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                  BOULLÉ, HÉLÈNE, named de Saint-Augustin (Champlain)
                  Champlain, became a Minim priest; b. c
                  SAVIGNON, Huron youth who accompanied Champlain
                  , which according to Champlain
                  chief to meet Champlain in June 1609 near Quebec, where he had come with Outchetaguin, a Huron chief, to
                  Champlain had first allied himself in 1603, received his chieftainship in 1622 through the influence of Champlain. He had protested great friendship to the French, and Champlain, after some delay
                  . 1610–29. When Champlain arrived in Quebec
                  . Champlain had held all legislative, executive, and judicial powers in the colony since 1612. He had acted first as the representative of the company operating the trading-post at Quebec, then, from
                  . Capitanal’s father, a friend of Champlain, was killed in the battle (1615) against the Iroquois in which Champlain
                  Champlain in 1628. Champlain had for a long time wished to adopt some young Indians, in order to have them educated in France. But the
                  Champlain in quest of the copper mine that Sarcel de Prévert’s men claimed to have discovered, with
                  successful war-party against the Iroquois in the summer of 1603. Champlain described the events that transpired
                  in 1609–10. Champlain normally calls him “Capt
                  Champlain some time before 1612. In 1611–12, Vignau wintered with
                  Jean de Biencourt de Poutrincourt and Samuel de Champlain in the voyage southwards in the hope of
                  Champlain’s arrival on the St. Lawrence (29 May 1603) he and François Gravé Du
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                  1 to 20 (of 522)
                  1  2  3  4  ...27