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AUBER, CLAUDE, royal notary, clerk of court then judge of the provost court of the seigneury of Beaupré; b. 1616 or 1617 at Sainte-Croix de Troarn (diocese of Bayeaux), son of Jacques Auber and of Marie Le Boucher; d. 1694 at Quebec.

His arrival in Canada is thought to date from 1645, and that of his wife Jacqueline Lucas and of his son Félix from 1648. Olivier Letardif made him a grant of land at Château-Richer on 22 May 1650. Shortly afterwards he began to practise as notary of the seigneury of Beaupré; his first act was dated 28 Oct. 1650. On 23 Jan. 1664 he even received from the Conseil Souverain a commission as royal notary in New France. According to the 1667 census he had fairly extensive holdings of farm land at Beaupré. Having long acted as notary and clerk of the seigneurial jurisdiction, he became its provost court judge on 19 Oct. 1671, by a nomination bearing the signature of Bishop François de Laval*, seigneur of Beaupré. He sold his land to his son Félix on 20 Feb. 1675 and resigned as a judge in 1676, but he remained at Château-Richer at least until the census of 1681. However he went to Quebec later on, was deputy judge of the Conseil Souverain there in 1684, and was buried in Quebec on 20 March 1694. His descendants now write their name “Aubert.”

Honorius Provost

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