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                  nearby Almonte, on the Mississippi River, where he hoped to exploit superior water-power. Two years later, 26-year-old Bennett entered his father’s business. In 1862 he and his brother William took over
                  , Chelsea (London), being sent to the Red River settlement (Man.) in 1848 under the command of Major William Bletterman Caldwell
                  McLENNAN, WILLIAM, notary, translator, and author; b
                  . At the age of 16, following commercial studies in Berthier-en-Haut, Jacques Grenier entered the employ of a merchant in William Henry (Sorel). In 1844 he moved to Montreal where he became a clerk with
                  as their mother were baptized by a Church of England clergyman, the Reverend William Cockran*, and on the father’s return the parents married
                  experimental garden there. Hind’s lectures on agricultural chemistry were published in 1850, but they were soon overshadowed by John William Dawson
                  marginal farm in East Williams Township, conveyed few advantages to his son beyond a sound education. After attending the local common school, Ross left the farm for Wardsville Grammar School. A teaching
                  . Once the dust had settled and John Joseph Caldwell Abbott* had reluctantly agreed to serve as prime minister (from the Senate), it
                  difficulty obtaining articles on Scripture. The periodical lost money, and after protracted negotiations with William Henry
                  . 30 March 1823 in Toronto Township, Upper Canada, son of James Eakins and Ann Cox; brother of William Thomas
                  until at least 1872. At his retirement dinner, in 1891, the president of the Dominion Wholesale Grocers’ Guild, William Ince, was to pay tribute to the fact that Smith had once sold $154,000 worth of
                  . 19 Jan. 1848 in Halifax, second child of William James Stairs
                  partnership with William Marshall Matheson. During the first decade and a half of Strong’s career, his work was centred in the Court of Chancery, where he was
                  jps. The drafting of the legislation was attributed to Gowan by William Buell Richards*, an attorney general in the reform
                  . From 1866 to 1868 Würtele practised law with John Joseph Caldwell Abbott* before entering into partnership with Frederick Thomas
                  representatives from all Conservative interests on 23 Jan. 1884. Included in his cabinet were Jean Blanchet, Edmund James Flynn*, William Warren
                  . William Evan Price* provided the funds and Tarte led the Conservative troops with great enthusiasm. He proved a peerless strategist, relying
                  committee’s recommendation, but he resisted their demand that he and two colleagues join the government. Mowat supported Brown in caucus; however, when it overruled them, he, Brown, and William
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