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                  Edward Island. Whatever the relative merits of the rival plans it is not surprising that the Baptist institution favoured Dumaresq’s work over that of the high Anglican Harris. The Acadia building was the
                  . 12 Dec. 1844 in Bampton, Devon, England; m. 4 April 1866 Sarah Jane Edwards of
                  churches which embraced evangelical principles. In 1905 the Baptist minister and historian Edward Manning Saunders* recalled how he and
                  Matthew Henry Cochrane]. The stories that have contributed to his emergence as a regional folk hero centre
                  Mills, a contributor to the Advertiser, who were drawn together in support of Edward Blake* in challenging the authority of
                  ]). He is also the co-author, with Edward Hartley Dewart, of Lord Tennyson’s pessimism
                  ; copy at ANQ-Q). Canadian album (Cochrane and Hopkins), vol.3. CPG, 1876. Max Foran with Edward Cavell, Calgary: an illustrated history (Toronto, 1978). L. A
                  investment was properties in Toronto, on some of which he built significant edifices. In 1884 he engaged Edward James
                  cabinet included Charles Edward Hamilton as attorney general, David Henry Wilson as minister of public works, and Joseph Burke, an Irish Catholic, as provincial secretary and representative of the French
                  Burwash* and Edward Hartley Dewart during the discussions in the mid 1880s regarding Victoria College’s
                  * of London, anxiously lobbied Macdonald for Smith’s appointment to the Senate. Even Bishop Edward John Horan* of Kingston assured the
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                  1 to 13 (of 13)