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                  SCARTH, WILLIAM BAIN, businessman, politician, and office holder; b
                  operation to amputate a leg. The chloroform employed on this occasion was manufactured by James Daniel Bain Fraser*, a chemist at Pictou
                  * and Walter Baine Grieve. In the face of strong opposition, he was the only tory elected in the three-member district, but the Liberals won the election overall. In early 1894 the tories, under Alfred
                  merchant house of Bowring Brothers, a firm which with Job Brothers and Company and Baine, Johnston and Company dominated the Newfoundland sealing industry. He had commanded its vessels the Hawk
                  Thorburn, Moses Monroe*, Walter Baine Grieve, and Augustus Frederick Goodridge, for using its influence to prevent Whiteley from
                  accompanied McCowen to his office, where the chief placed a call to merchant Walter Baine Grieve (according to family tradition, the first time that Kelloway ever saw a telephone in use). Grieve set up a
                  favour of the other Conservative candidate, William Bain Scarth, in order to prevent a split in Conservative votes. The senatorship never materialized. In January 1888 MacArthur won the by-election
                  Baine Grieve, in the 1893 election. Late that year the Liberal Evening Telegram asserted that Mackay had used the telegraph system free during the campaign in support of the Tory party, and that
                  committee with William Bain Scarth, Alexander Morris
                  dispatched to St John’s in 1852 to work for Baine, Johnston and Company, then owned by his uncles Walter* and James Johnston Grieve. In 1855 the
                  cabinet maintained that both parties had been opposed to coalition, but this was not entirely true. William Bain Scarth
                  , stressed progressive development of self-discipline among pupils, and decidedly rejected rote learning. But he also advocated reform. His intellectual sources included John Stuart Mill, Alexander Bain
                  associationist psychology borrowed from Alexander Bain or Herbert Spencer, was entirely congruent with the major currents in Victorian medicine. The second thesis advanced by Bucke held that this innate moral
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                  1 to 15 (of 15)