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                  . Elizabeth Waterston W. J. Anderson, “The archives of Canada,” and “Canadian history, the siege and blockade of Quebec, by
                   P. Waterston and others . . . and various other petitions, for amendments to the lumber act . . .”; 1849, app. P.P.P.P., “First report of the select committee on the lumber
                  . Elizabeth Waterston “The annexation movement, 1849–50,” ed. A. G. Penny, CHR, V (1924), 236–61
                  . Elizabeth Waterston George Drought Warburton is the author of Hochelaga; or, England in the New World, ed. [B.] E
                  .” Elizabeth Waterston John Henry Willan was the author of: A manual of the
                  in Scotland and is a very important resource. The selected journals of L. M. Montgomery, ed. M. [H.] Rubio and E. [H.] Waterston (5v., Toronto, 1985–2004), are drawn from the
                  . Elizabeth Waterston William Bristow, The commercial prospects of Canada
                  . Elizabeth Waterston Morning Chronicle (Quebec), 1847–49. Quebec Gazette, 1833–74. Beaulieu et Hamelin
                  (Oshawa, Ont., 1946). M. E. [Hillman] Waterston, Pioneers in agriculture: Massey, McIntosh, Saunders
                  .” Elizabeth Waterston Alexander Somerville’s writings include: The
                  able and talented political writer” with an “amiable and virtuous character.” Elizabeth Waterston
                  . Elizabeth Waterston John Sheridan Hogan is the author of The Canadas
                  icy regions of the Pole.” Elizabeth Waterston and J. J. Talman
                  . Mary Rubio and Elizabeth Waterston (4v., Toronto, 1985–98), 2: 312; E. J. Pratt, “A new book,” Christian Guardian, 4
                  . M. Montgomery, ed. Mary Rubio and Elizabeth Waterston (4v., Toronto, 1985–98), 1. P.E.I., House of Assembly
                  Fenimore Cooper, would ensure their increasing value. Critic Elizabeth Waterston has observed that Bogle Corbet was the “first major work to define Canadianism by reference to an American
                  1 to 16 (of 16)