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                  . R. Plewman, Adam Beck and the Ontario Hydro (Toronto
                  . Plewman, Adam Beck and the Ontario Hydro (Toronto, 1947).
                   August Snider became the chair of the Ontario Power Commission, which represented seven municipalities and whose members included London mayor Adam
                  him into confrontation by 1917 with Sir Adam Beck in his campaign for
                  Adam Beck], where he met resistance from private-power interests in Hamilton. Perhaps his most interesting enterprise
                  station began sending power to Toronto in 1906. The monopoly over Toronto’s electricity market had already led to agitation for public control, however, and that year, through the efforts of Adam
                  . Ontario Gazette (Toronto), 1900: 738, 1017. W. R. Plewman, Adam Beck and the Ontario Hydro (Toronto, 1947). G. H. Stanford, To serve the community: the story of Toronto’s Board of Trade
                   Adam Beck, that was paid for by private-power interests in
                  Nicholls, and Henry Mill Pellatt*, would make them key combatants against Adam
                   Adam Beck], his reluctance to abandon private enterprise
                  Ontario’s lead in establishing public ownership of the hydroelectric industry [see Sir Adam Beck; Sir James Pliny
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                  1 to 15 (of 15)