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                  John Herbert Mason of Canada Permanent Loan and Savings proposed an amalgamation of his company, Western Canada, Freehold Loan, and the London and Ontario Investment Company. The merger took place at the
                  devoted to town affairs in Ingersoll, to lodge work for the masons and the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, and to the Reform party in Oxford County. He returned to Scotland for visits in 1884 and
                  TEAGUE, JOHN, contractor and architect; b. June 1833 in Cornwall, England; m. July 1863 Emily Abington
                  sons and two daughters; d. 2 Feb. 1910 in Calgary. At the age of four George Murdoch accompanied his family to Saint John, N.B., where
                  of Ireland), son of John P. Tully, a lieutenant in the Royal Navy, and Alicia Willington; m. first 2 Jan. 1844 in Limerick (Republic of Ireland) Elizabeth Drew (d. 1847), and they had
                  DAVIDSON, JOHN ANDREW, pioneer, businessman, jp, office holder, and politician; b. 19 Aug
                  .” Sharon Anne Cook Alan Mason Chesney Medical Arch., Johns Hopkins Medical
                  assistant during his Sudbury days, the Reverend John Dunlop Ellis, wrote that “Huntington was a great man. He deserves a monument somewhere in the north country.” Today, Huntington College, the United
                  position he would hold until the Liberal government of Wilfrid Laurier* came into power in 1896. Hugh John
                  Thomas De Witt Talmage, Wild’s career began to soar. The key to his new success in the pulpit was his discovery of British Israelism, a sectarian movement that took as its foundation work John Wilson’s
                  ARMSTRONG, JOHN, printer, labour leader, and office holder; b. c. 1845; d. 22 Nov. 1910 in
                  McCABE, WILLIAM, teacher and businessman; b. 12 June 1835 in Hallowell (Picton), Upper Canada, son of John
                  , 1906]) is preserved among the masonic records at PANS, MG 20, 2130, no.34. A new edition of his church history, prepared by Frank Stanley Boyd
                  young easterner, John Ewart, in setting up a second retail outlet, at Lethbridge, in November 1885. They also established one of the first large-scale ranching operations in the district, the
                  for his later competition in rifle-shooting at Wimbledon (London). His first affiliation with the lodge system also occurred during his university days: in October 1865 he joined the masonic order
                  . Bain returned to Toronto with his family on 31 Dec. 1881, at a time when Alderman John Hallam was leading a movement for a free public library. After enabling provincial legislation was passed
                  Scottish heritage, he was a member of St Andrew’s Church (Presbyterian) and the St Andrew’s and Caledonian societies, and a master of the St Andrew’s masonic lodge
                  . 1903 Lois Humphrey, widow of John Hamilton Nelles, in Bay City, Mich.; they had no children; d. 1 March 1906 in Hamilton. In 1833
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                  1 to 20 (of 23)
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