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                  ., 19 (1910): 110–11, 141. U.S., Congress, Indian affairs: laws and treaties, comp. and ed. C. J. Kappler (2v., Washington, 1904), 2: 353, 374, 405–6. G. A. Brennan, The
                  influenced by Dr Michel-Thomas Brennan of Notre-Dame Hospital, who had set up a small bacteriology
                  BRENNAN, JAMES, Wesleyan Methodist New Connexion minister; b
                  BRENNAN, MARGARET, named Sister Teresa, member of the Congregation of the Sisters of St Joseph; b
                  BRENNAN, WILLIAM ARTHUR, newspaperman, stockbreeder, and businessman; b. 7 May 1851 in Louisville, Ky, son of Joseph Fletcher
                  Brennan*], they were to teach in parish schools and visit the sick and infirm, the poor, and the jailed. They opened an orphanage
                  –1954 (Saskatoon and Calgary, 1997). Brian Brennan, Scoundrels and scallywags: characters
                  (Calgary), 1916–17. Western Independent (Calgary), 1919–20. D. C. Bayne, Calgary School District No.19, 1885–1935 ([Calgary, 1935]). Brian Brennan, The Calgary Public Library
                  realities, trans. M. E. Brennan-Ricard (Sillery [Quebec], 2004). Jack Tremblay, Louis Cyr: the story of the strongest man who ever lived (Fredericton, [1967]). La Vigilante
                   Teresa [Margaret Brennan*], and subsequently procuratrix. Her work as an administrator was concerned principally with education and the care of
                  Dixon was soon accepted as a worthy competitor. He came to notice after a series of battles with Hank Brennan, known as “the pride of Boston.” In February 1890 Dixon achieved wide recognition when after
                  Brennan – would become the core of the Shamrocks’ offence. The Shamrocks played in the Amateur Hockey Association of Canada, having succeeded the
                  its establishment in Toronto the community had welcomed its first Canadian-born member, Margaret Brennan*, named Sister Teresa. The sisters
                  . Billon, Annals of St Louis in its early days under the French and Spanish dominations (St Louis, Mo., 1886; repr. [New York], 1971). G. A. Brennan, “De Linctot, guardian of the
                  emerging techniques of surgical asepsis. Upon his return to Notre-Dame Hospital in 1905, Harwood took over from Dr Michel-Thomas Brennan as head of
                  . Johnston was one of a team including Amédée Marien, Michel-Thomas Brennan, and several others which established the new aetiological, diagnostic, and therapeutic techniques in Canada. Although most of the
                  . Patrick H. Brennan BANQ-E, CE501-S84, 10 Feb. 1874. LAC, R2422-0-8, vol.8, file 51; RG150, Acc. 1992-93/166, box 5736
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                  1 to 20 (of 24)
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