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LANGLOIS, NOËL, pilot of the St. Lawrence River, early settler on the seigneury of Beauport; b. c. 1603 at Saint-Léonard in Normandy, son of Guillaume Langlois and Jeanne Millet; d. 15 July 1684 at Beauport.

Following the relinquishment of New France by the British in 1632, Robert Giffard, the seigneur of Beauport, persuaded Langlois to become a settler in the new land. It is probable that Abraham Martin, dit L’Écossais, the king’s pilot at Quebec and possibly related to Langlois by marriage, greatly influenced his decision. Langlois and his future wife, Françoise Grenier (Garnier), left France with Giffard’s prospective settlers in the spring of 1634 and arrived at Quebec on 24 June. Following his marriage there on 25 July, Langlois settled at Beauport. Three years later he received from Giffard a grant of land in perpetuity. His wife, the mother of his ten children, died in November 1665. On 27 July 1666 Langlois married Marie Crevet, the widow of Robert Caron, at Château-Richer. Langlois himself died at Beauport in July 1684, survived by his widow and eight of his ten children.

H. C. Burleigh

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