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                  , militia officer, and NWMP officer; b. 13 Dec. 1844 in Shipton-on-Cherwell
                  FRENCH, JOHN, soldier and NWMP officer; b
                  KUKATOSI-POKA (Starchild, sometimes referred to as Kucka-toosinah), Blood Indian and NWMP scout; b
                  Lougheed*, had him moved to the more comfortable NWMP guardroom. On 19 April Campbell was released on $1,000 bail. Meanwhile, the police ran into difficulty building a case against him
                  Saskatchewan River, swam the icy waters, and ran another 14 miles to the temporary safety of his mother’s lodge on the reserve. The initial attempts by the NWMP to recapture him were ineffectual, and not until
                  . Violence such as this, and the abuses of the whisky trade, prompted the Canadian government to form the NWMP in 1873 [see Patrick
                  Canadian history was being organized by NWMP superintendent Samuel Benfield Steele*. Concern in the Canadian and American press about the
                  NEALE, PERCY REGINALD, NWMP officer and convicted felon; b
                  GEORGE ARTHUR, army, militia, and NWMP officer; b. 19
                  DICKENS, FRANCIS JEFFREY, NWMP officer; b
                  DONKIN, JOHN GEORGE, soldier, NWMP constable, author, and journalist; b
                  , NWMP officer, magistrate, judge, and politician; b. probably 25 Sept. 1836 in Drynoch, Isle of Skye
                  WALSH, JAMES MORROW, NWMP officer, businessman, and government official; b
                  WALKER, JAMES, farmer, militia officer, NWMP officer, ranch manager, businessman, and army officer; b. 14 April 1846 near
                  STEELE, Sir SAMUEL BENFIELD, NWMP officer and army officer; b
                  KENNEDY, GEORGE ALLAN, physician, NWMP surgeon, and office holder; b
                  hours past of being able to convince the Indians of their errors and folly.” Talks were interrupted by two NWMP scouts and one civilian galloping through the camp; they had been sent out the previous day
                  CROZIER, LIEF (Leif) NEWRY FITZROY (he signed L. N. F. Crozier), militia officer and NWMP officer; b
                  because of its enforcement of the widely detested prohibition laws. Following the cessation of hostilities, the NWMP’s strength had been doubled from
                  . In 1894 Constantine was chosen by NWMP commissioner Lawrence William Herchmer for special duty. Summoned to Ottawa in May, he was instructed to survey conditions in the Yukon. The government was
                  1 to 20 (of 64)
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