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                  ) and Bay of Quinte area. In July 1782 he joined Joseph Brant [Thayendanegea*] on a scouting expedition to the Mohawk valley. His journal of
                  . Thomas Davis, a member of the wolf clan and cousin of Joseph Brant [Thayendanegea*], fought as an ally of the British throughout the American
                  [Thayendanegea*], who was probably a relative, and about 300 other Indians and loyalists at the Indian village of Oquaga (near Binghamton, N.Y.). When Barrimore Matthew
                  [Thayendanegea*] might lead the Indians to join them. He and the colonial authorities had been at loggerheads for a decade over his claim that the Six Nations had the right to sell and lease land on any
                  . 1794 near present-day Brantford, Ont., a member of the turtle clan and youngest son of Joseph Brant [Thayendanegea*] and his wife Catharine
                  Carleton] for helping to resolve a dispute between Joseph Brant [Thayendanegea] and another Six Nations
                  Butler and Joseph Brant [Thayendanegea*] to restrain them, they killed over 30
                  [Thayendanegea*] at Grand River, he returned to Niagara. With David Ramsay* as a guide, he set off through upper New York State to New York City. There
                  in company with Guy Johnson, Joseph Brant [Thayendanegea*], and others seeking the cancellation of Carleton’s arrangements
                  . Campbell was fascinated by the tale told by Clench and Joseph Brant [Thayendanegea*] of the time when they “once brought boys, and a number of women
                  [Thayendanegea*], Ebenezer Allan*, and Silvester Tiffany*. The purpose was the overthrow
                  Karonghyonte (David Hill); m. Christiana Brant, second child of Thayendanegea* (Joseph Brant), and they had at least three children; d. 1834 of
                  Kerr* married Elizabeth Brant, daughter of Joseph [Thayendanegea*], thus strengthening the ties of the Kerrs with that prominent Mohawk
                  Joseph Brant [Thayendanegea*], however, he was not involved as a major spokesman in dealings with other Indian peoples or with the government, nor
                  , who after 1780 encouraged the formation of a confederacy to oppose American expansion [see Thayendanegea
                  [Thayendanegea*], but no Canadian works unmistakably dated to his third visit are known to have survived. By 1790 the 60th had moved to the Montreal region, and Peachey worked under Holland as a deputy
                  , Newark, and Grantham Township, he had managed to acquire 15,000 acres on the Grand River from Joseph Brant [Thayendanegea*]. Ironically, despite
                  whites remembered “brave” Ramsay’s heroic self-defence, Indians thought differently. Joseph Brant [Thayendanegea
                  Thayendanegea* (Joseph Brant)]. On the large Six Nations reserve along the Grand River, Tekarihogen exercised considerable power, not only among the Mohawks but also among other members of the Confederacy who
                  [Thayendanegea*]. Squatters, who had no legal arrangements with anyone, were numerous. Timber thefts were common, and Winniett eventually sought extra help to minimize losses. Marcus Blair of Hamilton was made
                  21 to 40 (of 78)
                  1  2  3  4