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                  DRUMMOND, WILLIAM HENRY (known until 1875 as William Henry Drumm)
                  DRUMMOND, Sir GEORGE ALEXANDER, industrialist, financier, and senator; b
                  1855. He was to work under the authority of Gustavus William Wicksteed, the law clerk of the Legislative Assembly, with a view to preparing an index that would facilitate revision of the statutes. An
                  McLENNAN, WILLIAM, notary, translator, and author; b
                  WATSON, ROSETTA ERNESTINE (Carr), photographer and businesswoman; b. 1845 in Drummond Township, Upper Canada, daughter of Henry Watson
                  unsuccessfully seeking aid from George Alexander Drummond of the Canada Sugar Refining Company Limited of
                  FITZ RANDOLPH, ARCHIBALD DRUMMOND, (it was common among some Fitz Randolphs to shorten their name; thus he signed A
                  PROUDFOOT, WILLIAM, lawyer, judge, and educator; b
                  . 4 Nov. 1829 in Bromley (London), England, son of George Murray, bishop of Rochester, and Lady Sarah Maria Hay-Drummond, daughter of the 10th Earl of Kinnoull; m
                  senior; the boundless admiration he felt would develop into a firm friendship over the years. It was he who persuaded Laurier to run for Drummond and Arthabaska in the 1871 provincial election. Laurier
                  . A later biographer of Jacobi’s, William Robinson Watson, speculated that in 1855 he met the painter Cornelius Krieghoff*, who had
                  . 7 May 1867 Jessie Lawson in Halifax, and they had two sons, William
                  Drummond* had introduced in the legislature in 1852 calling for a reduction in seigneurial privileges and dues. The result was an act abolishing seigneurial tenure that in fact substantially benefited
                  . William Evan Price* provided the funds and Tarte led the Conservative troops with great enthusiasm. He proved a peerless strategist, relying
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                  1 to 15 (of 15)