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                  , Finan McDonald and a certain Lagacé, at Hell’s Gate Pass (near Helena, Mont.). This meeting would have been some time after 1807, the year McDonald arrived in the Columbia region with David
                  Bibaud, édit. (Montréal, 1820). HBRS, 2 (Rich and Fleming). A. Ross, Adventures on the Columbia. David Thompson, David Thompson’s narrative, 1784–1812, ed. R. [G
                  several years in the Fort des Prairies department (Sask.). In 1807 he accompanied David Thompson on his
                  the HBC’s first foray into the Rocky Mountains is, ironically, documented only in the journals of David Thompson
                  ). David Thompson, David Thompson’s narrative, 1784–1812, ed. R. [G.] Glover (new ed., Toronto, 1962). Van Kirk, “Many tender ties.”
                  Henry* the younger in September 1810, Bethune accompanied Henry to Rocky Mountain House (Alta). Late in the fall of 1810 David
                  starving them into surrender. Although not as well known as his explorer-colleagues David
                  the HBC in March 1821, and then he served as accountant at Fort George. In 1826 he took charge of Thompson’s River Post (Kamloops, B.C.) and in the fall of that year he explored the Thompson
                  David Stuart. The PFC men were accompanied for a short distance by David Thompson, of the North West
                   Dec. 1853. Samuel Thompson*, in partnership with two others, bought the Colonist from Scobie’s widow, and other parts of his
                   Robert David Cartwright (1832–33), John Solomon Cartwright* (1833–34), and Charles William Grant (Alwington, 1834, now destroyed). The
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                  1 to 13 (of 13)