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                  CANADIEN, JEAN-BAPTISTE, called Big John Canadien (Raientonni, Aiontonnis, meaning “he works with wood”; baptized Jean-Baptiste Raientonni)
                  apostleship and recruited about 200,000 associates. To further this ministry, he began the monthly Le Messager canadien du Sacré-Cœur de Jésus (Montréal) in 1892. He also published a well
                  out a pamphlet, Theory and facts: a complete review of the development of Canada under protection (Montreal), and a book entitled Histoire du commerce canadien-français de Montréal, 1535
                  *. It was played for the first time at the Convention Nationale des Canadiens Français, held late in June 1880 under the aegis of the Société Saint-Jean-Baptiste de la Cité de Québec. Routhier
                  , and finally with his son-in-law Albert-Emmanuel de Lorimier. He acted as lawyer for the Crédit Foncier Franco-Canadien, a building society established in 1881 with substantial backing from French banks
                  . 1924. Dictionnaire biographique des musiciens canadiens (2e éd., Lachine, Qué., 1935), 168 (also includes a photo). Encyclopedia of music in Canada (Kallmann et al
                  universal exposition in Paris. For the occasion he published a book entitled France-Canada: bibliographie canadienne; catalogue d’un choix d’ouvrages canadiens-français accompagné de notes
                  organization. He had been one of the Island delegates to the Convention Nationale des Canadiens Français at Quebec in 1880, where the idea of the Acadian conventions, at which he was a regular participant, was
                  , c.v., c.m. (Rimouski, 1920). Joseph Chaballe, Histoire du 22e bataillon canadien-français
                  of Architects and served as its president in 1891–92. He also belonged to the Geographical Society of Quebec, of which he was president in 1906, the Quebec Board of Trade, and the Institut Canadien de
                  . Winnipeg Free Press, 29 Sept. 1973. Winnipeg Tribune, 29 Sept. 1973. Gilles Cadrin, “J.-A. Sénécal, architecte et entrepreneur,” in L’Ouest canadien et l’Amérique
                  Canadien and his brazen appearance at its meeting of 18 March 1858, from which he was ejected, exacerbated tensions within that organization and contributed to the founding of the Institut Canadien
                  career of his own volition. The high profile he had established as a musician in Quebec, as well as his participation in the administration of nationalist organizations such as the Institut Canadien and
                  , quadrille canadien, and Jolly dogs galop, all published in Montreal at some time between 1861 and
                  parler des Canadiens français: études sur l’émigration française au Canada de 1608 à 1700, sur l’état actuel du parler franco-canadien, son histoire et les causes de son évolution (Paris
                  (spring 1964): 4–8. Dictionnaire biographique des musiciens canadiens (2e éd., Lachine, Qué., 1935). Encyclopedia of music in Canada (Kallmann et al.). Clifford Ford
                  out the errors of fact and doctrine” in Laurent-Olivier David*’s Le clergé canadien: sa mission, son œuvre (Montréal
                  –1916): missionnaire dans l’Arctique canadien, explorateur et anthropologue, curé de Mareuil-lès-Meaux (Meaux, France, 1974), 29–31, an offprint of the Soc. d’Hist. et d’Art du Diocèse de Meaux
                  (1880–1886),” in Les ultramontains canadiens-français, sous la direction de Nive Voisine et Jean Hamelin (Montréal, 1985), 241–53. “Notice sur le T.C.F. Réticius, assistant démissionnaire
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