

G: Militia

    5: Vassal de Monviel, François

    8: War of 1812 medals

    9: Juchereau Duchesnay, Jean-Baptiste

    45: Salaberry, famille de

I: Immigration, land, and settlement

    8: Macdonell of Collachie family

    9: Hill collection

    11: Pennoyer, Jesse

    25: Gilkison, William, and family

    26: Hamilton, Alexander

38: Perrault, Charles–N.

61: Joseph, Abraham

97: Tonnancour, Joseph-Marie-Godefroy de

    137: Street family, Upper Canada

    183: McMillan, Archibald, and family

J: Religious figures

    4: Plessis, Joseph–Octave

K: Education and cultural development

2: Coventry, George

5: McKenny, Amos

61: Montreal Assembly

L: Miscellaneous

3: Baby collection

5: Bertrand, Camille

6: Delancy–Robinson collection

MG 25: Genealogy

G62: Kipling, Clarence

6235: Birch family

MG 26: Papers of the prime ministers

A: Macdonald, Sir  John Alexander

MG 28: Records of post-confederation corporate bodies

II: Financial institutions

2: Bank of Montreal

III: Business establishments

18: Robin, Jones and Whitman Limited

44: Montreal Board of Trade

MG 29: Nineteenth-century post-confederation manuscripts

A: Economic

24: Drummond, Andrew

C: Social

89: LaRoque, famille

MG 30: Manuscripts of the first half of the twentieth century

D: Cultural

1: Audet, Francis-Joseph

11: Johnson, George

MG 40: Records and manuscripts from British repositories

    L: General  Post Office

MG 53: Lawrence M. Lande Collection

    191: Monk, Ethel

    215: Ryland, Herman Witsius

    246: Bédard, Joseph-Isidore

    B37: Kuhn, Jacobs

MG 55: Miscellaneous documents

RG 1: Executive Council: Quebec, Lower Canada,

    Upper Canada, Canada, 1764–1867

    E: State records

1: Quebec, Lower Canada, Upper Canada, Canada: Executive Council, minute-books (state matters)

2: Quebec, Lower Canada, Upper Canada, Canada: Executive Committee, draft minutes and reports

3: Upper Canada: Executive Council, submissions on state matters

14: Quebec, Lower Canada, Upper Canada, Canada: clerk of the Executive Council Office, records of the clerk

15: Board of Audit of the provincial public accounts A: Quebec and Lower Canada

L: Land records

1: Quebec, Lower Canada, Upper Canada, Canada: Executive Council, minute-books (on land matters)

3: Upper Canada and Canada: Land Committee, petitions for land grants and leases

3L: Quebec and Lower Canada: Land Committee, land petitions and related records

4: Upper Canada: land boards, minutes and records

7: Quebec, Lower Canada, Upper Canada, Canada: miscellaneous records

RG 4: Provincial and Civil secretaries’ offices: Quebec, Lower Canada, and Canada East

Al: Quebec and Lower Canada: S series

(correspondence received)

A2: Lower Canada: civil secretary, draft correspondence

A3: Quebec, Lower Canada, Canada: civil secretary, registers and entry-books

138: Quebec and Lower Canada: applications for commissions to act as notaries and advocates

B 17: Quebec and Lower Canada: lawsuits

B21: Lower Canada and Canada East: prison returns

B28: Quebec, Lower Canada, Canada East: applications for licences, bonds, and certificates

B33: Quebec, Lower Canada, Upper Canada, Canada: civil service records

B43: Quebec: Executive Council, committee of inquiry into accounts of Dr James Bowman and the St Paul’s Bay disease

B46: Miscellaneous records relating to Lord  Selkirk’s colony and the Red River disturbances

B47: Canada Company miscellaneous records

B49: Gaspé: Returns, land surrenders, and petitions relating to Gaspé

RG 5: Provincial and Civil secretaries’ offices: Upper Canada, Canada West

Al: Upper Canada sundries

BI: Upper Canada: district treasurers, accounts and returns

B6: Upper Canada: statistical returns

B9: Upper Canada and Canada West: bonds, licences, and certificates

B27: Upper Canada and Canada West: prison returns

    D: Gazettes

    1: Upper Canada Gazette

RG 7: Governor General’s Office

    GI: Dispatches from the Colonial Office

G15A: Quebec and Lower Canada: governor’s internal letter-books

G15C: Quebec and Lower Canada: civil secretary’s letter-books

G 16C: Upper Canada: civil secretary’s letter-books

RG 8: British military and naval records

    I: C series (British military records)

    II: Ordnance records

RG 9: Department of Militia and Defence

    I: Pre-confederation records

    A: Adjutant General’s Office, Lower Canada

    1: Correspondence

5: Registers of officers

6: Officers’ commissions

B: Adjutant General’s Office, Upper Canada

1: Correspondence

4: Pensions and land grants

7: Nominal rolls and paylists

II: Post-confederation records

A: Deputy Minister’s Office

4: Pensions, gratuities, and compensation

5: Medals

RG 10: Indian affairs

A: Administrative records of the imperial government

1: Records of the governor general and lieutenant governors 1–7: Upper Canada, civil control 486–87: Lower Canada, civil control 789–92: General administration records

2: Records of the Superintendent’s Office 8–21: Superintendent General’s Office 26–46: Deputy Superintendent General’s Office, correspondence

3: Records of the military 488–97: Military Secretary’s Office, Montreal

4: Records of the Chief Superintendent’s Office, Upper Canada 47–77: Correspondence

6: General office files 474–85: Accounts

B: Ministerial administration records

3: Central registry system 1855–3554: Red (Eastern) series 4376–5836: Departmental letter-books

D: Indian land records

3: Six Nations (Grand River) Superintendency 103–13: Grand River claims

10017–31: Blue books

RG 16: Department of National Revenue

A: Customs, excise, and inland revenue

1: Correspondence and returns

2: Port records

RG 19: Department of Finance

E: Departmental correspondence

5(a): Board of claims for War of 1812 losses

RG 31: Statistics Canada

C: Census field

1: Census returns

RG 42: Marine Branch

E: Ship registration

1: Shipping registers

RG 43: Department of Railways and Canals

    C: Canal records

    III: Lachine Canal

1: Lachine Navigation Company, minutes and correspondence

2: Lachine Canal Commission

RG 68: Registrar general

PUBLIC ARCHIVES OF NOVA SCOTIA, Halifax. For a description of the collections see Inventory of manuscripts in the Public Archives of Nova Scotia (Halifax, 1976).

Materials used in the preparation of volume VI include:

MG l: Papers of families and individuals

106: Baker family documents

164C: Chamberlain and Chipman families, genealogical notes

181–218: Chipman family documents

219: John Clarkson documents

223: William Cochran documents

249–50A: Cunningham family documents

258: Isaac Deschamps documents

262B: Dodd family documents

263A: Archibald C. Dodd, commission as justice of the peace, 1810

332B: Hugh Graham, letters

469C: Hill family documents

472–74A: Edward How documents

479–80: Charles Inglis documents

544: T. H. Lodge collection

574B: William Minns documents

731A–B: O’Brien family documents

742–44: George Patterson documents

747: W. L. Payzant documents

793: Simon B. Robie documents

794–95: Ross family documents

797B: Sargent family documents

817–63: Thomas B. Smith, genealogy

926–27: Uniacke family documents

939–41: Sir  John Wentworth documents

947–62: White family documents

979–80: Peleg Wiswall documents

1184B: Theophilus Chamberlain documents

1185–89A: Payzant family papers

1206: Charles Morris II and III, correspondence

1595–613: Bliss family papers

1619A: Theophilus Chamberlain letters

1769: Crofton James Uniacke papers

1845: Fergusson papers

MG 2: Political papers

562–665: Edgar Nelson Rhodes papers

726–30: John Young papers

MG 3: Business papers

150–51: William Forsyth (Halifax), sales- and letter-book

154: Halifax Fire Insurance Company documents

164–65: Charles Hill and nephew, Halifax, documents

MG    4: Churches and communities

23: Trinity Anglican Church (Digby), records

46–47A, 55, 68: St Matthew’s Church (Halifax), records

77–80: Liverpool Township documents

94–105: Lunenburg County genealogies, comp. E. A. Harris

109: Guysborough and Manchester Township, township book

140: Shelburne County assessments

141: Various Shelburne County documents

166: Yarmouth County genealogies, comp. G. S. Brown

MG    5: Cemeteries

MG    9: Scrap-books

MG 20: Societies and special collections

61–70: Charitable Irish Society, Halifax

211–25: Nova Scotia Historical Society

675: Nova Scotia Historical Society mss

MG 100: Documents, newspaper clippings, and

    miscellaneous items

RG    1: Bound volumes of Nova Scotia records for

    the period 1624–1867

29–185: Documents relating to the government of Nova Scotia: dispatches, letter-books, and commission books

    186–214½H: Council, minutes

    215–18DDD: Legislative Council, journals

    219–85: Miscellaneous documents

    286–300: Legislative Council, selections

    from the files

    301–14: Legislative Assembly, selections

    from the files

    318–25: Minutes of the Executive Council

    of Cape Breton

    364: Transcripts from the Massachusetts

    public records concerning American in-

    vasion of Nova Scotia, 1775–77

    368–69: Transcripts from the Dorchester

    papers concerning loyalists

    394–96B: Letter-books of Surveyor

    General  Charles Morris II

    410–17: Papers of the settlement of Halifax

    419–22: Papers of negro and maroon immigrations and settlements

    443–54: Census and poll tax

    458–652: Mines and minerals

    499–501: Letters of agency of the Vice-

    Admiralty Court of Nova Scotia

525: Annotated copy of Beamish, Hist. of N.S. [see section iv]

RG 4: Records of the Legislative Council of Nova Scotia

LC: Petitions, reports, resolutions, and miscellaneous papers

RG 5: Records of the Legislative Assembly of Nova Scotia

A: Assembly papers

O: Orders of the day

P: Petitions

RG 20: Lands and Forests

A: Land grants and petitions

B: Cape Breton land papers

C: Crown lands

RG 22: Nova Scotia, military records

RG 24: Post Office records of Nova Scotia

RG 31: Treasury

102–20: Impost, excise, and revenue

RG 32: Vital statistics

132–69: Marriage bonds

RG 34: Court of General  Sessions of the Peace

309: Cumberland County

311: Guysborough County

312: Halifax County

RG 35A: Halifax city and county assessments

1–4: Halifax city assessments

RG 36: Court of Chancery

RG 39: Supreme Court

C: Civil and criminal cases

J: Judgement books

RG 46: Commissions, oaths, and bonds

PUBLIC ARCHIVES OF PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND, Charlottetown. Materials used in the preparation of volume VI include:

Acc. 2277: Benjamin Chappell, diary

2320: George Leard files

2367: Joseph Alexander McMillan papers

2534: Miscellaneous documents

2575: Miscellaneous documents

2702: Smith–Alley collection

2810: Ira Brown papers

2849: Palmer family papers

2984: John Cambridge, letter-book, 1793–1801

3209: East River Baptist Church records

3355: Robert Gray, military commissions

RG 1: Lieutenant  Governor

RG 3: House of Assembly

RG 5: Executive Council

RG 6: Courts

RG 8: Warrant books

RG 9: Customs records

RG 16: Registry Office, land registry records

QUÉBEC, MINISTÈRE DE LA JUSTICE. The Archives civiles and the Archives judiciaires du Québec, which are under the joint jurisdiction of the courts and the Ministère de la Justice, are now separate repositories as a result of the reclassification of the former Archives judiciaires. They are deposited at the court-houses in the administrative centres of the 34 judicial districts of Quebec.

ARCHIVES CIVILES. These archives retain documents for the last 100 years, including registers of births, marriages, and deaths, notaries’ minutiers (minute-books), and records of surveyors active in the district. Earlier documents are held by the ANQ.

BUREAUX D’ENREGISTREMENT. The registry offices hold all property titles and contracts affecting real estate: sales, marriages, wills and estates, mortgages, conveyances, assignments, gifts, guardian- and trusteeships. At present there are 82 registry offices in Quebec.

A list of the judicial districts and registry offices can be found in The Quebec legal directory, ed. Andrée Frenette-Lecoq (Montreal, 1980).

QUÉBEC, MINISTÈRE DES AFFAIRES CULTURELLES, CENTRE DE DOCUMENTATION, Québec. The Ministère des Affaires culturelles has consolidated into one documentation centre the collections of all its previously existing centres, including that of the Inventaire des biens culturels.

Series cited in volume VI:

Fonds Ministère des Affaires culturelles

Fonds Morisset

2: Dossiers des artistes et artisans

6: Dossiers des églises

QUEEN’S UNIVERSITY ARCHIVES, Kingston, Ont. For information on the collection see A guide to the holdings of Queen’s University Archives, ed. Anne MacDermaid and G.  F.  Henderson (2nd ed., Kingston, 1986).

Various materials were used in the preparation of volume VI, in particular the following: Richard Cartwright papers, letter-books

UNITED CHURCH OF CANADA. The present-day archives of the United Church of Canada are descended from 19th-and 20th-century archival collections of various Canadian Methodist, Presbyterian, Congregational, and Evangelical/United Brethren in Christ bodies. The Central Archives at Victoria University, Toronto, is national in scope. Material of local interest, including the official records of the conferences concerned, is housed in regional conference archives.


Various materials were used in the preparation of volume VI, in particular the following:

James MacGregor papers

UNIVERSITY OF NEW BRUNSWICK LIBRARY, Archives and Special Collections Department, Fredericton.

Materials used in volume VI include:

MG H: Historical

H 2: Winslow family papers

H 8: Edward Augustus, Duke of Kent and Strathern, papers

H 9: Lilian Mary Beckwith Maxwell papers

H 11: Saunders papers

H 54: Indian Affairs  – New Brunswick

UA: University archives

    “Minute-book of the governors and trustees

    of the College of New Brunswick,” 1800–28

UNIVERSITY OF WESTERN ONTARIO LIBRARY, Regional Collection, London, Ont. A description of the municipal record and personal manuscript collections is available on microfiche in Regional Collection: the D. B. Weldon Library catalogue, ed. S. L. Sykes (4 fiches, London, 1977).

Various municipal record and personal manuscript collections proved useful in the preparation of volume VI, in particular the following:

London District, Surrogate Court, estate files, 1800–39


ARCHIVES DÉPARTEMENTALES. For a list of analytical inventories, see France, Direction des archives, État des inventaires des archives nationales, départementales, communales et hospitailères au 1er janvier 1937 (Paris, 1938); Supplément, 1937–1954, [by R.-H. Bautier] (Paris, 1955); and Catalogue des inventaires, répertoires, guides de recherche et autres instruments de travail des archives départementales, communales et hospitalières .  .  . à la date du 31 décembre 1961 (Paris, 1962). For copies of documents held by the PAC, see General inventory, manuscripts, l: 87–99. There is a uniform system of classification for all departmental archives. A list of the various series may be found in DCB, 2: 683–84.


BRITISH LIBRARY, London. For a brief guide to catalogues and indexes of the manuscript collections, see M. A. E. Nickson, The British Library: guide to the catalogues and indexes of the Department of Manuscripts (2nd ed., London, 1982). The Index of

manuscripts in the British Library (l0v., Cambridge, Eng., 1984–86) provides person and place entries for all collections acquired up to 1950. For copies of documents from the British Library in the PAC see General inventory, manuscripts, 3.

Used in the preparation of volume VI were the following Additional manuscripts and Loans collections:

Add. mss 7972–8090: Puisaye (Joseph de), Count, correspondence and papers relating to the affairs of the French royalists

Add. mss 19069–70: Letters and papers of Jean-Paul Mascarene, commander-in-chief of Nova Scotia

Add. Mss 19071–73, 19075–76: Papers relating to Nova Scotia collected by Dr Andrew Brown

Add. mss 21661–892: Official correspondence and papers of Lieutenant  Governor Sir  Frederick Haldimand

Add. mss 35349–6278: Hardwicke papers

Add. mss 38190–489: Liverpool papers

Add. mss 38734–70: Huskisson papers

Loan 57: Bathurst papers

NATIONAL LIBRARY OF SCOTLAND, Department of Manuscripts, Edinburgh. Information on the manuscript collections is available in Catalogue of manuscripts acquired since 1925 (5v. to date [1–4, 6], Edinburgh, 1938–    ).

Materials used in the preparation of volume VI include:


3847–51: Melville papers 15001–195: Ellice papers 13735, 13776–81: Walker of Bowland papers

NATIONAL MARITIME MUSEUM, London. For information on the manuscript collections see Guide to the manuscripts in the National Maritime Museum, ed. R. J. B. Knight (2v., London, 1977–80).

The following materials have been used in the preparation of

volume VI:

Artificial collections

    PNS: Phillips Naval Collection

    RUSI: Royal United Services Institution

Personal collections

    HUL: Hulbert papers

    MID: Middleton papers

    WYN: Pole papers

Public records

    HAL: Halifax Dockyard records

Volumes acquired singly

    LBK: Letter-books

PUBLIC RECORD OFFICE, London. For an introduction to the holdings and arrangement of this archives see

Guide to the contents of the Public Record Office (3v., London, 1963–68). For copies of PRO documents available at the PAC see General inventory, manuscripts, 2.

The following series were used in the preparation of volume VI: Admiralty

Accounting departments. [See N. A. M. Rodger,

Naval records for genealogists (London, 1984).]

ADM 36: Ships’ musters, ser.i

ADM 37: Ships’ musters, ser.ii

Admiralty and Secretariat

ADM 1: Papers

ADM 2: Out-letters

ADM 6: Various

ADM 7: Miscellanea

ADM 9: Returns of officers’ services

ADM 11: Indexes and compilations, ser.ii

ADM 12: Indexes and compilations, ser. iii

ADM 50: Admirals’ journals

Greenwich Hospital

ADM 80: Miscellanea, various

Navy Board

ADM 106: Navy Board records

ADM 107: Passing certificates Board of Customs and Excise

    CUST 65: Outport records, Dartmouth,


Board of Inland Revenue

    IR 17: Index to apprenticeship records

Board of Trade


BT 1: In-letters and files, general

BT 6: Miscellanea

Registrar general of shipping and seamen

    BT 107: Ships’ registers

Colonial Office. [See R. B. Pugh, The records of the

Colonial and Dominions offices (London, 1964).]


CO 33: Miscellaneous


CO 42: Original correspondence

CO 43: Entry books

Guiana, British

CO 111: Original correspondence

CO 112: Entry books


CO 137: Original correspondence

New Brunswick

CO 188: Original correspondence

CO 189: Entry books


CO 194: Original correspondence

CO 195: Entry books

CO 199: Miscellaneous

Nova Scotia and Cape Breton

CO 217: Original correspondence

CO 218: Entry books

CO 220: Sessional papers

Prince Edward Island

CO 226: Original correspondence

CO 227: Entry books

CO 228: Acts

CO 229: Sessional papers


CO 295: Original correspondence

Colonies, General

CO 323: Original correspondence

CO 324: Entry books, series i

Board of Trade (Commercial)

    CO 388: Original correspondence

Exchequer and Audit Department

AO 1: Declared accounts (in rolls)

AO 2: Declared and passed accounts (in books)

AO 12: Claims, American loyalists, series i

AO 13: Claims, American loyalists, series ii

Exchequer, King’s Remembrancer

E 190: Port books

Home Office


HO 76: Naval officers’ returns

Prerogative Court of Canterbury (formerly held at

Somerset House)

    PROB 11: Registered copy wills

Privy Council Office

PC l: Papers, mainly unbound

Public Record Office

Documents acquired by gift, deposit, or purchase

PRO 30/11: Cornwallis papers

PRO 30/55: Carleton papers


In-letters and files

T 1: Treasury Board papers


T 28: Various

War Office


WO 7: Out-letters, departmental


WO 12: General

WO 13: Muster-books and pay lists: militia and volunteers

WO 17: Monthly returns

WO 27: Inspection returns

WO 42: Certificates of birth, etc.

WO 76: Officers’ services, records of


WO 28: Headquarters papers

Ordnance office

WO 44: In-letters

WO 55: Miscellanea

Judge Advocate General’s office

WO 71: Courts martial, proceedings

WO 91: General courts martial: confirmed at home

SCOTTISH RECORD OFFICE, Edinburgh. A comprehensive listing of materials relating to Canada is provided by the SRO’s “List of Canadian documents” (typescript, 1977, with updates to 1983), available at major Canadian archives. An appendix records Canadian documents in private archives as surveyed by the National Reg. of Arch. (Scotland).

The following are cited in volume VI:

GD: Gifts and deposits

GD1: Miscellaneous gifts and deposits

151: James Dunlop, letter-book

GD45: Dalhousie muniments

GD293: Montgomery estate papers in the muniments of Messrs. Blackwood and Smith, W.S., Peebles, estate papers

RS: Registers of sasines

RS54: Particular register of sasines for

Renfrew, 1660–1868

UNITED SOCIETY FOR THE PROPAGATION OF THE GOSPEL, London. In 1985 the society’s archives were closed and its holdings were being transferred to Rhodes House Library at the University of Oxford. For information about materials relating to Canada, see William Westfall and Ian Pearson, “The archives of the United Society for the Propagation of the Gospel and Canadian history,” Canadian Church Hist. Soc., Journal (Toronto), 25 (1983): 16–24. For copies of USPG documents available at the PAC, see General inventory, manuscripts, 3.

Some materials, particularly in the C/CAN series, were reorganized and reclassified by the USPG

after having been microfilmed; thus classifications used by the PAC and other Canadian archives holding microfilm copies of USPG records do not always correspond to those of the archives itself. Individual references to microfilm copies in the reclassified groupings are cited under PAC, MG 17, B 1.

The following collections were consulted:

C/CAN: Unbound letters from Canada, 1752–1860.

Letters from the New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, and Quebec groupings were used.

Dr Bray’s Associates, unbound papers

Journal of proceedings of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel. Comprises bound and indexed volumes of the proceedings of the general meetings held in London from 1701, and four appendices, A, B, C, D (1701–1860).

X: Miscellaneous volumes and papers, 18th–20th centuries


DETROIT PUBLIC LIBRARY, Burton Historical Collection.

Various materials were used in the preparation of volume VI, in particular the following:

John Askin papers

WILLIAM L. CLEMENTS LIBRARY, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Descriptions of the library’s holdings appear in the Guide to the manuscript collections in the William L. Clements Library, comp. A. P. Shy assisted by B. A. Mitchell (3rd ed., Boston, 1978).

Materials cited in volume VI include:

Thomas Gage papers, American series



American archives: consisting of a collection of authentick records, state papers, debates, and letters and other notices of publick affairs, the whole forming a documentary history of the origin and progress of the North American c.olonies.  .  .  . Compiled by Matthew St Clair Clarke and Peter Force. 2 ser. in 9 vols. Washington, 1837–53; reprinted [New York, 1972]. Six series covering the years up to 1787 were projected but only the 4th and part of the 5th series appeared, covering the years 1774–76.


Rapport. 54 vols. 1920/21–1976/77. There is an index to the contents of the first 42 volumes: Table des matières des rapports des Archives du Québec, tomes 1 à 42 (1920–1964) ([Québec], 1965).


Report. 22 vols. 1903–33.

“Board of land office for the District of Hesse,

1789–1794; minutes of meetings, etc.” AO Report,

1905: 1–268 .

Les bourgeois de la Compagnie du Nord-Ouest: récits

de voyages, lettres et rapports inédits relatifs au Nord–Ouest canadien. Louis-[François-]Rodrigue Masson, éditeur. 2 vols. Québec, 1889–90; réimprimé New York, 1960.

CAMPBELL, PATRICK. Travels in the interior inhabited parts of North America in the years 1791 and 1792.  .  .  . Edinburgh, 1793. [New edition.] Edited by Hugh Hornby Langton and William Francis Ganong. (Champlain Society publications, 23.) Toronto, 1937.



Appendix to the .  .  . journals of the Legislative Assembly of the Province of Canada/Appendice .  .  . des journaux de la province du Canada, 1841–59. See also The Legislative Assembly of the Province of Canada: an index to journal appendices and sessional papers, 1841–1866, comp. P. A. Damphouse (London, Ont., 1974).


54 vols. to date, exclusive of the Hudson’s Bay Company series [see HBRS], the Ontario series, and the unnumbered series. Issued only to elected members of the society who are limited in numbers.

13–15, 17: Select British docs. of War of 1812 (Wood).

22: Docs. relating to NWC (Wallace).

23: P. Campbell, Travels in North America (Langton and Ganong).

29: Perkins, Diary, 1766–80 (Innis).

35: Douglas, Lord  Selkirk’s diary (White).

36: Perkins, Diary, 1780–89 (Harvey and Fergusson).

39: Perkins, Diary, 1790–96 (Fergusson).

43: Perkins, Diary, 1797–1803 (Fergusson).

46: Norton, Journal (Klinck and Talman).

50: Perkins, Diary, 1804–12 (Fergusson).


12 vols. to date. Available for sale to the general public.

3: Kingston before War of 1812 (Preston). 4: Windsor border region (Lajeunesse).

5: Town of York, 1793–1815 (Firth).

7: Valley of Six Nations (Johnston).

8: Town of York, 1815–34 (Firth).

The correspondence of Lieut.  Governor John Graves Simcoe, with allied documents relating to his administration of the government of Upper Canada. Edited by Ernest Alexander Cruikshank. (Ontario Historical Society publication.) 5 vols. Toronto, 1923–31.

The correspondence of the Honourable  Peter Russell, with allied documents relating to his administration of the government of Upper Canada during the

official term of Lieut.-Governor J. G. Simcoe, while on leave of absence. Edited by Ernest Alexander Cruikshank and Andrew Frederick Hunter. (Ontario Historical Society publication.) 3 vols. Toronto, 1932–36.

“Les dénombrements de Québec faits en 1792, 1795, 1798 et 1805.” Joseph–Octave Plessis, compilateur. ANQ Rapport, 1948–49: 1–250.

The documentary history of the campaign upon the Niagara frontier.  .  .  . Edited by Ernest [Alexander] Cruikshank. (Lundy’s Lane Historical Society publication.) 9 vols. Welland, Ont., [1896]–1908.

Documents relating to the constitutional history of Canada.  .  .  . Edited by Adam Shortt et al. (PAC publication.) 3 vols. Ottawa, 1907–35.

[1]: 1759–1791. Edited by Adam Shortt and Arthur George Doughty. 2nd edition. (PAC, Board of Historical Publications.) 2 parts. 1918.

[2]: 1791–1818. Edited by Arthur George Doughty and Duncan A. McArthur.

[3]: 1819–1828. Edited by Arthur George Doughty and Norah Story.

Documents relating to the North West Company.

Edited by William Stewart Wallace. (Champlain Society publications, 22.) Toronto, 1934.

[DOUGLAS, THOMAS, 5TH EARL OF] SELKIRK. Lord  Selkirk’s diary, 1803–1804; a journal of his travels in British North America and the northeastern United States. Edited by Patrick Cecil Telfer White (Champlain Society publications, 35.) Toronto, 1958; reprinted New York, 1969.

Gentleman’s Magazine. London, 1731–1907. Monthly.

“Grants of crown lands in Upper Canada, [1787–1796].” AO Report, 1928: 7–228; 1929: 1–177.

GUBBINS, JOSEPH. Lieutenant  Colonel  Joseph Gubbins, inspecting field officer of militia: New Brunswick journals of 1811 & 1813. Edited with an introduction and notes by Howard Temperley. (New Brunswick heritage publications, 1.) Fredericton, 1980.

[GWILLIM, ELIZABETH POSTHUMA] SIMCOE, MRS JOHN GRAVES. The diary of Mrs. John Graves Simcoe, wife of the first lieutenant-governor of the province of Upper Canada, 1792–6. Edited by John Ross Robertson. Toronto, 1911; reprinted [1973]. [Revised edition.] 1934.


33 vols. General editor for vols.l–22, Edwin Ernest Rich; vols.23–25, Kenneth Gordon Davies; vols.26–30, Glyndwr Williams; vols. 31–33, Hartwell Bowsfield. Vols.l–12 were issued in association with the Champlain Society [q.v.] and reprinted in 1968 in Nendeln, Liechtenstein; vol. 13 was reprinted in Nendeln in 1979.

1: Simpson, George. Journal of occurrences in the Athabasca Department by George Simpson, 1820 and 1821, and report. Edited by Edwin Ernest Rich, with an introduction by Chester [Bailey] Martin. Toronto, 1938.

2: Robertson, Colin. Colin Robertson’s correspondence book, September 1817 to September 1822. Edited with an introduction by Edwin Ernest Rich, assisted by Robert Harvey Fleming. Toronto, 1939.

3: Minutes of Council, Northern Department of Rupert Land, 1821–31. Edited by Robert Harvey Fleming, with an introduction by Harold Adams Innis. Toronto, 1940.

4: McLoughlin, John. The letters of John McLoughlin from Fort Vancouver to the governor and committee, first series, 1825–38. Edited by Edwin Ernest Rich, with an introduction by William Kaye Lamb. London, 1941.

13: Ogden, Peter Skene. Peter Skene Ogden’s Snake country journals, 1824–25 and 1825–26. Edited by Edwin Ernest Rich, assisted by Alice Margaret Johnson, with an introduction by Burt Brown Barker. London, 1950.

14–15: Cumberland House journals and inland journals, 1775–82.  .  .  . Edited by Edwin Ernest Rich, assisted by Alice Margaret Johnson, with an introduction by Richard [Gilchrist] Glover. 2 ser. London, 1951–52.

14: First series, 1775–79.

15: Second series, 1779–82.

17: Moose Fort journals, 1783–85. Edited by Edwin Ernest Rich, assisted by Alice Margaret Johnson, with an introduction by George Parkin de Twenebrokes Glazebrook. London, 1954.

21–22: Rich, Hist. of HBC [see section iv].

24: Northern Quebec and Labrador journals and correspondence, 1819–35. Edited by Kenneth Gordon Davies, assisted by Alice Margaret Johnson, with an introduction by Glyndwr Williams. London, 1963.

26: Saskatchewan journals and correspondence; Edmonton House, 1795–1800, Chesterfield House, 1800–1802. Edited with an introduction by Alice Margaret Johnson. London, 1967.

27: Graham, Andrew. Andrew Graham’s observations on Hudson’s Bay, 1767–91. Edited by Glyndwr Williams, with an introduction by Richard [Gilchrist] Glover. London, 1969.

30: Hudson’s Bay miscellany, 1670–1870. Edited with introductions by Glyndwr Williams. Winnipeg, 1975.

The John Askin papers. Edited by Milo Milton

Quaife. (DPL, Burton historical records, 1–2.) 2

vols. Detroit, 1928–31.

“The journals of the Legislative Assembly of Upper

Canada .  .  . [1792–1824].” AO Report, 1909,

1911–14. The journals for part of 1794 and for 1795–97, 1809, 1813, and 1815 are missing.

Kingston before the War of 1812: a collection of

documents. Edited by Richard Arthur Preston. (Champlain Society publications, Ontario series, 3.) Toronto, 1959.





Transactions. [1st series]. 1 (1824–29)–5 (1861–62). New series. 1 (1862–63)–30 (1924).



Journals/Journaux. Quebec, 1792/93–1837.


Journals/Journaux. Quebec, 1792/93–1837.

Provincial statutes/Les statuts provinciaux. Quebec, 1792/93–1837.

For further information see Thériault, Les pub. parl.

[section iii].

MACKENZIE, ALEXANDER. The journals and letters of

Sir  Alexander Mackenzie. Edited by William Kaye Lamb. (Hakluyt Society, [Works], extra series, 41.) Cambridge, Eng., 1970; Toronto, 1970.

Michigan Pioneer Collections. Lansing. 40 vols. 1874/76–1929.

To avoid confusion the Michigan Historical Commission, Department

of State, Lansing, has standardized the citation for these volumes,

which were originally published by various historical agencies and

under various titles. Volumes are traditionally cited by their spine dates.



Journal. Saint John, 1786–1814; Fredericton, 1816–40. Title varies: Journal of the votes and proceedings; Journal and votes; Journals.


Journal of the Legislative Council of the province of New Brunswick .  .  . [1786–1830]. 2 vols. Fredericton, 1831.



Collections. 12 nos. in 4 vols. and 22 additional nos. to date. 1894/97–    . Used primarily for the documents reproduced.

NORTON, JOHN. The journal of Major  John Norton,

1816. Edited by Carl Frederick Klinck and James John Talman. (Champlain Society publications, 46.) Toronto, 1970.


Acts at the General  Assembly. Halifax, 1798–1838.


Journal and proceedings. Halifax, 1761–1835. Title varies; see Bishop, Pubs. of governments of N.S., P.E.I., N.B. [section iii].



    Corr. of Hon. Peter Russell (Cruikshank and


Corr. of Lieut.  Governor Simcoe (Cruikshank).

OH [see section v].

Strachan, Letter book (Spragge).

The parish register of Kingston, Upper Canada,

1785–1811. Edited by Archibald Hope Young. (Kingston Historical Society publication.) Kingston, Ont., 1921.

PERKINS, SIMEON. The diary of Simeon Perkins .  .  .  .

Edited by Harold Adams Innis et al. (Champlain Society publications, 29, 36, 39, 43, 50.) 5 vols. Toronto, 1948–78.

[1]: 1766–1780. Edited by Harold Adams Innis.

    [2]: 1780–1789. Edited by Daniel Cobb Harvey

    with notes by Charles Bruce Fergusson.

    [3]: 1790–1796; [4]:1797–1803; [5]: 1804–1812.

Edited by Charles Bruce Fergusson.

“Political state of Upper Canada in 1806–7.” PAC

Report, 1892: 32–135.



Journal. Charlottetown, 1788–1835. Title varies; see Bishop,

Pubs. of governments of N.S., P.E.I., N.B. [section iii].



    Docs. relating to constitutional hist., 1759–91

    (Shortt and Doughty; 1918).

    NUMBERED PUBLICATIONS [see section iii]

    OTHER PUBLICATIONS [see also section iii]

    Docs. relating to constitutional hist., 1791–1818

    (Doughty and McArthur).

    Docs. relating to constitutional hist., 1819–28

(Doughty and Story).

Report/Rapport. 1881–19 . Annually, with some omissions, until 1952; irregularly thereafter. For indexes, see section iii.



Ordinances/Ordonnances. Quebec, 1777–92.


Dalhousie journals. Edited by Marjory Whitelaw. 3 vols. [Ottawa], 1978–82.

Recensement de la ville de Québec en 1818 par le curé

Joseph Signaÿ. Honorius Provost, édit. Québec, 1976.

Select British documents of the Canadian War of

1812. Edited with an introduction by William [Charles Henry] Wood. (Champlain Society publications, 13–15, 17.) 3 vols. in 4. Toronto, 1920–28; reprinted New York, 1968.

Statistical account of Upper Canada, compiled with

    a view to a grand system of emigration. Compiled

by Robert [Fleming] Gourlay. 2 vols. London, 1822; reprinted East Ardsley, Eng., and New York, 1966. Abridged and with an introduction by Stanley Robert Mealing. 1 vol. Toronto, 1974.

STRACHAN, JOHN. The John Strachan letter book: 1812–1834. Edited with an introduction by George Warburton Spragge. (Ontario Historical Society publication.) Toronto, 1946.

The town of York, 1793–1815: a collection of documents of early Toronto. Edited by Edith Grace Firth. (Champlain Society publications, Ontario series, 5.) Toronto, 1962.

The town of York, 1815–1834: a further collection of documents of early Toronto. Edited by Edith Grace Firth. (Champlain Society publications, Ontario series, 8.) Toronto, 1966.

“United Empire Loyalists: enquiry into the losses and services in consequence of their loyalty; evidence in the Canadian claims.” AO Report, 1904.



Appendix to the journal, 1835–1839/40.

Journal, 1821, 1825–1839/40. For the period from 1792 to 1824, see “Journals of Legislative Assembly of U.C.,” AO Report, 1909, 1911–14.


Journal, 1828–1839/40. The earlier journals are available in “The journals of the Legislative Council of Upper Canada .  .  . [1792–1824],” AO Report, 1910, 1915.

Statutes, 1793–1840.

“Upper Canada land book B, 19th August, 1796, to 7th April, 1797.” AO Report, 1930: xi–126.

“Upper Canada land book C, 29th June, 1796, to 4th July, 1796; 1st July, 1797, to 20th December, 1797.” AO Report, 1931: ix–98.

“Upper Canada land book C, 1 11th April, 1797, to 30th June, 1797.” AO Report, 1930: 127–74.

“Upper Canada land book D, 22nd December, 1797, to 13th July, 1798.” AO Report, 1931: 99–194.

The valley of the Six Nations; a collection of documents on the Indian lands of the Grand River. Edited by Charles Murray Johnston. (Champlain Society publications, Ontario series, 7.) Toronto, 1964.

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Winslow papers, A.D. 1776–1826. Edited by William Odber Raymond. Saint John, N.B., 1901.



Collections. 31 vols. 1854–1931.


The following newspapers were particularly useful in the preparation of volume VI. Numerous sources have been used to determine their various titles and their dates of publication. These include, for all areas of the country: Canadian Library Assoc., Canadian newspapers on microfilm, catalogue (2 pts. in 3, Ottawa, 1959–69), Union list of Canadian newspapers held by Canadian libraries (Ottawa, 1977), and for pre-1800 newspapers, Tremaine, Biblio. of Canadian imprints [see section iii]; for New Brunswick: J. R. Harper,

Historical directory of New Brunswick newspapers and periodicals (Fredericton, 1961); for Newfoundland: “Chronological list of Newfoundland newspapers in the public collections at the Gosling Memorial Library and Provincial Archives,” comp. Ian McDonald (typescript; copy in Nfld. Public Library Services, Provincial Reference and Resource Library, St John’s), and Serials holdings in the libraries of Memorial University of Newfoundland and St. John’s Public Library: alphabetical list, comp. C. D. Evans (8th ed., 2v., St John’s, 1973); for Nova Scotia: G. E. N. Tratt, A survey and listing of Nova Scotia newspapers, 1752–1957, with particular reference to the period before 1867 (Halifax, 1979) and An historical directory of Nova Scotia newspapers and journals before confederation, comp. T. B. Vincent (Kingston, Ont., 1977); for Ontario: Catalogue of Canadian newspapers in the Douglas Library, Queen’s University, comp. L. C. Ellison et al. (Kingston, 1969), Early Toronto newspapers (Firth) [see section iii], and W. S. Wallace, “The periodical literature of Upper Canada,” CHR, 12 (1931): 4–22; for Prince Edward Island: W. L. Cotton, “The press in Prince Edward Island,” Past and present of Prince Edward Island.  .  .  , ed. D. A. MacKinnon and A. B. Warburton (Charlottetown, [1906]), 112–21; and for Quebec: Beaulieu et Hamelin, La presse québécoise,vol.l [see section iii]. Bishop, Pubs. of governments of N.S., P.E.I., N.B. [see section iii], gives information on official government gazettes in the Maritime provinces.

Acadian Recorder. Halifax. Published from 16 Jan. 1813 until May 1930.

Canadian Courant and Montreal Advertiser. Montreal. Published from 11 May 1807 to 22 March 1834. In May 1830 it became the Canadian Courant.

Canadian Freeman. Toronto. Published from about June 1825 until August 1834.

Le Canadien. Québec; Montreal. The paper appeared at Quebec from 22 Nov. 1806 until 4 Dec. 1891, and then moved to Montreal, where it was

published until 11 Feb. 1893 and from 22 Dec. 1906 to 11 Dec. 1909 .

Christian Guardian. Toronto. Published from 21 Nov. 1829 until 3 June 1925. A general index for the years 1829–67 is available at the UCC, Central Arch. (Toronto).

Chronicle & Gazette. Kingston, [Ont.]. See Kingston Chronicle

Colonial Advocate. Queenston, [Ont.]; Toronto. Published in Queenston from 18 May until 18 Nov. 1824, when it moved to York [Toronto]. Its full title was Colonial Advocate and Journal of agriculture, Manufactures and Commerce until 7 Oct. 1824 when it became the Colonial Advocate; on 5 Dec. 1833 it became the Advocate, and on 4 Nov. 1834 it amalgamated with the Canadian Correspondent to form the Correspondent and Advocate.

La Gazette de Québec. See Quebec Gazette

Gleaner, and Niagara Newspaper. Niagara [Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ont.]. Published from 4 Dec. 1817 until 1837. At some time between February and April 1830 it became the Niagara Gleaner.

Kingston Chronicle. Kingston, [Ont.]. A continuation of the Kingston Gazette (25 Sept. 1810–29 Dec. 1818), it appeared under this title from 1 Jan. 1819 to 22 June 1833, and then continued as the Chronicle & Gazette until around October 1847 when it became the Chronicle and News. From 29 June 1833 to 3 Jan. 1835 its full title was the Chronicle & Gazette, and Weekly Commercial Advertiser, and from 7 Jan. 1835 until 1847 it was the Chronicle & Gazette, and Kingston Commercial Advertiser, except for a brief period in 1840 when the subtitle was dropped.

Kingston Gazette. Kingston, [Ont.]. See Kingston Chronicle

La Minerve. Montréal. Published from 9 Nov. 1826 to 27 May 1899.

Montreal Gazette/La Gazette de Montréal. A bilingual continuation of the Gazette littéraire, pour la ville & district de Montréal (1778–79), the paper began publication on 25 Aug. 1785. From August 1822 to the present it has appeared only in English, with several changes in title.

Montreal Herald. Published from 19 Oct. 1811 to 18 Oct. 1957.

New-Brunswick Courier. Saint John, N.B. Published from 2 May 1811 until 1865.

New-Brunswick Royal Gazette. Saint John; Fredericton. See Royal Gazette

Newfoundland Mercantile Journal. St John’s. Published from 1816 to 1827.

Novascotian, or Colonial Herald. Halifax. Published under various titles from 29 Dec. 1824 until some time in 1926, although no issues after 25 Dec. 1925 appear to have survived. Its title was the Nova-

scotian, or Colonial Herald until 2 Jan. 1840 when it became the Novascotian.

Nova-Scotia Royal Gazette. Halifax. Published under this title from 3 Jan. 1801 to 9 Feb. 1843. It began as the Halifax Gazette on 23 March 1752 and continued under various titles, including the Nova–Scotia Gazette, and the Weekly Chronicle (4 Sept. 1770–31 March 1789) and the Royal Gazette and the Nova-Scotia Advertiser (7 April 1789–30 Dec. 1800). On 16 Feb. 1843 the paper became the Royal Gazette, which continues to the present.

La Presse. Montréal. Began publication on 20 Oct. 1884 and continues to the present.

Prince Edward Island Register. Charlottetown. See Royal Gazette

Public Ledger. St John’s. Published under various titles from about 1820 to 1882. Its full title was the Public Ledger, and Newfoundland General  Advertiser until 17 July 1860 when the subtitle was dropped.

Quebec Gazette/La Gazette de Québec. Begun on 21 June 1764, the paper remained bilingual from 2 May 1832 until 30 April 1842, but the French and English editions were published separately. From 29 Oct. 1842 to 30 Oct. 1874 only the English edition appeared.

Quebec Mercury. Published under this title from 5 Jan. 1805 until 8 Jan. 1863; it continued under various other titles until 17 Oct. 1903.

Royal Gazette. Charlottetown. Published from 24 Aug. 1830 to the present, becoming an official government gazette in July 1851. Its predecessors include: Royal Gazette and Miscellany of the Island of Saint John (1791 to at least June 1794); Royal Herald (apparently 5 Jan. 1805 to at least October 1806); Weekly Recorder of Prince Edward Island (September 1810 to at least 25 November 1813); Prince Edward Island Gazette (February 1814 to at least 11 May 1822); and the Prince Edward Island Register (26 July 1823–17 Aug. 1830).

Royal Gazette. Saint John, N.B.; Fredericton. Published from 11 Oct. 1785 to the present, first in Saint John and then, from 10 March 1815, in Fredericton. It appeared originally as the Royal Gazette, and the New-Brunswick Advertiser; since 1 Dec. 1802 it has been called simply the Royal

Gazette, except from 1808 to 1814 when it was the Royal Gazette, and New-Brunswick Advertiser and from 18 April 1814 to 12 May 1828 when it was the New-Brunswick Royal Gazette.

Royal Gazette and Newfoundland Advertiser. St John’s. Published from 27 Aug. 1807 until October 1924 when it was superseded by the Newfoundland Gazette, the official government gazette which continues to the present.

Royal Gazette and the Nova-Scotia Advertiser. Halifax. See Nova-Scotia Royal Gazette

Scribbler. Montreal. Published from 28 June 1821 until March 1827.

Upper Canada Gazette. Newark, later Niagara [Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ont.]; Toronto. Began 18 April 1793 and moved to York [Toronto] after the issue of 25 Aug. 1798. Its full title to 28 March 1807 was the Upper Canadian Gazette; or, American Oracle, from 15 April 1807 until the end of 1816 the York Gazette, and from 2 Jan. 1817 the Upper Canada Gazette. From 1821 to 1828 it was issued in two parts, with official announcements appearing as Upper Canada Gazette and the newspaper portion under the following titles: York Weekly Post (1821); Weekly Register (18 April 1822 until at least the end of 1825); and U.E. Loyalist (3 June 1826–24 May 1828). The paper appears to have been published until some time in 1849, although the latest extant issue is 9 March 1848.

Upper Canada Herald. Kingston, [Ont.]. Published under this title from 9 March 1819 until 19 July 1836; on 26 July 1836 it became the Upper Canada Herald, a Political, Agricultural & Commercial Journal, and on 16 Feb. 1841 continued as the Kingston Herald; a Canadian Journal, Political, Agricultural & Commercial. It ceased publication in 1851.

Weekly Chronicle. Halifax. Published from 28 May 1786 until 1826. On 5 Jan. 1827 it was superseded by the Acadian, and General  Advertiser.

Weekly Register. York [Toronto]. See Upper Canada Gazette

York Gazette. York [Toronto]. See Upper Canada Gazette


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[2]: Les contemporains. Saint-Hyacinthe, 1908.

[3]: [Suppléments.] 6 parts in 1 vol. Montréal, 1910–19.

[4]: Le clergé canadien-français: revue mensuelle

([Montréal]), 1 (1919–20). Only one volume of this journal was published.

[5]: Compléments. 6 parts in 1 vol. Montréal, 1928–32.

6: Untitled. Saint-Hyacinthe, 1934.

ALMANACS. The almanacs have been listed under this

heading to facilitate their identification. Because titles within series vary and publishers often change, the almanacs have in the main been listed under a general title, with the specifics found on title pages following.

Almanach de Québec. See Quebec almanac

Halifax almanac. Published in Halifax from 1790 to at least 1821. Its actual title was An almanack .  .  . calculated for the meridian of Halifax, in Nova–Scotia.  .  .  . Publishers: John Howe, 1790–1815; David Howe, 1816; unknown, 1817–20; John Munro, 1821.

Montreal almanack, or Lower Canada register .

.  .  . Published in Montreal from 1829 to 1831 by Robert Armour.

New-Brunswick almanack. Saint John. Published by Henry Chubb, and later by his firm, from 1812 to 1864. Its title varies; from 1812 to 1830 it was An almanack .  .  .  .

Nova-Scotia calendar. Published in Halifax from 1769 to 1801 as The Nova-Scotia calender, or an almanack .  .  .  , and from 1814 to 1832 as The Nova-Scotia calendar, for town and country.  .  .  . Publishers: Anthony Henry, 1769–1801; A. H. Holland, 1814–20; Holland and Company, 1821–24; P. J. Holland, 1825–32.

Quebec almanac/almanach de Québec. Quebec, 1780–1841 (except for 1781, 1790, and 1793). Published by William Brown from 1780 to 1789, and continued by the Neilson family from 1791 until 1841. The spelling and language of the title vary, but from 1780 to 1789 it appeared solely in French as the Almanach de Québec, and from 1813 to 1841 it was published in English only as The Quebec almanack; and British American royal kalendar .  .  .  .

York almanac. Published at York [Toronto] from 1821 to 1826. The issues for 1821 and 1822 appeared as The York almanac, and provincial calendar .  .  . [printed by R. C. Horne], and from 1823 to 1826 it was published by Charles Fothergill as The York almanac and royal calendar, of Upper Canada .  .  .  .


    PUBLICATIONS [see also section ii]

P.-G. Roy, Inv. concessions.

——  Inv. testaments.

——  Les juges de la prov. de Québec.


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DIRECTORIES. Issued initially as single works, these frequently became regular, usually annual, publications in the 19th century. Because titles within series varied greatly and editors or compilers frequently changed, the directories used in the preparation of volume VI have been listed below by region and under a general title, with the dates of relevant years following. Details of various titles and publishers given on title pages, as well as of the places of publication of these directories, can be found in Ryder, Checklist of Canadian directories [see below].

Montreal directory. Montreal. Issues cited in vol. VI are An alphabetical list of the merchants, traders, and housekeepers, residing in Montreal .  .  .  , comp. Thomas Doige (1819; repr. 1899; 2nd ed., 1820); and The Montreal directory, for 1842–3 .  .  .  , comp. R. W. S. Mackay ([1842]).

Nova Scotia directory. Halifax. Cited in vol. VI are

Hutchinson’s .  .  . Nova Scotia directory, for 1864–65 .  .  . ([1864]), and 1866–67. ([1866]), comp. Thomas Hutchinson, and McAlpine’s Nova Scotia directory, for 1868–69 .  .  . ([1868]).

Quebec directory. Quebec. Used in vol. VI are The directory for the city and suburbs of Quebec .  .  . (1790) and Number II of the directory .  .  . (1791), comp. Hugh MacKay; The Quebec directory, for 1822 .  .  .  , comp. T. H. Gleason (1822); and The Quebec directory, or strangers’ guide in the city, for 1826 .  .  .  , comp. John Smith (1826).

Directory of the members of the Legislative Assembly of Nova Scotia, 1758–1958. Introduction by Charles Bruce Fergusson. (PANS publications, Nova Scotia series, 2.) Halifax, 1958. A revised edition has been issued as The Legislative Assembly of Nova Scotia, 1758–1983: a biographical directory, ed. S. B. Elliott ([Halifax], 1984).

Early Toronto newspapers, 1793–1867: a catalogue of newspapers published in the town of York and the city of Toronto from the beginning to confedera­

tion. Edited by Edith Grace Firth, with an introduction by Henry Cummings Campbell. Toronto, 1961.

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——  The navy list.  .  .  . London, 1815–    .

GREAT BRITAIN, WAR OFFICE. A list of the general and field-officers, as they rank in the army.  .  .  . London, 1754–1868 .

Guide to the reports of the Public Archives of Canada, 1872–1972. Compiled by Françoise Caron-Houle. (PAC publication.) Ottawa, 1975.

Halifax almanac. See ALMANACS

Handbook of Indians of Canada. Edited by Frederick Webb Hodge. Published as an appendix to the tenth report of the Geographical Board of Canada. Ottawa, 1913; reprinted New York, 1969. A republication of the Canadian material in Handbook of American Indians north of Mexico, ed. F. W. Hodge (2 pts., Washington, 1907–10; repr. New York, 1971).

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Montreal almanac. See ALMANACS

Montreal directory. See DIRECTORIES

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——  Sketches of celebrated Canadians, and persons connected with Canada, from the earliest period in the history of the province down to the present time. Quebec and London, 1862; reprinted Montreal, 1865.


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——  Pubs. Of governments of N.S., P.E.I., N.B. Ryder, Checklist of Canadian directories.

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New-Brunswick almanack. See ALMANACS

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8 vols. to date [1835–52]. Saint John, N.B., 1985–    .

Nova-Scotia calendar. See ALMANACS

Nova Scotia directory. See DIRECTORIES

Nova Scotia vital statistics from newspapers.  .  .  . Compiled by Terrence M. Punch et al. (Royal Nova Scotia Historical Society, Genealogical Committee publications, 1, 3, 5–6, 8.) 5 vols. to date [ 1769–1839] . Halifax, 1978–    .

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Places in Ontario: their name origins and history.

Compiled by Nick and Helma Mika. 3 parts. Belleville, Ont., 1977–83.



1: Index to reports of PAC.

OTHER PUBLICATIONS [see also section ii] Guide to reports of PAC (Caron-Houle).

Inventories of holdings in the manuscript division

    [see section i].

Union list of MSS (Gordon et al.; Maurice Hyam).

Union list of MSS, supp. (Maurice Hyam et al.).



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3: Place-names of N.S.


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