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                  for office, he became a liberal and a friend of Joseph Howe*. He also became a leader in forming the Universalist Church in Halifax in March
                  arrangement. She remained perfectly lucid and retained her extraordinary memory; a few days before her death, she could still recite hymns. Although raised a Baptist, she had joined the Universalists, this kind
                  Signay. The ethnic multiplicity meant variety in religion, and the Catholic priest was in contact with Anglican, Methodist, Presbyterian, and Universalist ministers who, while they adopted a
                  to the difficult terrain. He was, however, plagued by the financial problems that faced most 19th-century photographers. At the time of the 1871 census (where he is listed as a Universalist in religion
                  interests as a Universalist in social reform, he was drawn to radical developments in Upper Canadian politics. Woodman took no part in William
                  . He was brought up a Presbyterian, but as an adult joined the Universalist Church in St Stephen, which was more to his liking. On occasion he would attend a Methodist service in Fredericton, but
                  , but the census of 1861 listed him as a “universalist” and by the 1870s he had abandoned organized religion in favour of free thought [see William Allen
                  immediately elected chairman of the east district. Exercising strong and judicious leadership, he opposed the immersionist theories and Universalist views which were prominent among Methodists in Halifax
                  ancestry included politically respectable loyalists and religiously unorthodox universalists. Her father alternated between universalism and spiritualism; her schoolteacher mother sometimes declared herself
                  phrenology, which was then attracting both public and medical attention and in which he had considerable faith. His religious and political convictions were changing; he became somewhat of a universalist or
                  1 to 10 (of 10)