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                  BLACK, THOMAS REUBEN, farmer, builder, and politician; b
                  had particular difficulty working with subordinates. On 12 May 1860 James Liddell, secretary to the board of hospital commissioners, wrote to Provincial Secretary Joseph
                  *. He was passed over in favour of fellow Haligonian Martin Joseph Griffin, whose appointment he thought would lead to “library suicide.” Devoted
                  RITCHOT, NOËL-JOSEPH (baptized Joseph-Noël), Roman Catholic priest
                  PERRAULT, JOSEPH-XAVIER (also called Joseph-François), agronomist, educator, office holder, and
                  RICHARD, MARIE-LOUISE (Brault), b. 15 March 1856 in Montreal, daughter of Joseph Richard, a butcher, and Malvina-Susanne
                  voluminous black cassock of his order and carried packsacks containing a portable altar, vestments, altar cloths, candles, and other necessities. In June
                  . Charles Thibault shone in the classical studies he undertook from 1852 to 1860 at the Collège Sainte-Marie-de-Monnoir. Its founder, Abbé Édouard-Joseph Crevier, guided him “into the way of love of God and
                  Minowapawin (Norman Rae), whose wife was one of the Sucker people, that Zhauwuno-geezhigo-gaubow and his brother Pesequan (Joseph Fiddler) had destroyed a windigo the previous year. The patrol continued on to
                  . secondly 26 Aug. 1854 Fanny Holmes Black, also in Halifax, and they had six children, two of whom died young; d
                  . 1872), cousin of Joseph Despard Pemberton*; m
                  signed by Robert Chambers, mayor of Quebec and chairman of the shareholders’ meeting, the bank’s balance sheet was in the black. In the last fiscal year, it had a paid-up capital of more than $990,890 and
                  -age daughter of the late Joseph-Édouard Turcotte*, and
                  Caron, Joseph Bell Forsyth, and William Sharples. As a result of the signing of the agreement in August 1885, the following month
                  unions defeated by mechanization, the order viewed craft and social distinctions as divisive. Ontario workers, male and female, Catholic and Protestant, skilled and unskilled, black and white, joined the
                  , specifically forbidding him to go north to the HBC post of Fort Pitt. But Crozier believed that Ottawa, through the Indian commissioner (Joseph-Alfred-Norbert
                  , he took part in the government’s efforts to prosecute certain of the St Albans “raiders” [see Charles-Joseph Coursol
                  new administration led by Tory merchant Augustus Frederick Goodridge governed until December 1894 when the Liberals under Daniel Joseph Greene returned to office. Harvey was appointed to the new
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                  1 to 20 (of 22)
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