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                  . Elizabeth Waterston W. J. Anderson, “The archives of Canada,” and
                  the select committee to which were referred the petition of John P. Waterston and others . . . and various other petitions, for amendments to the lumber act . . .”; 1849, app
                  during the mid-Victorian period. Elizabeth Waterston
                  . Elizabeth Waterston George Drought Warburton is the author of Hochelaga
                  .” Elizabeth Waterston John Henry Willan was the author of: A manual of the
                  in Scotland and is a very important resource. The selected journals of L. M. Montgomery, ed. M. [H.] Rubio and E. [H.] Waterston (5v., Toronto, 1985–2004), are drawn from the
                  . Elizabeth Waterston William Bristow, The commercial prospects of Canada
                  . Elizabeth Waterston Morning Chronicle (Quebec), 1847–49. Quebec Gazette, 1833–74. Beaulieu et Hamelin
                  . Belleville, Ont., 1973), 243, 394, 433. J. G. Harkness, Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry: a history, 1784–1945 (Oshawa, Ont., 1946). M. E. [Hillman] Waterston, Pioneers in
                  .” Elizabeth Waterston Alexander Somerville’s writings include: The
                  able and talented political writer” with an “amiable and virtuous character.” Elizabeth Waterston
                  . Elizabeth Waterston John Sheridan Hogan is the author of The Canadas
                  icy regions of the Pole.” Elizabeth Waterston and J. J. Talman
                  . Mary Rubio and Elizabeth Waterston (4v., Toronto, 1985–98), 2: 312; E. J. Pratt, “A new book,” Christian Guardian, 4
                  . M. Montgomery, ed. Mary Rubio and Elizabeth Waterston (4v., Toronto, 1985–98), 1. P.E.I., House of Assembly
                  , would ensure their increasing value. Critic Elizabeth Waterston has observed that Bogle Corbet was the “first major work to define Canadianism by reference to an American alternative.” It is also
                  1 to 16 (of 16)