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                  was conducted by Lawrence John Cannon. In the report Cannon submitted on 13 December, the judge accused
                  Cannon in 1909, tarnished his reputation. Almost all the councillors were implicated and eight of them, including Gadbois
                  Cannon]. The revue was a success because it hit home: the townspeople recognized themselves in it
                  Cannon*, a future judge of the Supreme Court of Canada. Lazarovitz entrusted his case to three Montreal lawyers, Samuel William Jacobs
                  Cannon*. At the age of 67 Duquet could now afford to take stock
                  Cannon], which began its work in April of the following year. In 1909 he joined La Patrie, where he was municipal affairs correspondent for
                  Cannon]. All these reforms were adopted. In matters of education Langlois’s demands were wide-ranging and triggered bitter debates with
                  [see Lawrence John Cannon]. That year, Premier Sir
                  disregarded, congestion in the port of Quebec, and vessels ill-suited to transporting cannons and trucks were some of the factors that led to chaos. On 5
                  Cannon] and after a referendum had been held. It was intended to reduce the patronage and corruption poisoning the municipal life of the metropolis. In 1918 Gouin’s government would again get
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                  1 to 12 (of 12)